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  1. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiOL3d_frlS-iLFO8_LPnbuTFq2mTQ?e=iuPMir here it is sorry
  2. in a closed cockpit you not hear other engines or airplanes aproaching see track.....at the end d9 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiOL3d_frlS-iLFKeLkQwgUMu7gf9w?e=fBWIwV
  3. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/37380557
  4. hi alonzo somebody we dont remember his name jumped in the real gunner seat of II/JG11_PUMA Bf 110 G-2 and openens friendly fire at me First and later fired on the tail of puma own 110 and damage his Airplane Attached you find the stat of this sortie.please ban this crazy Person.
  5. what headset would you prefer for il2? hardware i7 7700k gtx1080ti 32gb 3000hz ram
  6. i have a 5k plus too,i am asking about the New Software pimax experience 0.50 which is still beta available Since 3 days!
  7. any experience?with this Software or advantages ?its still beta i think. https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-vr-experience-open-beta-0-50-releasing-now/31649
  8. iam 65 ,and in vr since 2017, flying il2 first oculus cv1, and since 2019, pimax 5kplus flying without vr is impossible for me, its like watching an 2d movie ,but not immersive like sitting in a pit in vr.
  9. thx han for yr point of view and opening up this topic. for me ,there is a realistic way and on the other hand the arcade way. for me il 2 should be more than 75% on the realistic side, because il2 is a combat flight sim but with a lot of fun factor, still like the old il2 1946 game with better graphics and FM and DM! i nearly can handle spotting contact with my pimax 5k plus and my hardware in vr because i am used to it, but sometimes contacts disappear,without reason instead i come nearer to the contact. important for me is an immersive flight of
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