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  1. Delete the .msnbin data of each mission first. Than you can open the mission data in editor.
  2. thnaks but i dont´t know why, it still doesn´t work 😭😭😭
  3. Sorry, nothing happens. The same like bevor 😞
  4. I can not covert the missions to 3.101 because there are only one Mission file (Mission2). Any ideas?
  5. Die Me braucht mit Bomben aber ne ziemlich lange Piste um die starten zu können...
  6. Look here. I don´t know when it happens because i have played only scripted campaigns the last months... look on the Names of the airport. On the screenshot you can see only one Airport, in the game all.
  7. @Jade_Monkey, can you integrate FoxbatRu´s skins in you campaign?
  8. The campaing do not work anymore. Only this message shows on the screen an the game suspended. can someone help?
  9. Can you make such a great campaing with the La-5 oder Lagg-3 too?
  10. Besten Dank! Probiere es am WE aus.
  11. Moin. Hab im Forum interessante Videos mit der Gun Kamera gesehen. Wie kann ich diese denn aktivieren und selbst aufnehmen?
  12. Super! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Looking forward for Sea Dragons in german! 😉
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