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  1. I hope this can help: The name og Pat's generator is PWCGFC (stock name) and it's placed in root's IL2GB folder : *\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\PWCGFC. The names of PWCGFC characters are not shown (no characters available message in the selecting box), so, they are not eligible to sync. I tried to sync even before of reporting a mission so PWCG didn't auto-delete report files, but no luck. -S!
  2. Hi there! I've just discovered this awesome tool as I'm returning to BoX & FC after a long time, and although I searched along the topic I couldn't find the way to sync mi pilot in PWCG FC and the character in Logbook Sync app (using latest versions of both tools). As it worked nicely with my career pilot, I suppose I'm missing somthing with PWCG FC, so I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  3. As I also wear glasses, I'm very interested in this. Could you please specify which model are you using, or at least the diammeter to look for something simlar for my lenovo explorer? Thanks in advance
  4. Well Pat, what can I say? You just deserve a medal (or maybe a more realistic recognition by 777 Studios ) for your continuous work from the begining in RoF. Ijust read all this topic today, and your plans cover all I ever wanted back since the days of old IL2 FB with online wars. PWCG Online will be the definitive tool to squads internal campaigns or training , as it is the case of mine (E69). I used several times PWCG to launch small coop missions for sqaud mates in RoF (sometimes re-edited in ME to adapt to our purposes, with all the labour that ME implies ), and realizing now that you're s
  5. I had a similar issue with skins in RoF a few weeks ago that may be related to this, so you can check this to solve your problem: I asigned different skins, some "official" and some custom to the planes in my MP misson in ME. But to prevent my mates changing the asigned skin, I activated the "lock Skins" in dserver .sds file. The result was that all planes, human and AI, wore default skins, no matter the assigment done in ME. After that I re-launched mission without the "lock skins" parameter and all planes looked with the skins they were supposed to. So, this might be a stupid point, but
  6. Thanks for the detailed answer, I seemed to misundertand the "concept" of your mission , but still it is very interesting to me, as I am a big fan of coop style since the old IL2 FB days I'm sure that it will work as desired, and try to check it out. Salute!
  7. This is great, I loved Vander's RoF missions. Just one question: Is the population of AI's reduced or added when new players join/leave the mission, or is it stable all mission long? I think this is important for server stability resource-saving, and also for granting a continuous level of action for players no matter their amount is. Anyway, a great starting point, I think this kind of missions is specially suitable for small squadrons or "lone wolves", and for people who love coops. Regards
  8. Hola Toro. Comprendo tu frustración, a mí también me ha pasado con otros simuladores (Clod, con or denador AMD de gama alta entonces, a 8-10 fps). Pero en mi opinión te equivocas desde el principio: Que seas de sangre caliente (como somos muchos), no te exime del cumplimiento de las normas del foro independientemente de la propiedad del mismo Dices que afronten críticas duras cuando la caguen, pues bien, si a la gran mayoría de clientes este parche les ha mejorado el simulador tanto en calidad como en rendimiento no creo que la hayan cagado mucho. A mí, y a la mayoría de gente a la que he leí
  9. Very apreciated, please include my name in the list. This kind of events is what make stronger communities. Thank you vwery much, and MERRY X-MAS FOR ALL
  10. Thanks for the reply, Coconut, now it's solved. I've got the steam version, and checking that I got the current version, and logging in with both de "pilot" and the server accounts, I decided to reinstall the sim from scratch. And then was when I discovered I had 2 different installations of BoS in different steam libraries in my hd, but only ine of them was updated! As you can presume, I was trying to launch the dserver of the outdated installation os the sim, and so i got the updating message So, once deleted the old installation and put everything in order, I can launch my testin
  11. And, if so, how do I do it? Yesterday I tried to launch Dserver for testing some mission editor stuff I've been working on lately, but I found I couldn't, I got this message: Login with UserName 'MY_DSERVER_ACCOUNT@gmail.com' !!! ERROR: new version of Dedicated server available. Please update your server. ... Login failed I think I already launched the Dserver a year ago (can't remember for sure), but license is activated beacuse I can log in in te web, the forum and the sim itself. Ports are also open and checked (the RoF server runs with no problem). So, any idea of what to do?
  12. Hola amigos, el truco lo consigue la prioridad del wp, no el rango. hasta donde yo sé del editor de RoF (con el de BoS aún no he comenzado) el range de los wp lo que indica es la distancia a la que se da por alcanzado ese wp. Es decir, que si le pones 8000 metros de range a un wp, en cuanto el avión entre en esa distancia dará el waypoint por alcanzado y procederá al siguiente (o la siguiente orden conectada, sea trimmer, command, etc). Es curioso haber encontrado este post hoy, ya que ayer en nuestra campaña de RoF me pasó justo esto mismo, una patrulla IA de Albatros que paso casi por en
  13. Enhorabuena por la iniciativa, pero para los españoles/europeos la diferencia horaria, aún en viernes, es casi insalvable. Ahora bien, si los creadores de la campaña decidieran, tras su finalización, compartir las misiones con los pobres europeos que no pueden volar para que, dando todo el crédito a sus autores (por supuesto), pudieran saciar su sed de sangre y plomo.... Bromas aparte, ya digo que me parece una estupenda iniciativa, os deseo la mejor de las suertes con ella. Saludos
  14. Por los remaches de mi 109!!! Ugran saludo Azteca, lo que ha llovido desde que perdimos el contacto.... Espero que nos veamos pronto por los cielos virtuales, que me ha alegrado mucho volver a saber de ti! Saludos
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