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  1. More capable and less hardware taxing AI and all the benefits that can come from that could lead to more sales and would increase my enjoyment of the game. But without new maps, aircraft artwork etc. it can´t attract new customers by itself. Both need each other.
  2. Thats what i call some dedicated germans Welcome back, looks really good! Greetings
  3. I had some limes left over and wanted to buy some Corona beer today. It was completely sold out where i live, according to the store manager for 3 more months, because the demand was so high. Sometimes you really have to wonder about the germans, horting toilett paper and corona beer... Enjoy the nice weather and the free/family time folks. I´m back to my relaxing staycation in balconia, Greetings!
  4. Don´t you know that the allies had 150 octan electrolube on the continent since 42 while the germans had to smear coal dust all over thier switches?😁
  5. Afaik we will get the dayfighter version, which didn't have any SM.
  6. I would pay for extra bombers. No questions asked. Lower quality target drones or click pit monstrosities, doesn't matter.
  7. About the warping between stations, this problem could be eliminated by nightfighter conversions of single seat aircraft like the fw190 A8 or A6 of which there were NFs. I would love to see any, no matter how simplyfied, depiction of nightfighting. Jason please reconsider not bringing nightfighting to this wonderfull game.
  8. Jep, on the topic of intercepting bombing raids during nightime i guess it will come with reusing and remodeling parts of code which will come with future expansions. And i don't suspect this thing goes south before all major required pieces are in place(~5 years). The ease and cost of assembling this nightfighting package then will be the deciding factor imo. The new Yaks and hurricane show imo that the devs are willing to integrate new aircraft in existing box lineups to broaden thier scope. This could open the door to a 40 moneyxyz expansion with 2 or 3 aircraft and a few new systems which compliment an already existing map. Flyable allied medium bombers need love as well, one could argue they are/aren't more important than target drones for a more single engine fighter centric playerbase, but i haven't made up my mind about that. Somebody win the lottery or become a international druglord and comission some jucy bombers please
  9. Nightfighting might be the part of eto air combat with heavies which requires the least AI work, but loads of other stuff like electronics, radar, lot more effects and lighting. Which are hard and expensive to do as well. I wouldn't be pessimistic about nightfighters tho. They came to 46 and to WT, and the VR experience with the Lancaster bombing raid a coulpe month ago generated some unexpected (for me at least) exitement and comotion around the subject as well. I find it hard to believe you couldn't sell the brits and germans a chance to screw over 'Bomber Harris' or rampage through a few of Ms Görings greenhouses during the night. I would drop a months salery on a comprehensive expansion about nightfighting. As to the op, i would love to see all kinds of heavies, but i guess there are financial reasons why they don't do it now. But i suspect they will do it eventually, because beeing the game between dcs and wt where you can't shoot heavies isn't a wise business move either.
  10. Yes, please. And a small set of missions delivering planes to JGs and KGs as a certain future sextoy sales woman.
  11. Yes. +9999 In my mind there is no argument against a low poly Lancaster target drone, exept ThIs iS A taCtIcAl siM, and the coding for the electronics. And before the luftwhiner-whiner types start to smash thier keys, let me emphasise that i have a rough understanding of the concepts of 'time' and 'money'.
  12. Well, close enough in guess I work in the aircraft structural repair business. We could have a lot of fun together, especially about the HE damage. This thread isn't the place for that kind of talk however. Wish ya a great day. Greetings
  13. Ok, nevermind. Not exactly my opinion, but eh. You are quit good at, and engaged in the art of forum warfare. I hope i´m not too impolite, but may i ask you what you did for work? My guess would be that it was something which included a lot of arguing with stupid or undiscerning people. Maybe a cop?
  14. Wait, aren´t you the guy who knew so much better than the devs which fuel the spitfire 9 needed? Or am i mixing something up?
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