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  1. Hello @ICDP, May i ask what the difference between the gimp and non.gimp versions of your awesome template are? I previously worked with v4, but decided to use the newer v6 and had to "upgrade" to gimp 2.10.8. With this version my performance (system: gtx 1060 6gb; i7700; 16GB RAM; SSD ) dropped so much so that it became unusable. With 2.8(or 9 not exactly sure) it was very quick and smooth, even with files >1GB. So to my questions: Do i lose detail, colours, etc if i use the non-gimp version? Would you be willing to release the template in a xcf format compatible with gimp versions previous to 2.10.x? Could i increase performance with my system (with certain settings etc.) so i don´t have horrible lag( somthing like 30s for selecting a layer)? Thank you greetings
  2. Very sweet gesture of you. Thank you. I would like to try the Fortress on the Volga campaign, but i wouldn´t mind the A-20 one either. I´m curious how you like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0qvCnoxFmI Happy hunting & holidays! ❤️
  3. WIP A Bf 109 K4 W.Nr. 332660 9./JG 53 Up to this point i did guess how the aircraft right side looks; colours are from ICDPs template If you have detailed information about this Plane please feel free to share it, thanks. Question: Where do i find the shadow of the antenna under the left wing? I included a picture of the area of interest. Many thanks to all the dedicated people providing the great templates and all the other resources, especially ICDP, detcord, rafiger and gustav from whom i used parts. Thank you.
  4. I took this from a existing template for personal use, sadly i´m not sure anymore were i took it from. If you search all the german templates i´m sure you´ll find it. Many thanks to all of the skinners and template-creators for providing us with all this nice stuff. edit: Fw190 a5 template by ICDP has also a slightly different type in it Greetings! 3gruppe.zip
  5. Is her flight log available online? I just found secondary sources.
  6. No spitfire fuel mentioned here. I would love to learn about the d9 without people (kids) crying about who stole thier favorite juice. Cross, circle or star. please
  7. I had a similar incident in a QMB once, where i landed only 4 108 hits on a A20 vertical stab. and rudder above the top line of the fuselage from dead 6. Somehow the "blast pressure" didn´t damage the control surfaces (he continued to manoeuvre) but hit both engines badly (white and black smoke,no fuel vapor, left one critically hit). I would like our men of wisdom on horseback to enlighten me on how that is possible with a real shell and why it should be in the game. It seems to me that the raw damage isn´t really the problem but its consistency and authenticity. If you don´t pray to 30mm minen- RNGesus much, you may have tough luck. Or severely damage him anyway like i did. I would have prefered the "rudder gets blown off" option over the "maybe random shrapnel hits the engine" one. A wonderful day to you all!
  8. I guess the AI could be very powerfull by then, so maybe the Messercrash comet09 s will be a thing of the past. The beginning of electronic warefare in the nightskies over england and germany; the air filled with countermeasures; inserting myself in bomberstreams, hunting down hundreds of Viermot bombers with my radar operator; powered by water, methanol, Nox and coal with Rheinmetalls finest on my fingertips is were i will spend most of my flight time in il-2 in ten years. Maybe we even get something for a 46´ish scenario. (Would do the same to 177 streams while defending scotland in my spit with more boost than engine) your word in gods ear! Let the robots do all the work and let us humans enjoy ourselfs on this beautifull world.
  9. Hello, I´m looking for sources with detailed measurements, pictures, technical drawings, equipment descriptions etc. about the 88 G series. Especially the G-1 G-6 FuG 212 & FuG 220 cockpits/cabin weapon arrangements/installation gauges (positions, variations, technical descriptions etc.) 188 tail section 801 & 213 cowling & gear pods in short everything that differs from our ingame 88 If you know of books, pdfs, forums, archives, strange places on the internet and any other reliable data about the things listed please feel free to tell me. Thank you very much for your help. Blessings!
  10. I tried it again today and it seems to continue to work, although i´m also starting from null airfield. This seems to be a more widespread bug but does not cause the automission start error. "null" means zero in german, maybe it´s a way of counting the airfields your unit is stationed at during your career, but i´m probably reading to much of whats not there into it. @DjankoDK@AKA_Relent did it work for you?
  11. @Mitthrawnuruodo Not likely. I doubt that the developers will be willing to decrypt the relevant files. I´m not familiar with game design/coding etc. in general. Does the fact that certain files are encrypted mean that a different 3d model (of whatever) can´t be placed "onto" a existing FM by ourselfs? I thought i read about a Fokke Dr1 with a 109 F4 FM in a Flying circus thread, but i´m not sure. Thanks!
  12. The "restart" button in the career selection tab in the lower left corner fixed the Automission start failed error for me. Pilot picture is still wrong after that. Good luck!
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