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  1. The landing light function also enables external lights. In most situations, this might not be a good idea I admit... ­čśë
  2. One of my favorite books. And besides the reason for my alias
  3. That means you promise, right? ^^
  4. Hi Pistol-Pete, as you know-how I sold mine on eBay today. Sorry for not answering your question on time. I just send within Germany. (Yes, world is small) Your choice depends on weather you are sure you want to stay with flight simulations for the next year's or not. If you are more or less new to flight sims I'd suggest to go for the Saiteks or something in this price segment, but just keep in mind this is most likely not a product that gives you the same level of precision as the more professional products. I switched to the MFG Crosswinds last year and I'm still happy with the choice. There are quite a bunch of review videos for different types of pedals on YouTube, maybe this helps you with your decision? Good luck...
  5. Hmmm... Have you tried Google Earth at least for a rough estimation? I think the basic shape of the terrain did not change much since the last 70 years...
  6. Wenn es dir um den blo├čen Kampfwert im MP geht, ist die HS wohl eine Entt├Ąuschung f├╝r dich: Wie schon gesagt ist sie langsam, hat nahezu keine Sicht nach hinten und sie bietet ein gro├čes Ziel. Dar├╝ber hinaus ist sie sehr leicht in Brand zu schie├čen. Einziger Pluspunkt ist die wirklich sehr gute Bewaffnung aber die hatte die P40 auch, und die war (zumindest vor 2.012) bekannterma├čen ein selten gesehener Gast auf den Servern. Auf keinen Fall ist die HS-129 ein gleichwertiges ├äquivalent zur Il2 da du ohne starke Eskorte mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit Banta-Futter bist. Wenn du allerdings das Gl├╝ck hast, auf ein unbewaffnetes und unbewachtes Bodenziel zu treffen kannst du einigen Spa├č haben... Ich f├╝r mein Teil freue mich ├╝ber den Flieger...
  7. Can anyone tell me why the engine turns off after a few seconds anytime I switch to prop feathering mode? And second question, I understand the oil cooler can not be operated manually, but what about the air cooling system? These French engines have no inlet or outlet cowl shutters, is that correct? I always like new planes although I doubt, it will have a big influence in multiplayer. Yesterday I flew about 60 min without firing a single round about the beautiful countryside of the Kuban map and really enjoyed it...
  8. Nice vid, but I like the song even more... ;-)
  9. Guck mal hier: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page-5?do=findComment&comment=481140
  10. Sometimes certain Swich positions on the Warthog throttle can block hotkey functions on my Track IR software. This can happen when a "hold-command is assigned, and the Swich is used accidentally. Maybe here is a link to the problem you described with TS although you are not using the Target-Software?
  11. Nice one! Where does the "Wotan Bodenkontrolle" Radio chatter come from?
  12. Noch nicht getestet, aber im englischen Forum ├╝berschlagen sich alle schier vor Begeisterung. Mal sehen... Die 110 G2 hat au├čer der neuen Bewaffnung deutlich st├Ąrkere Motoren. Werde ich mir heute Abend mal ansehen. Bin gespannt...
  13. I had the same issue. After a reboot it worked all normal...
  14. If I remember correctly it was a different key than for 109. Can't check this right now. Have a look at the key settings...
  15. Check Prop RPM. Needs to be adjusted manually in this type of aircraft
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