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  1. How the real pilots did it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOz_i_2USkY
  2. A mission editior is extremely helpful for practising dive bombing and other complicated tasks. You can just place out a target at a pretty close distance and let your Stuka allready be at a good altitude before you go some hundred meters until its time to dive. With other words, you can practise alot without losing a frustrating amount of time (which you do in the regular missions when you have to fly in 7-8 minutes before you reach the target area).
  3. Hm.. so unecessary of me but I am so used with that you have to check a box in the game to enable a device. But then another question, how can I use another guys TIR profile? I mean if I have to put the xml-file somewhere?
  4. Yes I may have asked a little to early so lets see what happends
  5. I have just got my Track IR 5 kit and was hoping to see an option for that in the settings but I can´t find anything about it. So how did you do it and do you know any tutorial?
  6. Thanks, I will try that. With the yellow markers I mean those drop formed things which marks out a new direction.
  7. Hi! When there is a special route shown with yellow pointmarkers I often find myself going in the wrong direction even if I chose the most nearby of them. I belive that I head for Nr 1 (directly after take off) but instead I´m suddenly at Nr 2 so please explain how I shall think here? Besides that I can´t notice any plane marker that shows where I am on the line. Can I chose such an option with a specific button or shall it really be so diffuse?
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