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  1. Hooked up my old 1080 res monitor. Could actually spot targets I would have never seen on my highres monitor. So yes, its very much hardware dependent. Not sure on how this could be solved onless PPI is considered.
  2. So you say, because I am using a highend gaming monitor, Im actually on a disadvantage here? Ok, thats fine for me. I mostly on SP so it does not matter much. Thanks for claryfying.
  3. How the h... do you guys see anything at this distances ?! With alternate on, the fartest plane I could detect, was about 15 km!! out. (a He111). Im on a 3440x1440 pixel, 32 inch display and its pixeld-ensity is so fine, I even dont use AA. no chance to see sole pixels. I have also an AMD GPU, So maybe a driver thing? I dont have this giant dots in the distance everybody is talking about. Any idea on what Im doing wrong?
  4. A track records everything important. So why should a snapshot / safepoint not be possible? In career at each waypoint would be very handy. It would allow me to finish one of these very long escort- or bombing-missions at another date. I do not allways have the time to finish them. I have to ALT-F4 to to not loose my progress in career when RL interrupts. So yes, savepoints would help a lot.
  5. Fantastic work as allways. Whatever collector planes in the pipe, I will by them all. Just curiouse wich physiology-model the ai will use and what the impact on performance would be, if the full model is in use for all units.
  6. Considering the huge amount of work and time that is going into the core product, its a bargain. This said, for me its absolutely legal to make some extra money with collector planes, even if they are variants. There is still a lot of research and programming required to make one with the top quality we currently have. Its a small and dedicated team wich has my support every day. No need to change anything...
  7. Oh well, Im around 50C with 4.5 right now. So I think I will give 4.7 a go and see if I it makes any difference. Its allready very steady but a bit more hmmph just for the smoothness would certainly not hurt...
  8. May I ask why exactly 4.7ghz? I have my watercooled 8600k running @ 4.5ghz with nice cool temps. Would I see a significant gain when going to 4.7 or even above? I am a bit uneasy when it comes to overclocking a pricey cpu...
  9. Agree 1000 % . This should be made a sticky
  10. Thanks for all the advice. It helped me to survive a view more days in a new carriere as a "Schlächter", but I think this carrier (FW190 Fighterbomber) is defenitiv not as it should be: In every mission I was the sole surviver! See the screenshot. The lossrate was insane. And there was never ever any fighter-cover. In fact, there was only my Schwarm an hordes of Yaks and Laggs in the air. Seems the whole Jagdstaffel at Anapa is on Heimaturlaub . This is on "normal" and "dense" . However, I tried the same style of carrier, this time with the Henschel and it is much better. Fighter-cover all the way and defensive tactics against fighters, if they ever manage to come close. Making good progress here. Im sure the devs will sort things like this in one of the next patches and we can enjoy less suicidal groundponding with the Focke.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Very much apperciated. I will try once more with the above in mind and basically be a coward and not helping my buddys out anymore. After all they have to blame themselves. Cudos to the devs in making this sim so immersive that I feel sorry for a chunk of code Thanks again, guys
  12. The carriere is great! However: Its the third time in a row I became a POW as a Schlachtflieger (FW190 A5/F3), because of overheating my engine whilst running away from some Lagg3`s! They not only down my whole schwarm everytime, they pursuit me all the way on full power without any difficulties. No trace of damaging there engines whilst Im forced full power to just avoid get caught. Im aware that the F3 is more draggy and sluggish because of additional armour and ETCs, but still... Any advice from the Pros on tactics to get home save? Or at least to have a chance reaching the homefield without damaging the engine. Marcel
  13. How about trying to make a deal with Hasegawa, Tamjya or even Trumpeter. They certainly have excellent source material regarding japanese planes and cockpit as all of my 1:32 models proof. Both genres could benefit from a cooperation anyway. Getting accurate Data for the FMs is another thing however...
  14. Well, a 2.7GB update takes me usually a view minutes. Its not even much...But this insane! The third time im getting a timeout! And then its 10KB/sec!!! This reminds me of my dialup-connection ages ago LOL. I love this sim and the devs are fantastic, but this is testing my patience...
  15. Wasnt this one the reasons the IX was introduced as a in between solution before the VIII or even the XIV was available? To effectively counter the 190 then new in service?
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