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  1. Ha ha, yes! In that sence, I use a Reverbs since 40 years. Even analog ones.... For VR I use the HTC Cosmos. Very comfordable, good sound and perfect resolution for a midrange systemx (AMD 5700XT). A bit priecy though.
  2. I see a lot of preorders for one of the most demanding headsets on the marketin in this threat. Are you all running top notch systems to get it running? I have a cosmos and a XT5700X combined with a i8700 @4.8 and still struggle to get decent frames on average. What are G1 users currently use?
  3. Im with you. But...what would you do to be fair to anyone? There is simply no technical solution unless everybody is using the very same device for spotting. If it would be an easy fix, I think it would be done since ages. I switched recently from a superfine-density Monitor to a HTC cosmos. The difference in spotting things couldnt be more indistinguishable. As long we have huge 4k monitors and lowres headsets the issue will remain.
  4. "Used to it" ? And what about "VR is the future" and other such claims? I cant see what is so hard to code since we allready have a perfect "readyroom" at hand. And it works when not loading. If ACC or Atomobilista can do it just perfect, i cant see devs struggling over this when they are abel to code advanced flight models and such. Not a rant, just saying.
  5. I see the same behavier and it makes me kind a sick. I have to dismount my headset until the mission starts. I had it before the patch but could just look to the side while loading and avoid the flickering panel. Im relatively new to the whole VR thing, and although its immersion factor is second to none, it amazes me how much workarounds still are needed to get there. Certainly not plugnplay, at least for sims. Having to install open source software to enjoy a game is ok, but should not be necassary. Hope the devs look into it.
  6. Not a VivePro, but basically the same tech. I have better resolution but less FOV? Thats what I am curious about... I have also the LensMod, and while its more clear and the sweetspot is bigger, it makes the FOV even more narrow than with the original Cosmos Lenses.
  7. How comes? Since my Cosmos is actually a VivePro. Thats 10 degrees more?
  8. I had the chance to sit in a ME109E pit. And was surprised how claustrophobic it is. And the Spitfire pit IS small. They had to add a malcom-hood type canopy early in devlopement because of pilots complains who smashed their heads constantly against the glass. I agree a DCS like "Force IPD option" would make things easier. Hope this will come eventually.
  9. 1. Your videocard model. 5700XT 2. Your driver version. 20.4.2 3. Have you artefacts like on attached screenshots or not (answer "No, I haven't these glitches" - is very important to know too!). Heavy z-fighting of the grass-layer when close to the ground. Also grass does not fade out anymore. Its fully opac when drawn in the distance. LODs however work. 4. Does FXAA to MSAA switching solving this issue for you completely? No impact with FXAA or MSAA 5. Does driver settings reset to Factory settings with choosing default GAME profile after that helps? Default driver game profile and settings allready 6. If you're using some kind of graphics mods (migoto, re-shade or something) does turning them off helps you? No mods ever
  10. Il2 is not capable of displaying a 32/9 ratio properly without distortion unless you use a ridicoulus small FOV and will see only the hud. I have a 21/9 monitor. Natural fov with this ratio is about 87 degrees. If set to that, I can read the gauges, but only a quarter of the dashboard is displayed. So a tracker is essentiel. But then again, il2 is a zoom-fest anyway, so it does not matter much. Just choose what fits the situation best and focus on the center of the screen. BTW: The only sim I know off that let you correct the distortion on both sides in widescreen with one monitor is Assetto Corsa.
  11. Taxiing the Il2 Spit is childsplay compared to the DCS Spit IMHO. I still struggle with that one with the takeoff after month of trying to get it right. Landing her however seems easier than the one in IL2. Im no expert, but I doubt that this DCS behavior would have passed official acceptance. I find the IL2 Spit more in the line for of average pilot skills.
  12. I have some 40+ Missions in my P47 carrere as a fighterbomber. Ditched a view times but always made it home. It was called the "Thunderbomber" by its crews in the MTO. Using it in that role is not so bad at all me thinks. Actually quite close to RL from what I read. It wasnt a Uberplane but I agree, the DM needs a revisit. Still my favorite allied plane. It is just that "something" to it, that let me fly it again and again...😏
  13. "DX12 /Vulkan new rendering and more multithreading of AI and other processes could yield huge improvement for new features " This, cause its a peace of software, ever evolving by nature. Dont see why carrier ops should not possible one day (or heavys). The only limiting factor is a lack of skilled people and money.
  14. Battle of Sicily (including Malta) would be the perfect choice after Normandy. Perfect for introducing carriers and naval operations. Martlets and Seafires, Maccies and torpedos....a lot of possibilities for expansions, collectors or campagnes and new tech. Wold love to see that.
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