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  1. Looking at the video, I think its more of an issue with anisotropic filtering, AA Settings and resolution. I got rid of that, when switching to a monitor with finer pixel-density and using supersampling as well. Reducing draw-distance and aniso helped too. Its caused when the engine switches between bright and dark pixels back and forward. Best seen with roads and rivers that contrast well with the surrounding. The same happens to very narrow clouds in the far distance when not blending well with the haze.
  2. Having overcast would be nice and more real. Living further south (of the Rheinland) but the same nasty weather during winter. However, as a wingman in career, I have some difficulty to stay in formation when the AI does not take cloudlayer into account. In many missions my wing flys exactly at cloud-level. Not below nor above. With the current clouds there are gaps and its possoble to stay in formation however. I remember in the early days of BOS, there where some mission generated that I could not finish: Vis down to 50 meters and the cloudlayer @ zero all over the map. Not possible to do without some cheats. Maybe that should first be taken into account before move to overcast weather.
  3. The program is always aware of everything. After all it calculates everything to the last bit. The art is to smartly exclude what the ai is allowed and what not. Not a trivial task. Not try to be a smartass, just saying.
  4. Fly in x-plane from Brussels to Cologne @ 300km/h and measure the time it takes. And then do the same on the Rheinlandmap and compare. Then you know. X-plane is 1:1 otherwise I could not use orthophotos.
  5. Would love to see BOB with this Series. The planeset would not be the problem. Just do them. But with the current limitations of the engine one would run in the same problems as with strategic bombing: no large-scale formations possible currently. And there is London and the Chain-home system to be implemented. No trivial task. Early "Kanalkampf" (Channelbattles) would be possible. But to be honest, those are more on the boring side of gameplay. I own Blitz since the early days and find it cumbersome and outdated. Just my opinion and nothing personal.
  6. I see from this discussion that there will never be a "fair" solution due to very different hardware. When VR-useres state, they have a real life view as per default, where does this come from? I have all my snapview.lua`s altered to have a default fov as close as possible to real-life for my monitor setting. Its very comfortable for flying stuff, but I have never ever a chance to id a threat beyond 4 km without zooming! Its the first line in the lua-file, the last entry is the fov: cvc = -0.000, 0.000, 0.155, -0.181, 0.000, -0.650; My understanding is, that in VR there is still a screen-ratio and a fov that can be set as above. So I wonder where this "realife-default-fov comes from. Curious, because my next investement is a VR-set.
  7. "The IJAAS's involvement in the Solomon Islands Campaign was limited to a brief deployment of Ki-43 and Ki-48 in the last days of January 1943." True, no Solomons without New Guinea . The maps have to be compressed/scaled down anyway, so why not have both in one. Nobody wants to fly real distances in this theatre anyway. The planeset would be awesome with Oscars, Tonys, Bettys, Zeros, Corsairs, Wildcats etc.
  8. Thats why Rabaul and the "Slot" would be the perfect choice for a PTO entry scenario: Plenty of air- ground- and naval-action. Japanese Army as well as the Navy present. America , Australia. Newsealand and British on the other side. Some of the planes already done. Island-hoping from Cuadalcanal up to Bougainville would fit the current carrier-mode perfect. Plus additional carrier-ops as well at a later stage in the carrier. In this scenario, it would not matter much, if a carrier or famous battleship would be sunk. The story could go on. Plus the map could be compressed for shorter ingress times. And no seasons would make map-developement even less costly. Midway or Formosa would make cool scripted and MP scenarios only IMHO.
  9. THAT would be perfect for carrer. Much better than Midway IMHO. And Malta/Sicilly/Anzio. Maybe some day.....
  10. Thats exactly what I see too. Same settings. Its a bit of an immersion-breaker cause I love the P-47 carrer otherwise. And as mentioned above, its a common "problem" in every carrer. I hope the devs find a way to improve this. Programming a clever, humanlike ai is one of the toughest parts however.
  11. Fantastic work! Outstanding. Allready started two carrers: Tempest & Lightning. Super fun. Thank you devs!! BTW, I think Im the only one that finds the new clouds a tad too polished/artifisial. I will keep them nevertheless because planes shimmer much less against them.
  12. True, at least in my case: I have an Acer Predator X34A (34", 3440 x 1440 Pixels) and its PPI is very dense. I can not make out sole pixels even with glasses on. Super quality colors and very sharp. But in this case its actually a handicap. I can barley make out contacts past 7 km. That was pre-patch as well as post-patch. I can make out the "butterflys" at sunset against a dark sky when alternate on. But they disappear eventually when coming closer. IMHO as long as view-distance is dependent on screen-resolution and not on PPI, it will always be uneven.
  13. Hooked up my old 1080 res monitor. Could actually spot targets I would have never seen on my highres monitor. So yes, its very much hardware dependent. Not sure on how this could be solved onless PPI is considered.
  14. So you say, because I am using a highend gaming monitor, Im actually on a disadvantage here? Ok, thats fine for me. I mostly on SP so it does not matter much. Thanks for claryfying.
  15. How the h... do you guys see anything at this distances ?! With alternate on, the fartest plane I could detect, was about 15 km!! out. (a He111). Im on a 3440x1440 pixel, 32 inch display and its pixeld-ensity is so fine, I even dont use AA. no chance to see sole pixels. I have also an AMD GPU, So maybe a driver thing? I dont have this giant dots in the distance everybody is talking about. Any idea on what Im doing wrong?
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