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  1. Oh? Thankx Mastiff! Will that help with some lags and net-code issues too? A lot of ppl in my squadron was having this problem recently, and we thought it is because BoS uses an old engine from RoF. Man, i gatta share this with my squad.
  2. im having a same problem here.. lol Sorry i cant help but im waiting for an answer too
  3. Also, just one more question devs i see so many planes humping the ground.. they go beneath the surface it and bounces off. Ive been seeing this since i bought this game about 2 years ago. Do u guys hav any plan to fix this..? Or, can u fix this?
  4. We flew deep into enemy territory this day, and there were many dangerous moments for all of us. Yet, we returned to the base safely. I hope u will enjoy! Thankx!
  5. Hello its HellKitten here. I just made a BoS fan made trailer... Ive never made any videos like this before, so it looks bit sluggish. but i hope u enjoy it! S!
  6. I see a lot of ppl try suicide bombing in BoS nowadays, and i really hate in both in real life and in game. A lot of ppl in this game spend tremendous time to spot an enemy plane. For some ppl this might be easy, but for a lot of ppl like me, it is a very difficult job. Imagine how frustrating it would be to miss a combat just because your oppnent decided to suicide on purpose. The suicide bombing is just unrespectful toward other pilots and it is certainly not what ppl would expect to see in a flight sim. Come on, do u guy not have any self-respect at all?
  7. I heard that Tutima and Hanhart supplied fighter pilot watch and Laco supplied watches for navigators and bombers pilots. Could u confirm if this is correct? If im to buy a Luftwaffe watch, id like to buy a fighter pilot watch so... (also, i only ride fighter planes in flight sim) Thank u
  8. l like Fighting Legend server MUCH BETTER than WoL too. but the problem is, the server is located too far from where i live and it kicks me out for having a high ping all the time... fgs.. Can we plz hav a decent server in Asia or Oceania.. plz plz plz..
  9. Nice job Blue, and congrats to the selected ppl.
  10. I agree with this idea. BoS needs some proper tutorial. Plus, by looking at the optimization of the game after the few patches, im very worried about tanks I wish devs would more focus on makinga fine flight sim rather than tanks
  11. For me BoS's DM seems to be bit wonky. Sometimes it feels right and sometimes it feels very unreasonable. This video was taken early this year, when i just started BoS. I argued in the forum that the DM seems very wrong but i ended up concluding that it was due to my incompetent skill & aiming This video was taken yesterday. Im sure i damaged that Lagg-3 a lot in the first attack, but it did not lose anything (aileron, flaps, rudder etc..). Therefore i had to go down and put more 20mm into that poor thing. One of my friend took this vid few months ago, and we believe that La-5 is probably the tankiest Soviet fighter in the game untill today since there was no huge changes in FM and DM so far. Even in this video, that plane doesnt lose anything after all that damge. All ailerons, flaps and rudder are intact. Probably because im more used to seeing simpler DM from European Air War and IL-2 1946, BoS's DM is overally unsatisfying for me. Im not just sure whether if Russian planes are just too tanky or my 20mm is just cr*ppy.
  12. Even yesterday, I could not record it but ive seen several planes just appearing out of no where. It happened few times in the winter maps, but it became worse after summer/autumn maps came out.
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