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  1. Hi, the download link in the first post still seems to work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/opdnpe61p89pctg/bosparser-alpha1.zip?dl=0 Extract the zip file and place the bosparser-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war file according to the installation instructions. Disclaimer: It's been more than three years since the last release of bosparser and I have no idea if it's still working...
  2. When you have started using the .bat file in the console window, does it output anything? Can you copy-paste any output here? You can also try typing in the web browser after running the .bat file just in case your computer has some weird host record for "localhost".
  3. Thanks! The SMB still seems to be in use by some? Does it still work? I havn't really thought about working on the SMB in quite some time. I sort of stopped developing it back in may 2015 after picking most of of the low-hanging fruits. The .Mission files are quite complex and for the intended scope of the SMB I sort of ran out of ideas of stuff that I could implement given available time and documentation. I guess there are a few things I could do: * Add support for the BoM map. That would however require at least a high-res map of the theater (the one I use for BoS was stitched together by some community member(?), something like 8000x5000 res). I would also like the devs (in that case) to inform me of the relative in-game coordinates of the lower left corner of the map (probably 0, 0) and the upper right. (To determine the upper right coords of the BoS map I had to launch quick missions from a nearby airfield and then try to crash the plane as close as possible to some kind of landmark in the absolute upper right of the map in order to get the in-game coords from the log file :D ). * Height map for the BoS/BoM theaters. With a simple height map I could get the z coord for any given x, y in-game coord (within a reasonable map resolution, would probably need some interpolation). Then I could fix the issue with static fires and stuff appearing in mid-air or underground. It would also open up some interesting possibilities... * Fix full support for summer/autumn/winter season. Since almost all work I did back in 2015 on the SMB was based on reverse-engineering the .Mission files and reading old wiki page about the Rise of Flight mission format, that work was very time consuming. I don't have that kind of time these days, regardless how fun coding this kind of stuff is... Anyway - if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on how to proceed, just send me a pm or reply in this thread.
  4. Hi, are you starting the .bat file by double-clicking it in Windows explorer, or are you executing in from the command-line? Please start by opening a command line shell, change directory to your SMB install dir and then execute the batch file from there. After that, open Google Chrome and type "http://localhost"(without ") in the address bar. If this doesn't work, can you take a screen shot of your command shell or copy-paste whatever text SMB prints to command-line after you tried to start it?
  5. Hi, what kind of problem do you have trying to start it? Can you enter a command shell, change into the bosparser directory and start by typing bosparser.bat? I suspect there might be a problem with your PATH and Java. What happens if you enter a command shell and then type: java --version ? I havn't used Win 10 myself (still on Win 7) but Java (which is required for bosparser) should work the same way I guess.
  6. Hi, sorry, no Bf-109F-2 yet. The current list of aircraft included in SMB can be seen in this source code file: https://github.com/eriklupander/bos-missionbuilder/blob/master/src/main/java/se/lu/bos/misgen/model/PlaneType.java It just a matter of adding a single line there with the correct paths and then doing a new release, so I can hopefully fix this soon.
  7. New release of SMB! I got my act together and fixed some long overdue stuff tonight. Changes One can now select Summer or Winter Stalingrad map. (Autumn too, but that will get you the summer one for now) Added summer skies to the Weather Editor. Note - if using summer map with winter skies, the sim looks very blue. Added P40, I16, MiG3, MC202, BF109E7 and BF110. At least they work fine for AI use. Some minor bug fixes such as thumbnail images not showing. Downloads Full zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/da8484aic2hh249/bos-smb.zip?dl=0 .War file only: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iumhephqzyv4os1/bos-missiongenerator-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war?dl=0 Install instructions Same as all previous updates, Just overwrite your existing bos-missiongenerator-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war if already installed, otherwise unzip bos-smb.zip and edit the config/application.properties file so it points at your BoS data directory. (See previous posts)
  8. Thanks! When manually editing a .Mission file, there are a number of stuff that needs to be changed to make a Winter scenario into a Summer one (for example). What I did was to start a Quick Mission with Stalingrad summer, then I checked /missions/_gen.Mission which is generated by the simulation. First, a Winter mission generated by SMB: HMap = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Stalin_w\height.hini"; Textures = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Stalin_w\textures.tini"; Forests = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Stalin_w\trees\woods.wds"; Layers = ""; GuiMap = "stalingrad-1942"; SeasonPrefix = "wi"; CloudConfig = "00_clear_03\sky.ini"; Now, the summer mission from the Quick Mission HMap = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Stalin_s\height.hini"; Textures = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Stalin_s\textures.tini"; Forests = "graphics\LANDSCAPE_Stalin_s\trees\woods.wds"; Layers = ""; GuiMap = "stalingrad-summer-1942"; SeasonPrefix = "su"; CloudConfig = "summer\04_Overcast_04\sky.ini"; I can't see any season-specific stuff on the actual Vehicle entries in the .Mission file, i.e. script and graphics paths seems to be the same regardless of season. Can't say for sure if there's anything else that needs to be adjusted - the _gen.Mission file I just looked at is 72000 lines long so manually scanning it for something new or otherwise changed is not that easy. I would like to update the SMB GUI to support all the new maps and upcoming BoM aircraft at some point, but in all honesty I don't know if I can do this anytime soon. Just too much IRL stuff going on.
  9. Hi, I ran a quick mission earlier tonight and imported it into Bosparser without issues. If someone can send me a PM with a log file that doesn't work I can take a look at it myself. Please note that I havn't tried bosparser with the Stalingrad summer map or any other map than the standard winter Stalingrad one.
  10. Hi, I havn't had time to try it myself. It's possible the log file format have changed even more making Bosparser fail. I may have some time during x-mas to take a look at it.
  11. Don't know to be honest. I've just been doing a campaign mission every now and then during the last months. Perhaps I can give it a try when I have a few hours off work and domestic duties.
  12. Thanks. No, not really. There's a lot of stuff one could improve or add to the SMB, but I've been missing both time to work on it and also felt that further development of advanced features (say more complex trigger systems, spawn mechanisms, better control at waypoints and ground forces etc.) just would take too much time. Given that the Full Mission Builder exists and does all those things (if one invests the time to learn it) I havn't felt like spending my sparse time at the computer at further development, at least not at this point. I will probably make sure the BoM aircraft can be added to missions once BoM is released as well as making sure one can select between the different maps. (Winter/Summer Stalingrad, Moscow etc.), that's hopefully not an overwhelming amount of work. As stated numerous times before, Simple Mission Builder (and Bosparser) is Open Source software so anyone feeling like picking things up can clone the code from github, work on it and release their own derivatives (or submit a pull request to inclusion into the "main" source code)
  13. Ok, thanks for the clarification. It would be neat if the debug logging could be re-enabled using a setting in startup.cfg, though I understand that wouldn't be a top priority.
  14. By the way - anyone know if 1C/777 added the AType:17 entries back to the log file? I havn't taken a look at Bosparser or SMB for some time now (summer's just too busy with other stuff), would be interesting to know if they added the player position entries back.
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