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  1. As a none flying twit, I find all of these to be helpful: Advanced Flight Training with the AT-6 SNJ: Take-Offs, Approaches & Landings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UZmEhayBVI How to Dive Bomb in World War 2 Aircraft - 1943 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOz_i_2USkY 'Pilot's notes' for aircraft type give specific operational guidance according to type. After a painless registration there are loads available here, maybe the greatest repository on the web? http://ww2aircraft.net/forum/other-mechanical-systems-tech-/?s=f6330bfa83681b26824e274a842b6f41 'Pilot's notes General' offers general service flying guidance - engine management principles, bad weather flying, emergency procedures, that sort of thing - complementing the Pilot's notes for a specific type. I couldn't find a current copy anywhere, so I've hosted a 'notes general' for the RAF dating from 1943 here: http://www.gamefront.com/files/25359842/RAF_Notes_General.zip I have an original of one of these that I bought in the lake district along with an original Spitfire Mk IX Pilot's notes, and an 4lb Elwell coppicing axe. That was a good day. I found these entertaining and useful too: Scaring myself - Tail Wheel Flying - Strong Gusting Cross Wind - Ground Loop Risk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0YUxsntZWE Work that rudder! Dance dance dance! Learning to land when you can't see ahead! - WarBird Training - Boeing Stearman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Auz20sHZ6Q Facing Challenging Winds - Improving as a Pilot - Grass Strip - Tail Wheel Flying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-JoQ5i_wek Stuka Pilot Interviews: Hauptmann Heinz Migeod https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL00A506FAE3B4225E "Spitfires? Nah. Too fast. Not a problem. Hurricanes? We didn't like Hurricanes." Trim, fly smooth, think ahead. Hopefully these are of interest.
  2. Try manual pitch control, with the pitch set to 12 o'clock on the indicator for taxiing and take off. I think doing this cuts out whatever forces move around as the prop governor spins up and down in response to throttle movement and airspeed. This makes directional control a bit simpler? Be quick sorting yourself out after take off though. Busy time.
  3. A game changer when utilised on a 'dogfight' server. Nice one indeed Coconut. Well spotted that man.
  4. Hi Jacko. Hme... Attack area 'Air Targets' usually works ok... Don't forget setting the length of time (eg 999 if not critical), and the height of the command (Y orientation). Use one for each side rather than sharing one between sides. Attack area priority low results with (amongst other things?) the combat can occur beyond the defined area - eg an ai will follow a player as he leaves. High results with combat only within the defined area - eg when a player leaves a high combat zone the ai will break off and return to patrol (circle) the zone.
  5. Hme... Regarding guaranteeing first pass level bombing using an 'Attack Area\Ground Targets' - I'm not so sure. Does getting a result once mean the same result each time? I'm seeing random results. At least I think I am. Hme... Dunno. Dive bombing is pretty solid.
  6. Just had a fiddle: At the very least; payload determines attack profile. Internal = Level External = Dive There may be other ways of influencing ai behaviour in this respect? Taking searchlights as an example, applying 'Command:Force Complete' priority didn't appear to have an affect on bombing style. (For Searchlights: Low = offensive, Medium = defensive High = Idle) Using Attack Area 'Attack ground targets', triggered from a waypoint, with targets at the centre: Command Attack Area priority = High encouraged a first pass attack using its' entire payload, provided the area radius allows for target acquisition. A radius of 1000m worked for a flying\attack height of 3000m. Command Attack Area height was same as waypoint height i.e. 3000m. Priority = medium resulted in the Pe2 circling prior to attacking. Assigning a Pe2 'AddEvent: OnPlaneBingoBombs' targeted at the next waypoint worked well; having released it's bombs in one pass, the Pe2 proceeded to it's next waypoint. Regarding height: Using 4000m for approach and attack resulted in the Pe2 opening its bomb doors, but not releasing despite making numerous passes. Using 5000m resulted in no reaction at all from the Pe2, other than to circle presumably because it hasn't been told what to do next. Same for the Heinkel. Both of the above despite changing Attack Area radius to allow for greater distance bombs have to be released etc. Therefore, somewhere between 3-4000m there is a height above which the ai require something else in order to bomb generic ground targets using Attack Area. At 300m the attack was fine. Interesting.
  7. Pe2 external load e.g. 2 x Fab 250 Attack area 'Ground Targets' priority set to HIGH Attack area altitude 3000m Multiple object targets within the Attack area zone. The Pe2 circles the area, selects a target, then deploys dive brakes and dives to release. There may well be other variations, but I just tried this, and this is what happened. 3000m is also good for the Ju87. Don't forget the sirens! ("we took them off. They reduced the KPH too much. We preferred the paper tubes attached to the bombs") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-CQ5Sko3mk&list=PL00A506FAE3B4225E&index=45
  8. As an addendumdumdum, a link to wonderful (Tragic!) but not Pe2 related interviews: https://www.youtube.com/user/biltongbru/playlists Stuka Pilot Heinz-Georg Wilhelm Migeod: Spitfires? Nah. Too fast. Not a problem. Hurricanes? We didn't like Hurricanes.
  9. In my notes on the subject I have: Dive Attack: Usual dive attack height 3-3500m Normal dive angle 20 - 35 degrees Max dive angle 70 degrees Release @ 700 - 800m Fuse delay 30 sec Unfortunately, as usual, I haven't listed the sources for my own reference. I've spent the last hour trawling my references but have found nothing. I remember Hearing\reading quotes from a Pe2 pilot, and I guess these notes were from that, but what\where they are, heaven knows. The height of around 3000m is logical since the second stage blower is most efficient at this height (?), providing maximum efficiency as shown in engine manuals and here at about the 10:00 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBoDaD-om5k I've read that the Il2 transited at low level, then popped up for the attack. Dunno if Pe2 were operated in a similar fashion. Sorry it's rather vague. This is an interesting question. If I find the source again, I'll post.
  10. I recall that an object appeared to reactivate at the location wherever it was when it de-activated, which too is neat, and logical. If the object is following waypoints it will attempt to get back to WP1 on reactivation. An alternative to waypoints is to use an 'AI POI', or a 'Command Attack Area' as above. Flying in and out of a space to see what happens has never been so much fun. Although not included in the above example, if a 'Damage' (repair \ complete) tool is applied to an aircraft object via 'add event \ OnPlaneCrashed' for instance, the plane does not repair when it is destroyed, when activated \ de-activated as above, not that I can get to work anyhow. I've tried numerous alternate wiring configurations. However, I have a memory that a ground vehicle would repair. I may be making that up. It's possible.
  11. Spawning multiple copies? Hme. Using an IN zone to turn itself off when triggered whilst activating an OUT zone works well for spawning and removing objects, as here in a loop: Although the object here is activated rather than spawned. The object, if damaged, retains its damaged state when reactivated which is neat, and continues to reactivate when the trigger is fired until it is destroyed. It seems to me that aircraft when destroyed will not regenerate when configured using the damage tool using this method (activating), whereas ground units will? Anyhow, sorry if I'm teaching my Grandma to suck eggs etc.
  12. The gen, unless it's changed in BoS? From the Rise of Flight Editor manual: https://rof.s3.amazonaws.com/UM/ROF_Mission_Editor_User_Manual.zip 7.8.3. Trigger:Check zone In case when for one object there are to check (closer and further) being performed there must be some hysteresis (difference in “close” and “further” radiuses). Moreover “closer” is being checked first and only when this checking is complete you can start (by timer or event) the checking of “further”. Otherwise the logics of checking will be ruined. For example: if the checked object is born inside the given radius of Check Zone (further) – all will work correctly, i.e. the checking won’t start, since the object in fact is inside the specified radius of the zone and Check Zone (close) isn’t needed in this case. If the checked object is born outside of the given radius of Check Zone (further) then you should first enable checking “close” so that the trigger understands that the object has entered the checking zone and only then enable checking “further” to control leaving of the zone. If Check Zone deactivated by “Deactivate” trigger is activated it will work again with the settings set in Advanced Properties.
  13. Correction: Country plus Entities checked and Complex triggers are working. Long story short: Prangster posted as I was posting, read his post, thought "Hme..." I have Proximity triggers doubling with Complex triggers as one was SP one was MP and I like to check some things as I go in SP (since it's quite a palaver) and now post patch Proximity works in MP (thanks Prangster missed that) so they were triggering, not the Complex triggers which used to work but now don't without extra things being checked, or so it would seem. Hows that for a sentence, Swallow? Fist post here in years. Blimey. Could've been worse, I think.
  14. Complex triggers used for spawning and de spawning flak groups across an enormous front in MP seem to be working just fine. Player enters a zone, units spawn. Player leaves the zone, units are removed. I'm just using active by side ('German'), nothing else. You're giving me palpitations here, all this talk of 'not working'.... Unless I've missed something?
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