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  1. OK Marco Pégase 44 Merci beaucoup. Je regarderai mais pas simple pour moi qui suis nul dans la retouche d image et qui n ai pas de logiciel de dessin. Je vais y arriver Merci de l aide apportée par l exemple Pierre
  2. Hello, thanks'for help, i will'test it. And let you know. hope not to difficult. i appreciate the help and Quick reply. Thanks nice flights
  3. Hello just to let me know How to have a preview image of the personnal'skins in the menu? i Ve added skins but when i want to select them in the menu i cannot see the preview for the plane i Ve choosen thanks so much for help regards pierre
  4. 👍👍😀 thanks so much for the explanations have good flights
  5. Thanks so much to you all you ve made my day ! i havent saw that option in realism So much appreciate your help have Nice flights and see you in the sky !
  6. Thanks so much kestrel 79 for the quick'reply and help i ve checked there are no conflits and orange squares. but Where i find the option of difficulty and engine management? i forgot to way , i play the game via Steam
  7. Hi pilots, i come back after a long time with the il2 bos and found it always pleasure to Fly. i try the p51 mustang. I Ve got problem with mixture and propeller pitch. I Ve tried to map the key on my warthog and it does not work. Mixture does not move and i can not manually play with the propeller pitch. It move with the throttle together. Any help appreciate. Thanks in advance nice flights Pierre
  8. Thanks so much to you all for the quick answers and help have a nice day and flights !
  9. ok thank you so much for help the two aircrafts can be fly now on BOM or BOk? thats exact?
  10. hello, need some help, my english is not so good, sorry. i ve bought 2 days ago boddenplatte map in early acces. but i cannot find it in the game? is it out? do i need to download? i ve in the start menu the red signs(up at right corner) with the names of the battle i ve bought. i see battle of bodenplatte.. but when i choose the map on quick missions, no boddenplatte... thanks for help i will appreciate have a nice sunday and nice flights Pierre
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