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  1. I have nothing to had to the subject but I can say you correctly chose your nickname.
  2. The prop blast effect will depend on power and speed. Aircrafts are generally stable at cruise speed and cruise power. Same goes for warbirds. With speed, the fuselage participate to yaw stability. Doesn't make me an aerodynamical engineer. The times I lost my vertical stab in the game, here what happened: - My plane was less but still stable on yaw axis as soon as I kept my speed up and fly smoothly. - When slowing down (to try to land for example), my plane was progressivly loosing its yaw stability and went into a spin even
  3. Nothing to do with 50 cal but At that speed, I'm not sure it should automaticaly go into a spin (in other words, completely loose it's yaw stability).
  4. And what about I16, Fw190, Mc202, ... well almost everything which doesn't have slats? What do you mean exactly? What?
  5. To me, it's as simple as that: It's an excellent tank killer, a bit underpowered. In fact you dont need speed to kill a tank (it's even better for the precision). Killing tanks with a big gun is one of the most satisfying thing in life
  6. Did you take into account the high elevator authority of RAF fighters? You're more likely to pull more G with them and not realising it until the pilot is exhausted and fall into a black out/G lock. A Spitfire can be completely traped by a 109 on his six because of G limits (its pilot can't exploit the full turning capability), while it has way better turn rate. Same story with Tempest vs Dora. The only escape is trying to make overshoot with eratic defensive maneuvers (so everything except a continous turn) or being able to quicly drop the speed and then turn hard at low speed with
  7. Is it voluntary that there are no G6 late on front airfields (Venlo/Aachen) of Y29 map?
  8. Are you saying that depending on the date chose by the mission maker (9/2/44), US aircrafts are equiped or not with G suit? Interesting, never knew about that.
  9. You just can't make a hard break turn with a 109 at this speed, due to hard controls at high speed. The only way is to take the time to trim up and pull down a bit of flaps to be able to turn "like" the Mustang. Which is why you probably get less G effects with the 109 at high speed (but bigger radius). Just to make sure: G is not only a matter of speed, it also depend on elevator input (and so, elevator authority, which varies with aircrafts).
  10. So we don't have the same game. Strange! Or it's because you completely exhausted your pilot.
  11. - Ta152H - An opponent for it - And another one But I still vote at 500% for a BOF add-on. So much fighting on the ground and in the air but too much ignored. The funny part of it is that most people see this battle as an useless one and a continous french retreat/german army walk. While french troops and air force were in fact counter attacking most of the time, while outnumbered.
  12. Oh ok. Well, at least, they are way less effective than before.
  13. That was before the 4.502 update: Before we could blow up / rip apart aircrafts with a precise shot of few seconds. Now they are far from being over powerful.
  14. Fw190 was well known (from Pierre Clostermann memories) to fly with a nose down attitude. So depending on aircrafts... Make me think I always found P47 fly with a very nose up attitude.
  15. True that pilots can hold more G but it's only for few more seconds compare to before this update. You are far from being able to fight like we were doing before the physiology model. If you do "stupid and unrealistic maneuvers", your pilot is still quickly exhausted. And then you take the risk to G lock without black vision.
  16. I don't know which datas DCS use and where they found it, but for sure it doesn't have this slow response.
  17. I would vote for a Combat Box that will stay a fully west front server (may be 10% with russians on the map rotation). BON will add some diversity. In my case, west planeset of 44/45 are my favorit.
  18. Do you have any data/sources about this? I would like to open a discussion about it.
  19. The crazy turning performances of Tempest always felt weird to me. But never tried to found real data yet. I just made some calculations with specs from the game. 109G14 Power (sea level MW50): 1800 hp Minimum weight: 2899 kg Wing surface: 16,1 m² Power/weight ratio: 1,61 kg/hp Weight/wing surface ratio: 180 kg/m2 Turn perf (270kph): 23 sec 109K4 Power (sea level, MW50, DC engine): 2000 hp Minimum weight: 3006 kg Wing surface: 16,1 m² Power/weight ratio: 1,5 kg/hp Weight/wing surface ratio: 186 kg/m²
  20. Happy download and try out for everyone !
  21. As we are talking about the Dora and as some people know what they are talking about ( @ZachariasX ? ), here is a question I have since a long time: What's the technical reason of the slow responsiveness of the engine when we apply full throttle (ATA and RPMs increase slowly, compare to most of other aircrafts of the game). Thanks.
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