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  1. I have to admit the P47 with full flaps down and full power got some insane capabilities. I can't even do that with an Extra330.......... I'm wondering when are they going to correct it.
  2. If I remember pilot had a periscope to aim with rear cannons. Curious to see how it's going to be modeled. I was so hard to aim with this periscope gunsight in 1946.
  3. They stall. Any aircraft stall. May be just not the way "you want", or except.
  4. Cross wind can definitely cause a ground loop. Without crosswind, tailwheel aircraft tend to ground loop because they are unstable (CG behind landing gear). With crosswind, adding to this unstability, the aircraft will tend to turn into the wind.
  5. Tempest. I choosed this one as it's one of the easiest to take a lot of G. Departing from 3k and holding the number of G wanted in a spiral descent. Forgot it was also (and may be mainly) about heart rate. Thank you.
  6. I started some testing. First results to give an idea: Sustained 5Gs with fast onset (3/4sec to start the turn and stabilize 5G): A strong but short grey out (almost black out) appear very quickly, then it return into a normal grey out. Grey out increase at 40sec. G lock will occur between 1min and 1min15. Sustained 6Gs with quite fast onset (8-10sec to start the turn and stabilize 6G): G lock between 25 and 30sec. 6G with instant onset: G lock after 7sec (+/- 1sec).
  7. I'm loving the Yak9T because of the cockpit moved a bit to the rear. It gives such a look. Even if the 37mm can be frustrating (the more I test it offline, the more I feel I often need more than one hit to kill a 109), it's not so hard to aim (good velocity of the munition). So it must be potent for air to air (more than P39).
  8. I've open this thread to make this suggestion and gather all datas. I'm adding your link. If you find more, don't hesitate to post it.
  9. As said above, emergency only last 1min (a bit more actually). Read the specifications. Combat power last 30min which is more than enough and already powerful. If you can't dominate with a 109F4 against Yak1, Mig, and LaGG... then the plane is not the problem. 109F4 is superior from far, and you can even easily turn with russians. You will black about around 6G after severals seconds. It's the same for your opponents (except P51, P47 and P38 which have a G suit). Learn to manage your Gs, take care of your pilot (if you keep pulling hard turns at 6G, you will quickly exhaust your pilot). If you are playing online, weather is good most of the time. Anyway, the weather don't care about your wishes. Deal with it. Just the P51 and Tempest are slightly faster than Dora. You can be a bit faster than the P51 between 3500 and 5500m. Btw, emergency on late German fighters last 10min. Against 5min for most of red aircrafts (all of them for the late west front). Fighting is not only a question of having the fastest plane anyway. If you want to run, your energy state compare to your opponent one is more important than a tiny difference of top speeds. They also have their "problems". Anyway, especially in late war planesets, combat speeds are high, and thus, having better maneuverability is useless, because of the pilot limited by Gs. They are better. Keep thinking about that... really. And again, fly on red side before spreading your opinion there Now I don't know why I lost my time answering you.
  10. Hello Alonzo, That make me think: in your survey there was a question about east front scenarios. What was the result? Does Combat box will turn more to the east or stay like it is, mainly on west front? Thx.
  11. Well, first, pilots are not stupid. They have theory and training on their aircrafts, and they will care about their limits. Not like some of us who just don't care and jerk their joystick without thinking about plane's limits. Second, the body is an accelerometer itself. Believe me, you will clearly feel and being hurt by 10G. Of course this natural accelerometer can't be a precise one like "Oh, from my feelings I'm pulling 8,72G right now". But you will feel if you pull few, average, or a lot of G. With a lot of flying and training, I can say you can be quite precise at guessing how much you take (about 1G precision). In otherworld, pilot will feel his limit to G. Same problem as above, most of us just can't guess and realize how much G they take (a very good thing the accelerometer is available now). May be you are right about elevator authority, may be there is something wrong, may be it's too effective... I just don't know as I never read much about Tempest. But you just forgot that real pilots feel the Gs and they just can't pull more than 10G without noticing it, whatever if the elevator has a strong authority or not.
  12. The 37 of Yak9 seems more effective than you think. Killed severals AI 109 with QMB: 1 hit was enough most of the time, sometimes 2 needed. Against He111, 2 hits seem enough. Did you had HE only?
  13. Still from the "paper", Yak9 should be 11km/h faster than Yak7. So I was excepting about 540 kph with Yak9 on the autumn map (as I can get 530 with Yak7).
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