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  1. I had the (very rare) opportunity few days ago to have one when the server was full. It was a blast...
  2. Some of your shots may hit the ground target you are protecting. I'm also almost sure you don't need a direct hit on a ground object to get the friendly kill warning.
  3. P47 and G14 are about as fast until 5000m. Nothing happen much over 5000m, except those who like the low earth orbit. Btw, the G14 can sustain its max speed for 10min. P47 is heavy and not a good dogfighter. Well, it has his super magic flaps, but using them means you're dead slow and an easy prey for someone else. P47 vs G14 is not what we can call a fair fight. IMHO, G14 vs Spitfire9 or P51 (without 150 octanes) is more fair.
  4. The more options are tested, the better the test is. I mean, it seems normal to test a map without 262, and a map with 262. Anyway, when it's about 262, whatever you do (zero 262, very limited 262, slightly limited 262, ...), people will always complain.
  5. Thx for the explanations about supercharger. Just made a flight with Tempest on CombatBox 2 hours ago. It feels like you're super man when flying this thing.
  6. Why? In most (if not all) aircrafts with manual supercharger, I switch to gear 2 lower than prescribes. For example on Tempest around 7000ft. Because it still give you more admission pressure. Am I doing right or not at all? Strange, you should be able to last those 5 minuts, at least!
  7. The thing is, it's completely possible to take off (while staying on runway axis) without locking the tailwheel. You just need a bit of right rudder. Are you sure your rudder is working correctly?
  8. It's always complicated to factually evaluate DMs. But yes, it must be something wrong... when I take MG hits in my P47, I (very) often loose my engine. While I can take a huuuuuUUUUUUUUUGEEEeeeee amount of 20mm hits in Spitfire, P51, Yaks, La5, LaGG3, before being completely shot down. It's getting really obvious something is wrong with P47's DM. For the speed, the only way to get a decent top speed: Full throttle, full turbosupercharger, full rich (you get few kmh more than with auto rich), 2600-2550 rpm. Intercooler 50%, cowl flaps closed, oil rad at about 20%.
  9. Because it's a direct pitch control instead of RPM control. Pitch angle increased will lower the RPM. That's why it's inverted.
  10. What should we do? Full open when turbocharger is running (when running on emergency)? half open, close,...?
  11. I have a question about the P38. It has automatic radiators (coolant and oil) but when i'm using my "water radiator" command, I see outside the cowl flaps outlet moving (and also the coolant temp changing). But... there is nothing in the technochat and I thought in auto mod I shouldn't be able to change the outlet flaps position...?
  12. In my case I'm faaaar away from blacking out at 2G with WWI aircrafts.
  13. "Inspire me to fly the Mig3". Simple, best looking warbird:
  14. MW50 is activated at full throttle (precisely over 95% throttle). That's all. What can kill the engine is keeping it between 85 and 95% (too much power and RPM without MW50 activated). MW50 lasts 10min at 2800rpm. It can last for 20-25min if you switch to manual pitch and keep 2600rpm. But 10min is more than enough anyway.
  15. It's because it has a limiter. It start at 0%, that's why your flaps won't open. To increase the limiter, remain a moment on your "flaps down" command, you will see the limiter increasing. Once you get your desirated setting, just use your command again and it'll work.
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