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  1. It's always complicated to factually evaluate DMs. But yes, it must be something wrong... when I take MG hits in my P47, I (very) often loose my engine. While I can take a huuuuuUUUUUUUUUGEEEeeeee amount of 20mm hits in Spitfire, P51, Yaks, La5, LaGG3, before being completely shot down. It's getting really obvious something is wrong with P47's DM. For the speed, the only way to get a decent top speed: Full throttle, full turbosupercharger, full rich (you get few kmh more than with auto rich), 2600-2550 rpm. Intercooler 50%, cowl flaps closed, oil rad at about 20%.
  2. Because it's a direct pitch control instead of RPM control. Pitch angle increased will lower the RPM. That's why it's inverted.
  3. What should we do? Full open when turbocharger is running (when running on emergency)? half open, close,...?
  4. I have a question about the P38. It has automatic radiators (coolant and oil) but when i'm using my "water radiator" command, I see outside the cowl flaps outlet moving (and also the coolant temp changing). But... there is nothing in the technochat and I thought in auto mod I shouldn't be able to change the outlet flaps position...?
  5. In my case I'm faaaar away from blacking out at 2G with WWI aircrafts.
  6. "Inspire me to fly the Mig3". Simple, best looking warbird:
  7. MW50 is activated at full throttle (precisely over 95% throttle). That's all. What can kill the engine is keeping it between 85 and 95% (too much power and RPM without MW50 activated). MW50 lasts 10min at 2800rpm. It can last for 20-25min if you switch to manual pitch and keep 2600rpm. But 10min is more than enough anyway.
  8. It's because it has a limiter. It start at 0%, that's why your flaps won't open. To increase the limiter, remain a moment on your "flaps down" command, you will see the limiter increasing. Once you get your desirated setting, just use your command again and it'll work.
  9. I find it way more efficient than Stuka G to kill tanks. Btw I don't understand why it's so hard now to kill those tanks with the BK37 (it's since the update that improved the DM of tanks). The underbelly cannon is easier and more precise to use. About half of flaps down allows to fly with a nose down attitude, this way you can approach the tank sticked to the ground which is very fun and a bit safer (if you avoid trees...). The only thing about this aircraft: it is not fast... making it a very easy target for the flak. Same. 30min is largely enough and you can focus on your targets and everything around instead of constantly ajusting your pitch.
  10. Did you actually tried it by yourself, before talking about that -supposedly- super advantage?
  11. Hello there, I'm just wondering why I loose 100% of the time the external part of my gunsight (on the IL2 1943) when I'm hit. Thank you.
  12. High speed slice back? what is it? Be more precise about what you are describing please. It is normal to adjust your stab during combat.
  13. Which maneuvers are you talking about? Everybody had lost an or severals advantages with this new G model. On turning aircrafts, you can't turn as much as you can anymore. On B&Zoomer aircrafts, you loose a lot of shooting opportunities due to the heavy G load on the pilot when pulling at high speed. USAAF with G suits has now a real advantage. Fortunatly Tempest doesn't have G suit...
  14. Top speed of A3 on deck: 560 Top speed of I16 on deck: 448 So diving is far from being the only advantage you have. There is nothing much you can do except high speed B&Z and H&R tactics.
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