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  1. Type of improvement: Making nav lights invisible (except from close distance) during day time. Explanation of proposals: On one side we have a quite realistic spotting model, which can make aircrafts hard to see depending on situations. On the other side, many online players are abusing of nav lights to be found easily by their friends when they are in danger. This somehow waste the experience of playing and is not coherent with the seek of realism. Benefits: Realism and consistency with contact visibility.
  2. Just confirm what you tried with the in game accelerometer. As tacview is known to be inaccurate for Gs. If you want to be heard from dev, it's the only way. What part of the message you don't understand?
  3. Sorry but no, nothing show how much you pulled before the 5G pull out that finally break your wing. How much Gs did you took before? But let's say we trust you when you say you never pulled up to 14G before the 5G pull out. Still: And, to confirm, you should: If you can confirm with the accurate accelerometer from HUD that you can break the wing with severals pulls (and eventually pushes) that never exceed 10G, then we can say there is may be a problem. Disclaimer: I already tried myself, the only time my wing break is when I pull way more than 10G.
  4. You are so fun. You are saying a lot of things without proving anything, and after you ask others for datas. Tacview is known to be quite inaccurate for Gs. And, are you sure you didn't pull 14G before? We can see a very steep pull on the trajectory just before, which may weakened your wing. There is a simple way to confirm or not that your wing can break at 5G: Take a Tempest offline, and make a continuous 5G turn, by monitoring the in game accelerometer, which is accurate. Or make severals dive pull outs at 10G, and then check again if you wing break at 5.
  5. Here is what I understand from your message: You fly every aircrafts the same way ("I fly no different in any plane"). Well, THIS IS the problem to me. Tempest requires to be more careful on the elevator inputs at high speeds. Did you tried some pull out tests in single player and checking the accelerometer in the same time? You will see how fast and easy you can reach very high Gs. It is possible to break Spitfire's wings also (it's harder though).
  6. If you pull instant high Gs, even more than 10G, your pilot will still black out after few seconds. Tempest has such a high elevator authority that you don't need to pull so hard to reach 14G. If you say your wing break with less than 14G, I think we are not talking about the same game.
  7. Someone need to tell me how you are supposed to know when you're precisely entering the 8km circle around airfield when you're flying on deck level. I'm 100% with this rules. But 8kms is too large (just my opinion). Is it, at least, possible to have a message that warn you when you're entering the 8km circle?
  8. I'm sending back this topic to the surface as I do agree about this (already make a topic about it some time ago). Those large head movements are unrealistic (way too much exagerated). Check out one of the many aerobatics video with pilot's POV:
  9. 109K4, max G load: 10.5G Impossible to reach more than 9.5G (even by using lot of trim at high speed) 109E7, max G load: 11G Impossible to reach more than 10G Spitfire MkIX, max G load: 12.5G Possible to reach more than 10G and rip the wing off Tempest MkV max G load: 14G Easy to reach up to 14G at high speed due to the very high elevator authority, wing rip off Just understand that depending on the planes (and their elevator authority), it's more or less easy to reach high Gs, and so rip the wing off. So remember that with Tempest: don't pull your stick like a retard. Question is: Probably that the number of G when the wing break off should be a bit random. But as the accelerometer doesn't go over 10, we can't tell if the Tempest's wing rip off everytime at 14G, or if it's sometimes 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15, ...
  10. I would rather say stop pulling like a retard (not against you ) at high speed. You will avoid taking +10G and so, rip your wing off.
  11. Hello, I have an issue when trying to buy it on the officiel website. I'm using my credit card, but at the end, my purchase is cancelled. No idea why? Am I the only one having this problem?
  12. What part you don't understand? Your black out problem come only from you. Pull less, and learn to fight with it. In my case, it's not because there is "JG300" in front of my nickname that I fly 99% blue. It's more like 50/50.
  13. I always saw a lot of complains about contact spotting. Well, to me, it seems very realistic and coherent since few updates. IRL when the air traffic controler give me the position of another aircraft, I can tell you that even with a very sharp view, it can be very hard to find it until he's close from you. Some times I will never see it even when he's passing close (especially if he's under me). On the other hand, I will sometimes see them from very far, and it's possible to see trucks on highways up to 20km away. Spotting an aircraft is a matter of many thing: How big it is Its color/camo Background (sky, cloud, or ground) Time of the day, luminosity And... my guess is it's also a matter of luck So I may be the only one who think that but... contact spotting is one of the strong point of IL2 (not saying it's perfect of course). Depending on the conditions, you can spot someone more than 10km away, while in the worst conditions, you will kill your eyes trying to find it few kms away.
  14. I'm sharing the results of my test, but done at sea level. Speed unit is kph, 2550rpm, cowl flaps closed, oid rad 25%, intercooler 50%. D28 with 150 octane: 68" (combat power): 558km/h for 28min 73" (max with boost): 582km/h for 2min30 without 150 octane: 67" (max with boost): 567km/h for 4min D22 with 150 octane 68" (combat power): 574km/h for more than 15min (didnt test until timer limit but probably same as D28) 73" (max with boost): 600km/h for 3min without 150 octane: 53" (combat power): 523km/h 67" (max with boost): 580km/h We notice that with 150 fuel, we have a way better speed on combat, a bit faster with the WEP but for a shorter time. And also that D22 is faster than D28.
  15. @MigSu In case you didn't know, there is an accelerometer available, so you can check by yourself that red pilots are not weaker than germans. Also, every planes have a different elevator authority, depending on speed. It's way easier to black out in a Tempest than a 109 (or a Yak9 ), for example. End of the story.
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