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  1. Hi all. I'm wondering, am I the only one hearing the external sounds (explosions of Mk108 shells on targets, other aircraft's engines when flying in formation)?
  2. Yesterday I was flying with 4 other from my squad, and it seems I was the only one able to see the alert messages ("Ennemy aircraft spotted near german tanks" for example).
  3. And brakes, very probably I'm not speculating or gessing, it's the way it is: with idle or almost idle power, there is not sufficient propeller blast to have an effective rudder (well it is but very slightly). So brakes are often needed.
  4. Got it, I believe you (and him), of course, no debate there. As I said few posts over, I forgot biggin hill is a grass airfield. And taxiing on grass is of course not the same as concrete. Concrete: need very few rpm (may be almost idle, depending on the aircraft), so almost no propeller blast, so rudder is unefficient. Grass: need quite more rpm, so more propeller blast on rudder.
  5. I forgot: biggin hill, so it was only grass airfield right? Can you show me the video you're talking about?
  6. Very interesting and congratulation !!! But are you 100% sure about the taxiing only with rudder...? Did the pilot clearly said "there is enough propeller blast on rudder to taxi without brakes"?
  7. Well, I have another suggestion: stay alive?
  8. That make me think the frontline airfield restriction was already a very good and largely sufficient restriction in case of unbalanced team. With just another restriction on the numbers to avoid crazy unbalanced ratio like 20vs60 of course. Just my opinion.
  9. There is may be just a "surprise delay", which would be gone after the first attack or when an aircraft just fly near by (in the detection range of the flak).
  10. I’m already planning to challenge myself with a Stuka-only-TAW
  11. And it was easily predictible. To much restrictions kill it.
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