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  1. I will find those settings and give you horrible times on your 190
  2. My 2 cents: - Why not having Ju88 available on all maps? It's the most efficient bomber and blue side doesn't have it on A bridge too far. - On that same map, bridges objectives looks hard to complete. What do we need to do? Does one bomb on the bridge is enough? How many bunkers, tanks and vehicles we need to destroy?
  3. Well that's how it was before the big update no? I'm looking foward your test that will show the pilot black out with only 4G
  4. Your imagination from both of you
  5. So Tempest is still a better "low speed dogfighter" than 109s and 190s. Definitly the Luftwaffe's nightmare
  6. There is a noticeable difference on brake efficiency between some aircrafts. For example:The difference is clear between P51 and Bf109. It also look like (to me) the Dora has better brakes than older 190s and 109s. My question: does this difference is due to IRL data (germans brakes known to be weaker than american ones?), or it's just because the last modeled aircrafts (BOBP ones) are slightly different from older ones (BOS, BOM, BOK)? Or may be it's my imagination... but as I said, the difference is obvious between 109 and P51. Thank you
  7. Does the 6mph stall speed increase on last update change the handling of Tempest at low speed? Didn't tried yet.
  8. @=[TIA]=Stoopy Beautiful looping
  9. I'm surprised the best RPM setting for max speed is 2600 but why not. Interesting to know: at 61inch (max combat power), reducing rpm increase your engine timer (for example, about 4min more with 2900 instead of 3000). At max MP, it won't work.
  10. IMO, airfields and objectives are a bit too far away on the A bridge too far map.
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