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  1. "I bet more than 5" doesn't mean "well over 5-6G". The barrel roll of Requiem showed that he blacked out at a certain amount of G. So I also simply conclude in another message that if you lost your consciousness in your barrel roll, that undeniably mean you took more G. Another thing to make sure: black out is not a G lock (loss of consciousness). We can talk for dozen years like this "You said 6 and not 5G, for 3sec", "no I said 6G for 4 sec"... so let's just stop it. We agree on one thing: this new model improve a lot the game overall. Some will think it's close from perfection, some will say it's overdone, the rest it's underdone. The dev team won't care (and it's normal) about isolated opinions, even if it's coming from very experienced aerobatic pilots. The way a pilot resist to G load can be completely different from another pilot, or from another day, another year... I had the chance to fly with the Breitling jet team yesterday (L39). One of the pilot told me his G tolerance strangly decreased for a whole year with unknown reasons. To give an idea those pilots take 6/7G in their flights with a g suit. During the flight, I was not in a good shape and I almost blacked out at 4/4,5G just in 2sec. A week ago I tried a steady 4,5G turn and started to have a grey out after 5 or 6sec. It just show (for the same guy) how much the G tolerance can change depending if you're in a good shape or not (and many other factors). So as someone said just above, it's a very subjective discussion until you can show the conclusion of real tests with a large amount of data that will represent the average G tolerance of a pilot.
  2. There is already a big difference between 4, 5 and 6G. Having a black out by pulling 4/5G for few seconds, with a peak up to 6, is normal. With one G less (pulling 3/4G for few seconds with a peak up to 5), it's less likely to have a black out. It'll be a more or less intense grey out. And, I think this is exactly what we can see in the videos with an accelerometer.
  3. Wait... I've already seen this...
  4. For sure in real life a pilot can have a black out in just 3-4 seconds at 4-6G. The most physically trained will have a grey out. Questions?
  5. There is may be a bug here. For the second time, my pilot don't want to eject when the aircraft is on fire, whatever I do. The first time, I tried to reduce the speed, go inverted, push, etc, no bail out. I thought my pilot was may be too much hurted. The second time, I was already slow, went inverted, tried everything again before my pilot gets hurt by fire. No bail out either. Without fire, never had issues. If it's not a bug, I don't get the reason. Catching fire is probably the most frightening thing you could deal with, so I guess the pilot would be more than motivated to get out...
  6. As we don't have an accelerometer in game, I tried to see how much G were needed to see the first effects of the black out ("grey out") with the bank angle (G = 1 / cos bank°). We see those effects at about 77/79°, which give 4,5 / 5,2G. To me it's very correct. The question is more about how fast the pilot is getting tired and loosing his G tolerance.
  7. For me, no, it's not enough. Except if you are tired. 4 seconds can be enough. We can't discuss more until we have an accelerometer in game (I've read tacview is not precise enough).
  8. In your video your pilot has a black out, so you take inevitably more than 5G. Otherwise you need to explain me why with the game, you would black out with less G...
  9. You mean the Requiem one? 1. There is no black out. 2. It occurs at 5G and something. Sorry I didn't saw your message. G tolerance really depend on the day. In my case, if not in good shape, I "grey out" almost everytime at 5/6G. In good shape, grey out will occur later at 6/7G, after few seconds. Extra is certified +10G so I rarely go over 9.
  10. I think most people who wrote a message here (if it's not all) never said it was PERFECT and that nothing has to change. The pilot does NOT black out at only 3-5G
  11. Some people tend more to believe in their feelings than in a very large amount of factual data. As soon as you ask them arguments, numbers, facts, proofs, etc... they accuse you of being close minded. Whatever...
  12. Hard to say... one has 4 hispanos, one has a g suit. I'd rather choose the P51 for the g suit, the look, and it's always been one of my favorit. When flying german, I will shit on myself more with a Tempest on my tail than a Mustang...
  13. I'm not saying I know everything, but... I have about 300h of aerobatics as PIC and about 500 as aerobatic FI. Is it a good experience or not?
  14. There are so different ways to make a barrel roll that it's more complicated than you think. For example, in your, you keep pulling hard (if it's not more) when you're coming back at horizontal position (upright). While Requiem release a little bit. So you take more Gs. End of the story. We are still not able to say how much G exacly you took.
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