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  1. F/JG300_Faucon

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    This is not a real argument because even if there was a manual start up, you would have the "magic E key" to start your engine. Just like in DCS. I also would love manuel start up, this is a + for immersion, and you feel a bit more like a (virtual) warbird pilot. But, they would need to make the clikable cockpit (to me there is no sense to use keyboard). And this is not going to happen, so whatever. The sim is already great like this.
  2. F/JG300_Faucon

    RPM sound with 109G2

  3. F/JG300_Faucon

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    So, may be interesting ok... But, must be really hard to manage the dogfight and sight RPMs to keep 2800. Especially with G2 where engine does exacly the same sound at and over 2600.
  4. F/JG300_Faucon

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    It's only about 10km/h more, so imo it's quite useless. If the engine could stand 5min like this why not, but 3min... In hard dogfight, it's not possible to handle 2800 rpms correctly while flying. But it get interesting with K4: 1.8 ATA 2800rpm (auto), it's 593km/h during ~13min 1.8 ATA 2600rpm, it's 599 during ~25min (so means you can use all your MW50 continously)
  5. F/JG300_Faucon

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    First thing: 109 can be VERY good in dogfight (scissors and barrel rolls, not flat turn fights). Especially if you manage your elevator trim and flaps. You can find a lot of video (BFM Requiem's tutorials, look for bfm requiem on youtube) to explain some defensive manouvers. Especially flat scissors and rolling scissors/barrel rolls (109 is very good at tight barrel rolls). I've never watched those ones but I'm sure they are good, knowing how he work. In my case, when ennemy is already in range, I use this kind of manouver (alternativity of positive, negative barrel rolls and scissors). It's the old IL2 but still work of course. Just keep in mind that in IL2 BOX, with the same pilot level, the Spitfire is a lethal trap... in other words, you're dead. You're only chance is if his pilot is not that good. If the ennemy is closing but not yet in range, very hard turn (while setting trim to +1°/0° and ~10/20° flaps) by left or right. As he was not in range, you have the time to make at least 90° of turn, so he'll have a hard deflexion shot to try (you can level wings and push at the moment he would shoot to increase chances to avoid his shot). At that moment, just before yours trajectories cross, renverse turn and engage him in barrel rolls. As he was coming in with more speed, he'll overshoot, most of the time. Here is an example (still with the old IL2), but it only show the manouver from the reverse turn. At the end, the best is to focus on SA to avoid this kind of situation (if you care about your aircraft).
  6. F/JG300_Faucon

    U-2VS Tail Gunner

    Yes, 1. Ask him to detach, for any reason (check something outside). 2. Fly inverted.
  7. F/JG300_Faucon

    Tactical Air War

    Yes because empty or not, what you do has an influence (basic of dynamic campaign).
  8. F/JG300_Faucon

    Tactical Air War

    Simply because dynamic campaigns are more motivating than isolated missions.
  9. F/JG300_Faucon

    Thread to gather your suggestions

    Type of improvements: Gameplay / Realism Explanation: Increase the reactivity and efficiency of brakes. Benefits: More realism. Make taxiing easier. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase
  10. F/JG300_Faucon

    Tactical Air War

  11. F/JG300_Faucon

    Tactical Air War

    Yes. Actually registration is open about one week before.
  12. F/JG300_Faucon

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    What is a proper pattern?
  13. F/JG300_Faucon

    Fictional plane set

    At the time of 1946, thx to the large plane-set available (and because the game doesn't have to be 100% historical to have fun), I was sometimes hosting a dogfight server with a fictional plane-set. In fact it was mainly about VVS vs USAAF. The goal was just to fight something else than 109s and 190s, try something new. And I remember it had quite some success. But I never went further than a simple dogfight room without ground objectives. Now unfortunatly the community is too small to make it possible. But... just to see if I'm not the only one interested by that kind of idea.
  14. I think I said everything in the title Seriously, it's really annoying to loose a contact when he's flying in front of a cloud. Does anybody find some settings to avoid or at least reduce this problem? Same question for visibility of aircrafts flying inside a cloud (you can still barely see him, his engine exhaust smoke and reflexion of the canopy). Thx.