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  1. I accept you just as you are @raaaid. No one is absolutely sane. None of our bodies are perfect. Some require medication to regulate blood pressure, supplement a lack of insulin production, or inhibit serotonin absorption rates. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the "person" but that the human body is imperfect. If medication can help improve an imperfection in the body, there's nothing wrong with taking it. I'm not asking you to take medication. I just want you to know that whether you take it or not, I don't view you as any different than the rest of us. I'm not a doctor and wouldn't advise anyone about their medication. I would say that if a person is deciding on a change in medication it might be prudent to consult a physician. Especially when coming off of anti-psychotics where one's reasoning and judgement might be impaired due to the medication, it can be helpful to have the assistance of a trusted adviser. I hope I haven't said anything that might offend.
  2. What if: We live in a fractal holographic universe that exists inside of a black hole of a higher "dimension." The big bang happened when the star that gave birth to our universe first collapsed upon itself creating the black hole. The perceived expansion of our universe is due to all of the matter that has fallen onto the black hole since it's creation. Coincidentally we call this, dark matter. Our universe is flat and exists eternally as a holographic projection at the event horizon. Everything in our universe is falling. Yes If it takes me more than one minute to answer this question, would I ever find the solution? Yes, dropped by Stork bombers on innocent civilians. Only, that I am; maybe.
  3. I've never liked the Saitek / Logitech sticks for this reason. I tossed mine in the bin and have been using the X52 throttle paired with a MS PP2 FFB stick for years now. It's beyond time for an upgrade but it's never given me any trouble so I stick with it. see what I did there?
  4. I enjoy this server often when I don't have enough time for an hour long flight but want to jump straight into the action for a few minutes. I mean no disrespect to the server or it's administrator but I must say: "Berloga is for quitters!" Allow me to explain. After a particularly difficult dogfight, and just as I've gotten the upper hand and am about to squeeze the trigger, the opponent disappears into thin air. I presume these players are choosing to "Finish Mission" as this generally happens without a "player X exited" showing in the chat log. I generally only fly for a few minutes at a time but it never fails that this occurs every time that I've visited this server. Again, this doesn't reflect poorly on the server or it's admin(s) but on the players themselves who would seek to deny victory to their opponent when bested. So sad, the fragile egos of these players who cannot cope with defeat. It makes me smile inside each time I make one of these little snowflakes rage quit.
  5. Maybe try ensuring that startup.cfg (and possibly other files as well) are not set to "Read Only" as I discovered a similar issue recently while reassigning 'adjustable stabilizer trim axis' for some testing.
  6. I have pitch trim up/down, fw-190 adjustable stabilizer up/down, and adjustable stabilizer axis all mapped to joystick pov hat up/down. Keeps it simple for me regardless of plane type flown. I don't think I would benefit from mapping any of these to an axis as doing so doesn't negate the hard coded rate of adjustment. Perhaps the tactile feedback from joystick axis position could be useful but lacking that I fly with HUD technical information on. When I started out I never trimmed my aircraft. Since that time I've discovered that neglecting pitch trim is just as bad as neglecting side slip. Both are vitally important to getting the most from an aircraft's performance when outside of optimal cruise parameters.
  7. For some files it is possible to set them as "Read Only" by right clicking the file and choosing "Properties," in order to preserve your changes. As example, this works for graphics settings in startup.cfg but I've never edited input.map. Could be worth a try?
  8. I misunderstood your question. That was completely my fault. I apologize.
  9. You could also adjust the zoom speed in the Esc. > Options > Camera menu. Lowering this value will zoom less per scroll click of the mouse. I think it is labeled as FOV change speed or something of that nature.
  10. In your opinion, why would this system that succeeds in other titles fail in BoX? And to be clear, we're talking about the proposed in-game comm system that "any moron can easily access," that's been discussed here. If you parrot that line of "we already have one and it sucks" then you're missing the point of my question. Despite your seemingly hostile nature, I'm still quite interested in your opinion. [Edit] ...see below... After giving this some more thought, the biggest reason for failure that I see is our small yet global community with language barriers and thick accents being an issue for any server-wide comm system. Native speakers of a multitude of different languages all trying to communicate on the same radio would not result in a positive outcome. For small groups of players wishing to wing together, Teamspeak and Discord is the logical solution. While I may not be on board with his country club attitude and other reasoning explicitly stated, I believe that @BraveSirRobin is ultimately correct. The bold, giant, red text in the post by @Feathered_IV should have given me a clue the first time I read it...
  11. This is could be a long shot but just to explore all possibilities in order to find the solution, is it possible that your monitor is the culprit? I'm not well versed on the subject but I know that some monitors and TV's require a red/green calibration. I had issue with a screen once that was calibrated too far into the green. It only exhibited this green hued symptom when running programs at the monitor's default resolution. The quick way to troubleshoot this is to check that you are running CloD at the same resolution that you run 1946 and IL-2:GB where you don't have any issues. If not then try changing to that resolution and see if it clears up. I doubt this will help but, I thought I'd throw it out there just in case.
  12. Because you would obviously rather spend all your spare time policing the forums.
  13. Except it's not completely ludicrous if private server admins wish to enforce penalties for rule infractions, but I guess you missed that part. And as I've said to you multiple times already, there are already squad comms for this other chatter. What else you got?
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