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  1. And perhaps a couple of Lend Lease Spitfires?????....... Just a thought
  2. Great news!! This sounds great! Rats,Emils and 110's, this is going to be fun. Thanks again.
  3. AS above, thanks for the info on the team, and I quite like the idea of an office/people "video". And not to get too "fanboy", lets wait until we see the final, finished product before we make too many comments, it's all looking pretty good to me. It seems i'm not the only one hanging out for the FW190!! At the moment, all I can see for the brave defenders of the Rodina, is more pain!
  4. I've been using an X52 for about eight years now on IL2, ROF and BOS, still going strong, but I would be open to suggestions. But so far, happy with what I've got. They're all good suggestions.
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