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  1. Gottim this time. Many thanks old fella, just up the road from us, in Aussie terms, just a couple of hours by car, the Temora air museum has a Mk 9 in these colours, and a friend is one of the Rated pilots. So this skin has a special meaning. Thanks again for your wonderful work.

  2. I'll be interested in what you think of the "stick" Shamrock. My dear old X52 is getting pretty tired too. I've had a "Pro" ordered from Amazon for two months now with no luck in availability. None of my e-mails to Jason were answered, and now I read that they've folded. That,s a pity. Now I'm trying too see if I can get one from VKB Europe. It's not easy being "Down Under"!!! I don't even want to think what the freight will be...

  3. Sokol, Thanks again Mate, if you aren't on the payroll, you should be!! it just goes to show the lengths being taken to deliver a quality product. if would be really nice if the metal trigger came standard on the Gladiator pro (hint hint Jason....). Basically means that this will be my next joystick! Again, thanks for the help, Ferg. :biggrin:

  4. Ventus and Boomer, thank you for your replies and help, I've managed to work out how to do it. Probably not that elegantly, but still..... I am in awe of all you "skinners", thank you so very much for your incredible work, and for adding so much to this amazing Sim. :thank_you:

  5. Hi Guys, And Girls...oops sorry. I've been looking at and drooling over all these new skins, and was wondering if someone can put up some instructions for complete "numpty's" on how to download them. This is all terribly embaressing, but i've had no luck so far and it's fustrating. Do I need "Mediawire"? And what is it? Please just assume That I'm flat out turning on a computer and go from there, I've tried to use Taleks downloader, and again , no good. I know there will be a lot of eye rolling and muttering, but please help an old bloke, thanks. :dash:

  6. Gentlemen, thank you, this Sim is rapidly becoming what I had hoped for! The "E" is brilliant, as are the new maps. fantastic. The main trouble for me will be learning to land all over again  :wacko: !!! As I found out, some vindictive so and so has gone and put gutters in the grass next to the runway....oh well. Thanks again, now get back to work!!

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