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  1. Possibly its that HAT SWITCH but it shouldn't be. I use the A2A T6 in P3D and the trim moves very slow even if the hat switch is depressed continuously making trimming easy comparatively.
  2. No intermediary software. just direct mapping. I do notice that the % change isn't consistent as it is either greater or smaller by 1-2% each time.
  3. I'm using the TM t.16000 HOTAS. I have the hat switch set to manipulate the A/C's trim (elevator/rudder). In the P-51D: One click moves the Trim approximately 10% for elevator; and 5% for rudder. IS THERE ANY WAY TO REDUCE THESE A BIT?
  4. just watched Kermi cam. his P-51C has the switches aligned as in the Sim's P-51D. these are different from the DCS model. looking at a Tech Order Manual it may have to do with whether or not the plane has a rail rocket installation. And later vs Earlier models.
  5. Many people feel the Gs are too sensitive in the WW1 sim. I have many hours in T-37 jets (at a younger age) and understand well what 3-4 G load does. I have also flown several bi-planes, you should not get the black out (as experience in game with the Camel) every time you pull out of a small dive. I've never experienced these g-loadings in the stearman which is faster and can pull more Gs than the CAMEL. these are my thoughts.
  6. T.O. No. 1F-F1D-1: switch panel is different. Also, don't have any T.O.'s with a mirror that looked the same - looks like that is a mod done in the field.
  7. I'm coming straight from the party........ got my coffee and I'm ready to GO!
  8. And Happy New Year ................CHECK SIX you Mutha's.......................
  9. Roger that "Allison v. Packard" - tired and drinking lighter fluid... The engine sounds so bad compared to the spitfire's engine.... AND I was irritated trying to get trackir to show up with P3D. Just wanted a good P51 in this SIM... instead of having to fly DCS to wring out the frustration.......
  10. would be nice to have the Alt+F1 disable cockpit. I've been building a sim and don't want to see the cockpit instruments in the end. Would Rather have it on a curved screen - similar to the current training simulators - where all you see in the screen is the area outside the plane.
  11. why do they have a packard engine in the p51????? so tired of these F'n guys !!!
  12. little disappointed with the P-51. Not sure how they came up with some of the cockpit stuff for the D model.
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