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  1. Saludos y gracias por sus esfuerzos en mantener este foro.
  2. Nice video, it kinda reminds me of the movie "Fire Fox" when Eastwood steals t the plane and is racing to reach the ice pack with the other MIG on his tail. Oh and good choice on the music .
  3. Just don't get AAA confused with AA. Great musical accompaniment.
  4. What about running SLI? Adding a second GTX 770. I mention that as I was in the same situation and couldn't decide so I just got a second card. No issues, and everything on highest possible settings.
  5. I had issues with my Logirech 3D Extreme thrust not registering in the settings and compatibility with my HORI Xbox flight stick wasnt happening. So out of desperation i busted out with my ancient Saitek and lo and behold it sync'd right up. I believe the analogue-ness of the stick helped it to bevery smooth in its inputs. I state this becuase of comments I read about the X55 unsmoothness. I also have a TrakIR 5 in the mix.
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