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  1. Another near Montreal here ! Go Habs Go !
  2. I don't mine the delay. I enjoy the game but it's not the end of the world if there's a delay from time to time look at the F-35 program ...
  3. Just get yourself a quality electronic cleaner and clean them. Spray them and slide them to clean them up.
  4. I can confirm that the server is up and running nicely !
  5. I think the server has crashed. 25 people but they never changes and I get kicked from the server into the menu everytime I tried to rejoin New Wings server.
  6. Saitek Modularity and Configurality are the only qualities that Saitek have over CH. Saitek Components are cheaper and the pots they use get dirty faster resulting in spikes. Let me put it that way. CH quality side are like Zippo lighters Saitek ones more like BIC'S ... they started to give you trouble you throw them away and buy another. I have 2 Saitek TQ one is still working fine with a little bit of spikes the other one have a defective axis and switches. The feeling of the Saitek TQ overall is good but still cheap and it shows. Another thing Saiteks have more travel for the levers than the CH ones. As for resistance I found the CH to to have a little more.
  7. Thx ShamrockOneFive ! I have indeed 8 GB of ram in the system. I'm still running windows 7 64 SP1. Not a big fan of the windows 8 and 10 as I have them on a laptop. I did try BOS with ultra settings ( 1080p) last night on quick mission putting every plane and ground target that I could. On the ground level the lowest FPS was around 65 and in altitude I was reaching 72-80 all with v-sync disable. I used to have a x-52 stick and brand new it was a good one but the internal wiring was not well designed and results was a lot of wires broken. The last stick I had was a Saitek aviator and the last time I saw it, it was flying high in my backyard into the recycling bin. Your review was very useful and I did some research and couldn't really found anything bad with the Gladiators or at least they were corrected with the MKII's. I probably order the Gladiator Pro tomorrow cos the choice for good and reliable stick are pretty limited and the warthog price is out of my reach for now. Take care !
  8. Well after seeing all those great youtube videos about the sim , I'm really tempted to come back to it. I have some questions about the setup I'm using right now.. Will I be able to play online with the setup below ? I know it's 6 years old but till I'm get myself a more up to date PC i'm stuck with it. Will be playing up to 1080p not higher. Is there anyone who can provide some feedback about the VKB Gladiator Pro MkII ? i'm leaning toward that joystick mostly because of the Metal Gimbal and due to bad experience with cheap joysticks mainly Saitek one's. ok here's the setup : CPU : i5 760 OC from 2.8 to 4.0 Ghz MB : ROG Maximus Gene III MEM : Corsair Vengence DDR3 1600 running at 1600 GPU : Powercolor HD 7970 replacing a GTX 580 3GB Asus VE27Q Monitor 1080p Max Resolution Saitek Pedals , TQ , X52 throttle TrackIr5 Joystick : VKB Gladiator Pro MkII Thank you ! Raven77
  9. I like BOS very much. I did read a lot on the forum to get a better idea of it before buying it. I don't mind to have to unlock mods as I get to know the planes better before joining MP nor do I find the campaign boring. The original IL2 started small but grown to be a cornerstone of CFS and BOS has the same potential in my humble opinion.
  10. Another good idea ! I missed that X52 joystick but mine decided to died after 2 years on il-2 1946. But if I remind correctly the X52 joystick spring is smaller and weaker than a AV8R. In fact tthe spring on the AV8R is the only quality part on that joystick lol. I missed my x52 joystick it was a good stick but mine came with quality problems that show themselves after the warrenty. The wiring was way too short in the stick and I experienced a lot of wiring problems ( broken wires ) due to this then it died after much repairs. Anyway I might get the X55 in a near future just to give Saitek time to get rid of some quality and assembly problems some people has been experienced so far.
  11. Well I like the stick but I found myself raging over the tendency of the spring cup to stick thus losing precision when targeting and firing. One solution I found is to cut the spring a little. A half to one whole turn or loops NOT MORE. Try to cut small parts till you get the result you want. A good pair of side cutters is recommended . WARNING : If you cut too much the stick will lose resistance thus preventing the joystick to center again. Since cutting that spring a little the joystick is more precise and not sticking anymore and now I can shoot planes down. I don't know if Saitek changed the spring on the latest models but on the AV8R-01 the compression spring is just a little too strong. Hope it helps ! Raven77
  12. I bought the game sunday and experienced the same thing .... no XP granted and stucked doing the same mission all over again. I disable my firewall and real time protection fromm anti-virus and everything is fine since then. I followed Desertfox7 suggestion and it worked for me. I like the game so far.
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