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  1. I imagine things will improve when engine damage gets a bit more complicated and there are more states engined can be in. I don't think timers will go away, but having the consequence of them being managable failures rather than engines just straight up dying would be a big improvement
  2. I fly the 1B with my friends who only have the 7B, and when we open up the throttle to chase something, my plane does pull away from theirs, especially in a climb
  3. The P-39 is excellent in this sim. Take away the wing guns and you have a plane with fantastic roll, dive, and high speed pitch authority, that's also fast enough to catch the 1943 109s at sea level. On the offensive there's little anyone can do to truly evade your grasp
  4. The 109 has very good acceleration at low speeds and the leading edge slats, so it tends to win in very low speed turning fights where it can sit on the edge of a stall. At medium speeds your average Yak will be a bit more agile. At very high speeds the 109 is very heavy to control, and it will be outmaneuvered by most of the Western Allied aircraft. For high speed fights the 190 has much better control authority
  5. Dang, was hoping the Yak-9 was a bit closer, oh well. Looking forward to the core engine improvements!
  6. Fully multi-crewed gunner battles sounds like a good time actually...
  7. Oh I meant between two players. The AI make rather coarse and non-predictive maneuvers so they are not great at exploiting aircraft like the Dora, require a lot of aggressive flying to get the most out of them Against the AI you are best off giving them something like a 109F-4 or Spitfire? Something with good acceleration so the AI can recover and not get stuck in helpless gentle turns
  8. Dora versus the P-51 is both fairly balanced and endlessly enjoyable. I think they're two of the most evenly matched aircraft in the sim right now, but both have so much unique flavour... As for what's not in the sim, Spit Ia vs the E-4, or the Sabre and MiG-15. Anything with tight performance margins gets the hair on the back of my neck up because I know losing is all my fault
  9. I remember reading an especially grim account of a Spitfire pilot who only after landing realised a round had entered the cockpit and blown his kneecap off
  10. In February Combat Box had just shy of 3700 unique players on it, according to the website, which is highest number I can find from the servers that record stats
  11. It's risky, but the Hs-129 can defend itself. The low speed handling is delightfully floaty, and combined with the flat trajectory and hitting power of the 30mm it's pretty good at punishing an overshoot. Of course, that relies on your opponent not really expecting you to go aggressive, but people tend to underestimate "bad" planes
  12. Since we're getting V-1s they should seriously consider giving it the RAF's anti-diver boost settings, too 👀
  13. The U-2 is honestly a tiny little joy to fly, and if anyone is even the tiniest bit curious they should check it out. It's so much fun to throw through turns at low altitude, and doing pop-up attacks on defended targets with the rockets is absolutely thrilling. I hope some day it gets a good quality campaign, sadly its career mode is a little under-developed without dispersal airfields You can also do dumb stuff like crank up the wind in the mission editor to like 25m/s and try to vertically land on buildings if you're really bored
  14. Even if the Hurricane's 3D model was started sooner, it still has some guns that haven't been modelled before, an engine that hasn't been modelled before, and a completely new airframe to base the flight model on The P-47D-22 isn't a copy-paste job, but they have a lot more they can reference already in the sim
  15. The best technique I have for not ground looping is to idle the throttle before the wheels touch the floor and glide into the landing, let it coast straight on the runway for a moment or two, then slowly apply brakes. Works perfectly near every time
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