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  1. I think once there are better maps put together with more pressing objectives, running away forever won't be as much of a viable option. The ability to stay and dogfight to defend an objective or keep an offensive going is extremely useful It's fairly obvious to anyone that a big tank with a big gun is a scary force on a 1940s battlefield, however they did make up a very small part of the German army, and with most being deployed in the East, the Western Allies slight hysteria over it was misplaced. Similarly, the 262 (for various reasons) had a very small impact on the overall course of the war, but had the Western Allies very much alarmed for a while
  2. You can't really use one person's opinion as objective fact. Someone over on Reddit did a fairly lengthy and well sourced post about the 262's effectiveness in combat, cross referencing loss records from the USAAF and RAF against German records, and came to the conclusion that the Germans just about lost a 262 for every aircraft they brought down. Not a great record for an expensive aircraft flown by highly trained pilots. Tiger Fever in the air, I guess Due to the slightly thinner wings I believe? I recall that the machine guns were mounted in sideways and allegedly were prone to jamming when firing during tight turns
  3. A lightly loaded A-20B can be under 8000kg, and those engines can put out 3200hp together. It absolutely shouldn't be bad, not at all
  4. It might just be that if your plane's wing falls off it's unlikely you're going to be writing about it back at base any time soon
  5. I feel like a good comprimise would be to let the mission editor decide on a dogfighting style, maybe. Like if just "engage enemy planes" or whatever is enabled they'll use whatever tactic is most effective, which would be good for missions with bombers and an objective, and then maybe a "force dogfight" option that restricts their patterns to more aggressive ones?
  6. The problem with having the AI BnZ is fundamentally players want something they can engage and shoot down. AI that runs away forever would be frustrating, and probably still very bad at getting a shot off on you
  7. The P-51 is not a slow aircraft at low altitudes. Even on 100oct it will do over 600kmh at sea level with bomb pylons. It's reasonable to expect our Mustang to do something like 610kmh at sea level, which is slightly faster than a 605DB 109K in this game and about on par with our D-9, and enormously faster than both the 109G-14 and the 190A-8, which will make up the majority of your opponents in any realistic scenario. It will do fine
  8. I thought the 109's issue was more trying to turn around in it? Not a lack of legroom, but a lack of shoulder room
  9. The P-51 was used by so many nations there will be tons of inspiration for skinners to use. Hopefully we get some of the lovely late war RAF/RCAF ones with the yellow stripe markings, they look fantastic
  10. It's very hard to judge your speed when everything is so far away. You need to get lower. Even a dainty little Sopwith will feel quick when you're trying to weave through trees
  11. Actually, it's a stronger engine. 1850hp output as opposed to 1700hp on the La-5F
  12. The .303s have a similar trajectory to the Hispanos at close range, so it's fine to use the MGs to range
  13. AP rounds can be effective against fighters, but you have to make sure you hit something important on them, like an engine or the pilot. High explosive rounds are generally better for doing structural damage like removing wings or control surfaces. Or you can just take a mixed belt
  14. Against single engined fighters ammo in the Spit Vb usually isn't too bad. Get liberal with the brownings, and when you start getting consistent hits on a target, tap the cannons in short bursts for a kill shot. They have fairly high velocity for the calibre and hit hard. Aim for the cockpit for some slightly gruesome satisfaction
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