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  1. Imo one of the big problems with spotting is sometimes aircraft get less visible as they approach you. I think the anti-aliasing can mulch them up, sometimes?
  2. Wow, I must've overcooked it earlier because I did a hard nose-down at speed and my screen stayed red for ages after, I was completely lost once recovered. I guess I just over-did it before
  3. This sim really needs proper redouts. You absolutely cannot pull that kind of comedy wobbling in Cliffs and you have to stick to more realistic defensive options because of it
  4. Fw-190 fighter bombers did attempt to respond to the invasion. By and large they were completely overwhelmed by aggressive sweeps from Allied fighters, and no coordinated response could be made, but the Luftwaffe was not non-existent
  5. As I recall the P-51B/C had a thinner wing (with the machine guns mounted sideways) leading to a marginally higher top speed If it gets RAF anti-diver settings, it will be the fastest prop fighter at sea level
  6. CloD AI does not use the same FM as the player, it is simplified, but in my personal opinion it feels a lot more believable, and I've never not been able to leverage my aircraft's natural advantages against an opponent, and really wild and aggressive maneuvering can usually shake them
  7. Determined by the mission. In the mission editor you can set the nation an aircraft belongs to, and that sets the voice of the pilot. Playing an Eastern Front career, the mission is set to generate with a Soviet pilot, obviously. QMB I believe it depends on the map
  8. Just bought! So many aircraft I've been very excited for. I don't think anyone has ever done a good quality D.520 in a sim before now?
  9. The BoM Soviet aircraft lack tracers on some guns to emulate the low supply of tracer ammo in 1941, iirc. I think it's the 20mms on the I-16 and Il-2?
  10. Is there any comparison in loss rates between IX and V squadrons during their overlap in operation? If the IX had a significantly better fighting chance then I'm sure that'd translate to fewer aircraft lost over the same period
  11. Other than the guns, the Macci is excellent for its time. My only beef with it is the awkward stall. The asymmetrical wings mean pushing tight turns feels slightly different in each direction, and it just feels a bit weird? I get why it's like that, but it still throws me off
  12. I'm saying it did see action on the continent, and it wouldn't be farfetched to allow players to fly it. Personally I would love to give it a go, I've never seen a good quality one in a sim before
  13. After March '45 Meteors were used for strafing attacks, but didn't get into air combat because of the Luftwaffe being increasingly rare in the skies A pair of them forced an Fi-156 to land, once, I have read. That's sort of a kill
  14. Not academic, so don't take it as gospel: Feels good. Feels heavy. Smooth and just "right" to control, rather than the floatiness of the old one. Buffeting, shaking, and adverse yaw make maneuvering exciting, and it feels much more controllable in a dive I like it! It's not a huge buff, it won't be a world beater, but it's a lot of fun and that's what matters
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