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  1. There's a report discussing RAF use of the Allison-engined Mustang (not sure how hugely different the engines are?) running it at 72"hg for 20 minute stretches and still having longer time between failures than with Merlin engined planes
  2. P-40's advantages are heavier armament out of the box, a higher dive speed, and in general better controllability at speed. The Hurricane will out-accelerate, out-turn, and out-climb it, especially with the XX engine. Top speed is dependent on altitude, but the P-40's engine is (a-historically) more tempermental so running it at full tilt is less of a sure thing
  3. I've been reading a bit about RAF Mustang operations and honestly those sorts of low level (E-GEH-16 claims a 25ft altitude ingress!), deep penetration missions sound perfect for Il-2's battle scale.
  4. Oh that's a good change, the Gustavs always felt very claustrophobic to fly for me and that already looks a lot better. I wonder what else has been changed without being mentioned?
  5. The US Navy was operating hand-me-down MkV airframes as spotters, if early IX airframes with the Merlin 61/63 were still in a flyable condition, I doubt they would be left to rot
  6. The issue is that a lot of Japanese war-time technical documentation was intentionally destroyed and there are no copies to translate, and a lot of it that wasn't destroyed is locked up in archives that aren't very cooperative with simulation companies. Been the same story since 2006
  7. Conspiracy hat here, this is all me guessing: Devs seem to like bundling similar work together, probably makes it easier to focus and might be overall faster? We got 150 oct for the Spitfire when the P-51 with the same Merlin engine arrived, a P-47D-28 FM rework came when the D-22 dropped, and one of the devs mentioned that some P-51 issues will be fixed during "work on the future P-51" in the FM forum The Bf-109 may have been re-prioritised to rebuild the often complained about tail-section, and because they were already working on 109s, they went and finished the 1944 G-6
  8. Vampire T.55 https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/XG775.html
  9. Weeeeeelllllll, the D-22 dropping came with a rework of the D-28's FM and DM. Maybe a new 109 has given them excuse to go back and adjust the rest of the series, too? Optimism!
  10. Germany only seriously produced two lines of single-engined fighters, you are going to see their variants turn up again and again because there are few competitive and as-relevant alternatives for the Western Front. What would you replace it with that's relevant to this battle?
  11. Phrasing it as additional modifications makes it interesting. Feels like this 109 might be very mix-and-match for parts, and could represent quite a few different stages of this aircraft's production
  12. Dead six of a lot of planes is like shooting into a black hole for machine guns right now. You want to go for deflection shots if you can
  13. It'll be the Mosquito when it comes out, and before that the XIVc
  14. The new G-Force effects are excellently done! It really surprised me when my poor pilot slumped over before passing out after I abused them with some tight turns.
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