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  1. Just want to say I've been playing your BoBP missions after a long MP kick and I forgot just how atmospheric this game can be. Played the P-47s Attack on Liege and after the initial attack run on a boat I looked behind myself and the layer of flak and tracers whizzing past the cockpit made me swear out loud. Combined with the time of day and the clouds it looked absolutely stunning. Great mission
  2. Because the fellas put in charge of looking after it are not the ones who paid for it
  3. The P-47 is a very large and very heavy airplane for reasons that sadly don't give it any reasonable advantage in this sim. Sure, up high it's very fast, but few other players are going to roam up there for you to shoot down anyway. The simple fact is players will generally gravitate towards the most action, and most bomber and attack pilots online like making low passes to hit targets precisely, so most fights will end up where the P-47 doesn't really have any advantage. It would be nice to get an M some day that could be a lot more aggressive You have to dance on your rudders a lot to get the most out of it but I'd rate it as the best allied plane in the sim (probably joint with the Tempest, really), right now, if you have the 75"hg mod available
  4. Really appreciate the support that goes into older products in this sim. So many game developers make a thing, and then drop it because they want you to buy a new thing, or maybe they won't even finish making it, these days...
  5. Don't take death personally. Every single pilot who beats you has been shot down dozens of times. It happens, don't worry. Just get up, stretch, and try a slightly different tactic
  6. Might be cool to get it for the gunner of the U-2VS, as they were often used as artillery spotting planes
  7. They actually push your nose up quite hard at high speeds, I think they're intended as a way to recover if the plane becomes unresponsive. I like deploying them if I have to pull hard to recover, because if I black out then the dive flaps might prevent a lawndart
  8. You can adjust the starting distance between the opposing flights in QMB settings if you do not feel you have time to get up to speed
  9. The good acceleration means it's very good at punishing peoples mistakes, perhaps sometimes before you realise you've made them
  10. Absolutely convinced that designs like this existed so that designers could say "Ok you won't fund that but how about this much cheaper [thing we actually want to build]"
  11. imo if you want to do intentionally asymmetrical maps you have to enforce playercounts, there are too many people who will only fly what they see as the winningest side. CBox is fine the majority of the time because the maps are (mostly) balanced. Look at how some early Eastern Front maps end up 50:20 runway campfests if you want to see how unrestricted asymmetry goes
  12. ...And then the British variants, and the Israeli modifications, and the D-Day variants, and...
  13. Oh thank you! That's a lot of great information. Sadly it basically confirms we won't get it as a mod for the 9T, it's obviously not in the scope of it. Where do you find such detailed information on Soviet airplanes? I've struggled to dig it up in the past
  14. It'd be a good way to get a headstart on late Eastern Front matchups, there's a few servers already running with the La-5FN and lendlease Spit IXe against the 190A-8 and the G-14, and a '44 Yak-9 would be fun to fly with and against those. Are there any other differences from the 9T outside of the 20mm?
  15. The Yak-9 can be seen as the Red 109G-6. The sheer number of them the USSR operated makes it an absolutely essential plane for the front, even if it isn't worlds away from its siblings The 9T is definitely the prettier one, though. Oh, to have a Yak-9M...
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