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  1. What aircraft did the USSR operate at night that the 110s would attack? Other than the U-2VS, of course
  2. Engine timers are obviously unrealistic, but what do you replace them with that both: - Encourages realistic flying - Is based on objective, recorded data about the engine, not done by "feel" Would it be based on the expected service lifetime of the engine, maybe? I don't know. I imagine the reason manual advice is used is because it's a concrete number that can be lifted without accusation of bias
  3. As much as I'd like this (It's hard to convince my friends to take a shot at this hobby, no matter how much I rave about the joys of Yaks) wasn't this already discussed and dismissed recently?
  4. Day 1 pre-order from me if it's more biplanes, hoping it's this, now
  5. Stuff like guns carried or top speed of most planes is trivial to find, sure, but things like how bombs are operated, what the operational limits of the engines are, etc, can be harder to find. Hell, some IJ aircraft don't have complete cockpit references left, iirc Pacific Fighters had some aircraft with missing dials because the only museum pieces left were incomplete and just had holes in the dashboard
  6. At 21:18 and again at 21:20 is that a 109 having its wing tips blown off by short bursts? Don't see any big HE explosions
  7. In singleplayer? Dora. Better at aggressive rolling maneuvers that the AI can't handle, and more importantly it carries much more ammo
  8. I agree that the P-47M would be a good addition, even if its historical use is relatively minor, it's a plane that fought in the area and represents the best of US production fighters of the time. It's not just the engine power, mind. The P-47M also had dive brakes under the wings for managing the speed in extremely long dives. That would need modelling and animating
  9. As a general rule I haven't seen broken, pre-order and early access stuff does not go onto further sales beyond the early access discount for this series. You have to wait for the full release
  10. MSFS doesn't have to dig up airfields that have been gone for nearly 80 years, they just automatically adapt public and satellite data (and even then, Germany is still missing a few airports etc), and that's with the backing of Microsoft's money and thousands and thousands of employees The maps we have are already great for most combat purposes, and considering the small size of the dev team they're extremely impressive imo
  11. I'd love to do V-1 intercepts in that thing on the BoN map. Fighter jets chasing down terror-bombing drones sounds like something from the 2040s, not the 1940s, but it's a real part of history that I don't think any good simulator has covered, yet
  12. It would be extremely surprising that there would suddenly be this limitation after Rise of Flight on the old version of the engine had a four engined bomber
  13. Our Mosquito is also going to have the Mollins gun variant, don't forget. It's going to be an excellent sub hunter
  14. Flying Circus Vol.2 is going to lean Entente. Three French, Three Brits, Four Germans. I feel they definitely could've done that for Normandy and given the Americans a twin-engined plane to match the Mosquito and Me-410, but what's announced is announced
  15. Puts the Mg17s back on if you select a mod that removes them, like the anti-bomber one
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