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  1. If it made combat units I'm much less fussed and don't mind it as something interesting. It's like the Spit's rockets. Only used by one squadron during the timeframe, but that squadron is on the map, so why not?
  2. I think the biggest one is the Mg151 gondolas on the Mc.202. Five trial aircraft in mid-1943 and that's it and here it is in game
  3. The first gen Il-2 had a lot less care and attention put into the flight models and systems. The performance of stuff like the La-5FN and the late 109s on some patches was nothing short of absurd, and everything felt a lot more on-rails and scripted than we have right now
  4. If I was a gambling person I'd put money on the main roadblock being limited documentation for Japanese aircraft in the detail they need. Sure you could sacrifice fidelity and use some guess work but I don't think this team want that in their sim, and why do one theatre approximately when you can do another faithfully? I'm sure you've all seen that free to play game's efforts at Japanese aircraft where there's holes in the cockpit and the text on the dashboards is just random squiggles, not even actual japanese characters AI needs work but it's clear they have somebody chipping away at that. A bunch of the other assumed engine limits were lifted in the past couple years, I'm sure that's surmountable too, be it with AI only versions of bombers with simple FMs/DMs, merging the gunner AIs into one with the firing arcs of the guns being the limiter, etc. Just takes time and effort and regular paychecks for the programmers so they don't up and leave
  5. Oh of course like the first BoBP planes were the ones most similar to those in BoK. Just saying that I think the A-6 will be fun. A-8's toys but on a lighter frame
  6. It's a bit more than that, the redesigned wing for the MG151s also allowed the Mk108 installation you see on the in-game A-8. With any luck we might see the /R3 gondola
  7. I believe BlackSix posted in another thread that the Hurricane will be in all three eastern careers, and the Yak-9s will be in BoK First BoN planes before or after them?
  8. Gonna guess that BoBP slowly pulled in a lot of people interested mainly in US/UK aircraft as they dropped, and BoN's planes/map especially appeals to that customer base
  9. The yanks made a hell of a lot of these considering how much they hated them! The VVS must've been a good customer
  10. Literally everything I have found online points to the G-14 being a standardisation of late G-6 upgrades. If there is something I am missing you are welcome to enlighten me with your evidently superior knowledge
  11. It's quite obvious that a few of the aircraft in this pack are meant to be there more for Bodenplatte, mostly the collector aircraft, and that equally there's a few airplanes from there that will suit BoN very well, too. The two expansions will overlap very nicely and we'll have a pretty well developed feeling front. I also think that adding less competitive aircraft isn't a bad thing, people should be more willing to challenge themselves, anyway That said, I'm still racking my brain as to how this Bf-109 will be in any way notable compared to the lot we have. The 190 I think will be fun, having the firepower of the A-8 but the more nimble handling of earlier models sounds like the ideal Anton to me, but the 109 is just... If it has the new canopy and MW50 it's just the G-14 we already have, isn't it? And if it doesn't have those, what is the collector G-6 missing?
  12. I suspect it will be mostly similar to the G-6 externally, with the G-14's toys and Mw50 as an optional mod (as it didn't reach frontline units til partway through 44)
  13. Without more information on what modifications the Yak-9 vanilla is getting, I picked up the 9T as it will probably end up being more unique, and on top of that I think the set-back cockpit just looks a lot more swish It's the NS-37 found on the Il-2 1943
  14. The Mosquito is a dream come true. If there's any plans to allow another player to be a bombadier using the game's multi-crew system I think I would die happy The Me-410 might be cool too if I can peel myself away from the Mozzie, wonder how aiming those radio controlled turrets works...
  15. Well now I feel like a fool. Those would be so incredibly useful for the Moscow campaign
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