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  1. Obviously the only thing that can go in my cockpit is the most important thing in my life
  2. While the Typhoon is missing, it's fine for the Tempest to have some basic ground strike munitions to fill the role in for the RAF
  3. Great atmosphere and a wonderful way to show off the new content! I just wish there was a way to shut the AI up. I've heard "Slapjack" enough to last me a lifetime
  4. A few of the British 4 engined bombers only had two or three turret positions, but that's outside the scope of this thread
  5. High explosive in general just isn't too great in this game. Try out different guns as the reds on the same blue target and you'll see what I mean. Two 7.62s and a 20mm on the Yak-1 will take forever to down a Bf-109 unless you get lucky, but the Berezins you can put on the MiG-3 are like the hand of god, smiting armoured twin engine aircraft out of the air in short bursts
  6. Since Kuban it's been the 190A-3, imo. The A-5 is just an A-3 with more toys and marginally worse turning (not nearly enough to change how you fly, though). The G-6 at least has those heavy duty rockets and the optional Mk108 in the nose
  7. I'm not a programmer or anything but I'm going to assume it's more work to finish a plane as a faux-single seater and then re-work it later into multi-crew than it is to just build the plane as it will be finished
  8. I doubt that dials are the most time consuming part of a station to model. Go into the under-side gunner view of the A-20B and look at all the space and detail, that stuff takes time
  9. My favourite voice line trigger in Il-2 1946 was doing wild maneuvers in the Il-2 itself, if you had a gunner on board they would voice their... poor satisfaction with your flying
  10. The MkVB is one of the most fun aircraft to just throw around the sky, its handling is just wonderful, another excuse to fly it is well welcome
  11. Hell, neither were in vanilla 1946 as I recall As I recall, the justification for the Tempest over the Typhoon is they wanted the RAF to have a real high speed fighter competitive with the lufties, and the IXe was difficult to exclude because of how common it was. The options were basically Spit IXe/Spit XIV - Very similar, less variety than the Tempest provides Typhoon/Spit XIV - IXe is the most common plane over the continent and really hard to leave out Typhoon/Tempest - Can you imagine the forum if there was no Spitfire in an expansion with the RAF? Spit IXe/Typhoon - No genuine frontline fighter for the RAF. Without 150 oct the RAF would be stuck with 1943 performance aircraft mostly used as fighter-bombers Tempest/Spit XIV - Opposite problem, no aircraft regularly outfitted with ordnance. Both less common than their older siblings
  12. Hot damn I wish we got #2 or #6, I bet they'd look spectacular
  13. The RAF actually did, though the aircraft was never finished. A handful of P-51B airframes were purchased by Rolls-Royce for testing purposes, with intent to stuff a Griffon engine in there. It didn't quite fit in the nose, so... The project was deemed low priority and the idea of making the Mustang faster was thrown out once jet fighters began actually began to show promise
  14. Very much enjoying the company of this polite fellow in the Bristol The rear gunner in the Halberstadt is a lot less friendly, I think he's sulking... I know this is probably low priority, but would it be possible to replace the turret firing/out of ammo lines with ones without the radio effect? So just shouting, as they clearly lack microphones
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