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  1. I think the issue is texture mapping. With the Spitfire's clipped wings they just need to make the old tips transparent and cap off the edge, which can still be there with full length wings, just hidden. The 109 engine swap would change the geometry of the aircraft and would require a new texture
  2. By late 44 a lot of twin engined aircraft on the western front were grounded. They used twice the fuel of a fighter, and fuel was becoming quite precious for the axis
  3. I would love an expanded MkV, it's an airframe with such a long history, including up through the Normandy landings with VOS-7, and would happily pay for an upgrade package for it
  4. Does having the turbo running at low altitude have any negative effect? I remember hearing from another person that below a certain altitude the turbo uses more power than it produces
  5. The I-16 is a plane that would genuinely benefit from drop tanks right now. Due to its slow speed you often have to RTB early on escort missions in career
  6. This is anecdotal, I know, but I do think it's actually one of the easier planes to take off in. I have far too many hours in warbird sims to crash on take off these days (...except the Ju-88, which is a challenge sometimes) but when I try to teach my newbie friends to fly they all tend to find the 109s significantly easier to take off in. I've watched several people wreck a regiment's worth of Yak-1s in a row trying to take off, then jump into a 109 and get airborne first time The FW-190 seems to be significantly harder in comparison, despite its wide landing gear. I have a lot of wobbly take-offs in that family of planes
  7. If someone only wants to fly the best of one family of fighters on one side in the sim that's their business I suppose? I imagine the majority of people are not like that and will appreciate the rest of the offerings
  8. It would not, as it was introduced quite a bit after this battle ended
  9. We're gonna get V-1s, why not have Anti-Diver settings for all the relevant aircraft? The Mosquito and Spitfire should also get up-rated boost for it, as I recall
  10. You don't hear LaGG-3 pilots or I-16 fans complain online, I'm sure it'll be fine If it isn't, then there's tools for server owners to encourage or even enforce team balance, and if that becomes necessary they'll use it
  11. As far as I know nobody has ever found evidence of this actually happening. The eletronics are similar and someone probably could have swapped them out if they wanted to, but there's no evidence any K4s had a 20mm installed centreline
  12. Falcon 4/BMS lets you pick your voice, including some feminine ones, the pilots in that are basically blocky cubes though But this is the first combat flight sim to represent a real women's regiment though, and that's exciting. I'd totally buy an accompanying scripted campaign
  13. The Ki-61 uses a DB601, it's like the 109's cousin, sorta, kinda, maybe
  14. I meant more specifically what mods the fighters might get, I am well aware of what planes we are getting. Maybe they'll add some prototype armament like the underwing 30mm gondolas or something I think the Ju-88 won't be as awful as folks are making it out to be. It'll be like Germany's Il-2. A somewhat slow, rugged strafing platform, and those are fun
  15. I'm curious what toys the German birds will get. Both are kinda "in-between" models compared to what we already have, and I imagine could be made much quicker than most aircraft. That they're coming so late makes me think they'll get some interesting mods. The Spit XIV is a bit different. It's an enormous leap in performance over the IXe in most ways and should be quite the different ride. According to pilot accounts it was a very torque-y aircraft on take off and never quite as pleasant to fly as the Merlin-powered ones, but the incredible performance more than makes up for it
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