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  1. I have a theory that maybe its because the settings. I have 48% edge dead zone. So maybe that is the reason so few have this issue. Its like there are about half a second delay in the center when you pull or push the stick and then the nose swing down or up and kind of overcompensate. The stick also lose the ffb when it goes over the center. And there are like bump in the center too when the swing happens.
  2. I have it too, and i dont think its because worn MSFFB2. But I dont know what affect the rocking center for Mig and Spit, and somewhat P-40. For me the Mig is worst. But its long time ago i did fly Mig or Spit. Before 3.000 path.
  3. I math it this way: Both Wings= 6/6 minus 2/6= 4/6 leveling down its 2/3
  4. If it is easy to adjust the ammo damage, and if they think it(mineshell) need a fix, they would have done it already. So either they think its ok now, or its too difficult and risky to adjust. Or they want to correct it, but have no time now to do it. Knowing how it is, would clear things some. They are busy but could someone ask directly or something?
  5. Yes, you are right. And now I understand, that it is maybe not possible to do the gauge any better than it is now in-game, thanks Rekt.
  6. Hi, I find this picture very interesting, a bit same like this picture: Thanks!
  7. Amazing fishes! Also amazing frogs! Frogs are more reliable than humans, I had to correct that. Raaaid, at the end everyone do live happy, or not so happy life. If you can choose how you do experience life, then its easy pick.
  8. How the gauge is now its useless. It would not matter much, if the autorads would cool the engine better, but I get warning messages for overheat and to watch the temps often when I fly 109. And its worse in winter maps. Before I reach 5K I usually get a warning. Thats why I think the gauge could be usefull, if working properly, like in real 109. No demands, just my opinion.
  9. You need to make inner peace with Raaaid and you will find the need for terrarium, was not necessary.
  10. Well angus, since you are a frog now, you are not reliable. But let me say I will think about that scenario too.
  11. The idea what we have named universe is nothing more than the space what we humans are capable to see now. We dont know what is beond that point. Or where it will stop. Or will it stop. Death is the end, dont worry it now, Your life in this form will end, no matter are your eternal or not. Live this moment, be friendly, do good things and live happy life if you can. That is something easy that some idiot like me could follow..it did wonders to me.
  12. Ah, that broccoli, so tasty! Goes well with salary. Recommend, some guinoa too and voila!
  13. For me the low pressure warning is allways there when the throttle go into emergency mode, so way before 100% throttle. And my throttle do swing between 100% and about 90% on its own. Throttle is working fine with all other planes than G-14.
  14. Raaaid, there are no need to lost faith every time you happen to meet bad apple. If you dont trust this doctor choose someone else, but teeth is something that you cant fix by yourself. Like mentioned earlier, it can be dangerous if some infection start to spread out in your bone or heart. When it starts to ache it might be too late to save that teeth. Many things can be affected by diet and exercise. You tube is full of good videos that might interest you. Example new studies about the relation between stomach, the gut bacteria and brain, or how to manipulate, in a good way, your body or mind etc.. There are ofcourse lots of BS too, so you need to be critical. It should interest everyone that cares their health.
  15. If it's true what i read in internet that 1/3 of the below 25 year old US citizens are chronicly ill and eat meds constantly maybe rest of ones life. Then the doctors are hippos.
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