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  1. Well, there's been 101 votes so far and 55% want something else first, 40% wouldn't buy it all and just 5% really want it next. It sounds like commercial suicide so far...
  2. Wait. Bodenplatte is still in pre-order phase. When it is officially released all these things will come. (Fingers crossed ).
  3. Same here. Voted for the third choice.
  4. The Tempest used bombs just ONCE during WW2, and were NEVER fitted with rockets during the war. Any pictures showing Tempests with rockets are from after May 1945; Jason has said very vociferously that the Tempest in BoX will never carry rockets. So your best bet is to start agitating for a Typhoon - I'd love to have it and it is rather necessary for the BoBp scenario timeframe.
  5. Thanks. Good news about the clouds - excellent work.
  6. I do hope not! Remember the Stalingrad had a major update a long time after release. But if the Rheinland map is finished... well, it's not finished!
  7. Drop tanks and fuel management system (even if limited) - yes please.
  8. Tempest. Not a huge amount of ammo so spray and pray isn't an option, but catch something and it's gone. Caveat: am enjoying the P-38 immensely; much better than I imagined and great fun.
  9. Probably because people that like to fly an historically-based simulator are generally knowledgeable in the subject or are learning about it, and want everything to be perfect - not just the look of the aircraft. Those who come in purely for an online dogfight fest of testosterone-fuelled kill counting, before moving on to the next game, don't give a toss about it at all. Btw, I'm happy with the AI and Career. Both could be improved but it doesn't worry me. On the other hand, as a former cartographic surveyor I'm almost duty-bound to care about the maps! Cheers.
  10. That's a very selfish point of view. Not everyone thinks virtual dogfighting is the bees knees. Ground attack- minded players spend most of their time close to the ground. Their target objects are modelled with great fidelity and modelling the ground detail as well as can be done within the game's limits is all part of the sim.
  11. Yes they did, but it's not new. It's a general thing across all maps, not just Arras. Anyone who's tried to land the U-2VS off-road in Kuban will tell you that it sinks and gets stuck.
  12. TBH I'm rather disappointed with the Arras map. As you've said, it appears to be summer rather than spring, the generic textures are far more repetitive than they need to be, plus they don't look anything like the land in northern France/Belgium. The towns and airfields look fine, and the villages too, but the lack of farms and the coal industry of the region hurts the map quite a bit. No man's land could be better, and the trench system needs to be way more extensive and detailed. The map isn't a resource hog so there is scope for a lot of improvement to be made, and I hope that it is in the plans. FC needs to sell and a really great atmospheric map would have helped; as it is, it doesn't really seem to be much of an improvement over RoF - there's not really anything new so far. Fingers crossed.
  13. Solved it for me after half a day of head scratching.
  14. I think that the map needs more varied field systems. The ground around southern Holland and Belgium looks nothing like that further down the Rhine, and to be honest, during WW2 none of it looked like the current generic map does. I'm hoping for a remaking of the landscape tiles - just look at the Kuban map and you'll see how it's been done before. In the meantime, it's a good map to use our shiny new aircraft on.
  15. Yes, water rad control is either open or closed, no in-between. You can keep it closed in level flight and keep an eye on the temp. gauge. There are no oil radiator controls.
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