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  1. Okinawa, definitely bad - very one-sided, Midway not. Midway would have been ideal for settling-in the carrier-based side of the Pacific theatre. However, I suspect that the carriers are what's caused the postponement. Apart from the logistics of programming into the game a fully-operational carrier and the taking-off and landing of planes onto it, just imagine the amount of flak one throws into the air, let alone a whole battle group. Attacking a carrier group would become an instant slideshow. It has to be a land-based Pacific scenario if we are going to go there. New Guinea fits the bill very well and has been said some of the Allied aircraft already exist in one form or another. The Slot would be a good follow-up but with all Pacific scenarios the air bases are an immense distance apart. Blame the Japanese for their un-armoured and lightweight construction designs! It is possible to get at least some of the New Guinea airfields on the same map, so lets hope for that.
  2. Tremendous DD . Just make sure that you don't release the update when I'm away! As has been done before...
  3. First time I've even heard of Hulu. Won't be able to see this then until someone else picks it up.
  4. Mapmaker's training and Google Streetview. Good job I waited for you to get dressed before I captured you in that window...
  5. I saw you looking out of your window!
  6. No chance of me swapping. I am rubbish in all of the planes in this set so it matters not one jot what I fly. In fact I am rubbish in anything that goes fast . And I get claustrophophic in tanks... Cheers.
  7. Nice update... as usual. Thanks.
  8. Ok... been on sale very cheaply but without the video... most odd.
  9. I have this one. Particularly liked the Channel Dash from a different (and unknown to me) viewpoint. Cheers.
  10. Hooray! I can be about on the 3rd... at first I thought that it was tonight and that could be a bit dicey. Anyway, the extra week will give me time to learn the Fw190A-8, please, Tip. Cheers.
  11. No. 11 Group. Edit: I know it's not what you are asking for and that I'm being a tad facetious, but No.11 Group Fighter Command bore the brunt of the Luftwaffe attacks during the Battle of Britain. So, as a Brit, it's my favourite. Cheers.
  12. What really got to me was that the thread was locked, so I'm glad to see it re-opened. Thanks Jason.
  13. 'Performance issues are noted and the chalk appearing or disappearing will be looked at...a tank focused map is something new for us. We're learning as we go as well.' Sorry Jason, closing the thread really is not good enough. It's not just the chalk appearing/disappearing, but the forests flicker in and out as do the landscape contours. It is (apparently) not supposed to be just a tank map... 'A good map for the joint tank and air battles (100 x 100 km in case of Prokhorovka) would be not enough for a full-blown, 'air campaign' map that should be 200 x 250 km minimum. Therefore, Prokhorovka map is a fine balance of several things. It allows making interesting tank campaigns, having interesting joint tank and aircraft multiplayer, keeping the performance impact 30% or less at reasonable graphics settings, and having improved visual quality at the ground level required for the ground battles.' ...but has been touted as a combined air/tank map. Whatever it's use as a tank map, as an aircraft map it really does need a LOT more work. And just in case that you think I'm a naysayer against everything... There are a lot of things that need fixing before it can be a good map for aircraft. Sticking your head in the sand won't help. Please take constructive criticism and observations on board; we all want the best that is possible. Cheers.
  14. Not sure Trooper. The avatar pic looks familiar. Maybe someone who is lost?
  15. Apart from all of the obvious BoBp, FC and TC stuff what I would really like to hear is an announcement of the MBR-2, Ar 196 and torpedo loadout for the He111. If they are coming then the Pacific might still be on.
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