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  1. Always been fascinated by these battles. The Royal Navy hadn't lost a battle for over 100 years when the Scharnhorst etc sunk HMS Monmouth and HMS Good Hope; the RN were really annoyed and made sure that the German ships paid for their audacity. Over 3500 men lost in total; WW1 was just beginning in earnest...
  2. Indeed. Let's hope that they're working on it.
  3. By the time of Kuban the Ju88s had given up dive-bombing and gone over to shallow diving attacks. They had pretty much removed the dive brakes as well. I would love this to be a loadout option if possible. Doesn't mean that I don't think that the new dive-bombing systems aren't a great addition though - they are!
  4. If the game can do do D-Day then Dieppe is a certainty; the most intense one day of action over the Channel during the whole war. Need the Do217 for it though.
  5. I don't like the extra $10, but I'm totally happy with it. Things cost more - it's the wretched global economy we live in. My first pint of beer cost 12p. Now it's creeping up and sometimes passing £4.00 (more if you are an idiot and pay through the nose for over-hyped crap) so 32 times dearer in my meagre lifetime. $10 is allowable for for inflation - cheap at half the price!
  6. No it isn't. It's about your personal preferences We all have those
  7. Looking forward to that indeed. Yet another string to the Tempest's bow .
  8. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised... capable of carrying single 250-or-500-pound (110 or 230 kg) bombs on racks housed in streamlined fairings under each wing, or up to eight RP-3 25lb or 60 lb rockets. In addition fuel lines were added to the wings to enable single 50 imp gal (230 l) or 100 imp gal (450 l) drop tanks to be carried under each wing.[138][174] The usual fixed armament was four 20 mm Hispano Mk.II cannon and four .303 (7.7 mm) Browning machine guns, while two 250-or-500-pound (110 or 230 kg) bombs could be carried in the bomb bay.[nb 22]
  9. Doesn't go far enough south either. While Monty's hanging around Caen the Yanks are going to fall off the bottom of the map pretty sharpish.
  10. Why on earth would there be one? What relevance does it have compared to rest of the planeset?
  11. Battle of Normandy Plane-set: P-51 B/C P-47D “Razorback” Typhoon Mk.Ib Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI Spifire Mk.XIV (Collector Plane) C-47 Dakota (AI) B-26 Marauder (AI) Bf-109 G-6 “Late” Fw-190 A-6 Ju-88 C-6a Me-410 Ar-234 (Collector Plane) V-1 Buzz Bomb (AI) Just look at that lot! Of those thirteen aircraft, nine I'm really up for! Rather glad that the V1 is AI-only though...
  12. Morse is gone - Eisenhower is talking. D-Day!
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