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  1. Just watched it - very surprising! Look forward to trying the technique. Thanks to you and Raptorattacker .
  2. 'Stalingrad - the Air Battle' by Christer Bergstrom.
  3. Air-dropped torpedoes would be nice and in my view, essential. Also, the Il-2 Mod.1943 can carry up to x240 2.5-1.25 bomblets. If you can hit anything with them, then 'You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din! Cheers.
  4. 'Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I'm being repressed!' Best line ever.
  5. The only hard evidence that was found, and used, for the number of rounds per gun in-game appears to have been these... ...yet there are plenty of pilots' combat reports and recollections that state the ammo carried was up to 200 rpg, or 16 seconds-worth of ammo which would amount to the same thing. Someone needs to find some better documentation for the 200 rpg then we might get it in game. I firmly believe that it should be 200 rpg but it's hard to discern where a lot of the 'factual' resources get that figure from.
  6. Found this thread https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/29040-mosquito-mk-vi-props/ on a modeller's forum. Some detailed info about the paddle props and what they were for.
  7. My German pilot is Heinz Beans. Not flown any careers for the other nations yet, but Otto Francobolli will be an Italian ace.
  8. The Cycle Tour. 'Fell off near Ottery St Mary. Pump caught on trouser leg, resolved to wear shorts...' 'Fell off near Budleigh Salterton. Pump caught on socks.'
  9. Haha, I think that's brilliant! I love it when folk here figure out things that hadn't even occurred to me - well done indeed. Mind you, the U-2VS does have a bombsight attached to the starboard side of the fuselage - but it doesn't work. So until the devs get around to sorting it out (high priority!) then your method is just the job. Cheers.
  10. Just under four hours to go here so Happy New Year to one and all .
  11. Well done Requiem; it just proves that we can all do what we dream if we want it enough. Thanks for the vids - and keep them coming when you have the time!
  12. Playing on 'medium' I always came across loads of ground and AAA fire. Recently I've switched to 'dense' or whatever it's called and see hardly any. How does that work? Looking at the tracks after there appear to plenty of units but they don't fire much; perhaps they are too far apart?
  13. We're still waiting for the He111 with torps...
  14. Buy the U-2 then. You won't regret it unless your name is Hartmann!
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