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  1. To all the Vietnam veterans in the Land of Oz on Australia's Vietnam Veterans Day from a U.S. veteran: I remember Never Forget! Salute
  2. We need training, liason, and spotting aircraft; therefore: Fieseler Fi 156 Storch de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth Piper L-4 Grasshopper Light Observation Aircraft
  3. Does the horse that Luke is beating belong to Brave Sir Robin?
  4. Another internet contender for a "Darwin Award" https://darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin2018.html! If his knowledge and practice of handling hazardous materials is consistent with his knowledge of aviation gasoline (let's hear it for Goggle}, he is going to win big time! Keep up the good work pal. As Forrest Gump says "Stupid is as stupid does".
  5. Many people are getting the following page/ error message when trying to launch IL-2 using Launcher. exe with windows 10 after the last update. The fix is simple. Go to Launcher.Exe (1C game Studios/ IL-2 Sturmovick Great Battles/ Bin/ game).Right click Launcher.exe and select properties from drop down menu.At bottom of Launcher Properties window, go to Attributes and deselected (Clear) Read only box.Click Apply and then OK.Launcher.exe should now work correctly.
  6. Go to Launcher.Exe (1C game Studios/ IL-2 Sturmovick Great Battles/ Bin/ game).Right click Launcher.exe and select properties from drop down menu.At bottom of Launcher Properties window, go to Attributes and deselected (Clear) Read only box.Click Apply and then OK.Launcher.exe should now work correctly.
  7. Go to Launcher.Exe (1C game Studios/ IL-2 Sturmovick Great Battles/ Bin/ game). Right click Launcher.exe and select properties from drop down menu. At bottom of Launcher Properties window, go to Attributes and deselected (Clear) Read only box. Click Apply and then OK. Launcher.exe should now work correctly.
  8. The problem appears to have been solved by applying the following as suggested by Support; particularly removing read only property and running game and launcher as administrator. Thank you to Olga Yemelyanova of 1CGS Support Team <support@1cgs.net>. From FAQ about launcher and updating https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/5321-faq-about-launcher-and-updating/ 1) Before you start Remember that the game uses certain ports Setup or turn off your security software (antivirus, brandmauer, UAC, SmartScreen, etc.) Make sure that you're logged into Windows as Administrator Open context menu by a right click on game's icon, go to Compatibility settings and choose to Run as Administrator From Game setup and settings FAQ https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/2074-game-setup-and-settings-faq/#faq8 6) The game doesn't start, the application shuts down and a warning error message appears. What can be done here? You need to launch the game as Administrator. Click with the RMB on IL-2.exe (...\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game\Il-2.exe), enter the menu and choose to run it as Admin. 13) Game crashes to desktop all the time, what's wrong? Find the catalog where the game is installed, enter the folder properties and remove the tick from Read Only field. Notice Before doing a complete uninstall and reinstall, try removing read only property from game folder (IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles) and run launcher.exe and IL-2. exe as administrator.
  9. Launcher appears to be corrupted and complete reinstall does not correct. Evidently uninstall and reinstall does not remove or change registry entries from previous installations. Submitted "Ticket" to support.
  10. Thanks. Game will launch using IL-2.exe but launcher.exe does not function. Did complete reinstall but launcher.exe opens launch page but then same error message appears. When you acknowledge or close error message, launch page closes and program quits. Anyone know what is producing the error message?
  11. After the latest Windows update (Update for Microsoft Windows KB4495620 and KB4503293), Launcher.exe will not stay open and gives the following error message: Any ideas and/or help, Please. Thank you
  12. Hello Boys and Girls, The newest updates required me to rework the default key mapping listings to keep them current. Enjoy! il-2 default key mapping listings Ver. 3.101.zip.zip
  13. That's to keep the tourists from picking it up and playing with it! 🚮
  14. Arfsix


    For the "Glory Boys" (tread heads): Salut! from a former "Grunt"
  15. As much as possible, I try to retain the formatting for each key mapping listing when the key maps are updated. Be advised that when key maps are changed or if there are additional commands added, the font spacing in the key map lists can be thrown off (Tank Crew commands as an example) and the key map listings must be edited on a line by line basis. Thank you for your comments.
  16. As a non multi player, I was not aware of the change in the parachuting animation (I don't leave the aircraft that much in the noncombat flying I usually do). Was this done to prevent other players from machine gunning pilots in parachute harness?
  17. Hello Cloyd, BS robin and I have a history going back to Rise of flight! Some one has to keep track of him. Occasionally, you have to jerk on the leash as a reminder that certain behavior is not acceptable in polite adult society. Thank you for the ignore suggestion.
  18. Once again Brave Sir Robin shows his sophomoric humor, level of intelligence, and his desire to spoil everybody else's fun with his snarky messages! He really should not have to work so hard to boost his pathetic ego. Hey BSR, if you had bothered to check the site you would have found over 20 people have signed up so far. Just put a sock into it, will you?
  19. Smoke launchers were used by all sides to provide a smoke screen that could hide vehicles from direct observation. Smoke launchers were not used to mark targets.
  20. Looks very good Martin, much better than my work! I do have one suggestion. Tells us if the skin is historically correct and if so, provide some information about the aircraft, pilot, and or unit that led you to skin that particular aircraft. Fictitious skins are OK also! One of the forum rules you should be aware of; many countries do not allow the display of the swastika (the Nazi Germany national insignia) so if you post aircraft pictures with the swastika showing, the swastika must be blurred or covered so as not to be visible. Also using the spoiler command to hide the picture is acceptable. Welcome to the forum. I am looking forward to more of your work!
  21. This listing reflects changes and hotfixes up to 23 March 2019. il-2 default key mapping listings Ver. 3.101.zip.zip
  22. I was taught that to control the mixture in light aircraft that did not have variable pitch props, you took off with the mixture at full rich. During climb and at cruise altitude, you set the mixture by reducing the mixture control while watching the tachometer (R.P.M.). You would observe an increase in r.p.m. until optimum mixture was reached. At that point, the r.p.m. would start to drop or decrease and you would then increase mixture slightly to achieve the highest r.p.m. at that throttle setting. This method works in Rise of Flight and in IL-2 Strumovik Great Battles with the u2vs.
  23. This is Vladimir, my boon companion for many years! Saint Bernards tend to sleep most of the day and if you wake them they can be easily confused. A confused Saint. Bernard can become grumpy. Hence the old adage "let sleeping dogs lie". Vladimir was one of five (Boris, Natasha, Catherine, Vladimir. and Princess) Saint Bernards that have shared my life and my home. I do miss my pup dawgs! Arf, arf!
  24. Time for an updated listing! Here are the key command listings for IL Sturmovik updated to version 3.011b and current as of 10 March 2019. The commands are listed by category (Service, Pilot Head control, Main controls, etc.), in the order and in the format that they appear in the game under Settings -- Key Mapping. I have provided the listing in three formats; firstly a listing in as a Microsoft Word file, a Microsoft Excel file and as a PDF file. I hope these will be useful to the community. Enjoy! il-2 default key mapping listings Ver. 3.101.zip.zip
  25. In current update (3.011) under Key mapping/Pilot head control, the "Change veh turret zoom" command shows the following listing: LSht + Mouse Wheel RAlt + Mouse Wheel Numpad Add Should not Numpad Add listing be: Numpad Subtract/Numpad Add ? Numpad Add listing cannot be changed manually with the keyboard on my computer. Under Key mapping/Tank controls, the "Switch to a next free plane combat post" and "Switch to pilot position" commands should be reworded to reflect their application to Tank Controls; perhaps "Switch to next free crew position" and "Switch to tank commander's position"
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