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  1. Arfsix

    Let’s see your pets!

    This is Vladimir, my boon companion for many years! Saint Bernards tend to sleep most of the day and if you wake them they can be easily confused. A confused Saint. Bernard can become grumpy. Hence the old adage "let sleeping dogs lie". Vladimir was one of five (Boris, Natasha, Catherine, Vladimir. and Princess) Saint Bernards that have shared my life and my home. I do miss my pup dawgs! Arf, arf!
  2. Time for an updated listing! Here are the key command listings for IL Sturmovik updated to version 3.011b and current as of 10 March 2019. The commands are listed by category (Service, Pilot Head control, Main controls, etc.), in the order and in the format that they appear in the game under Settings -- Key Mapping. I have provided the listing in three formats; firstly a listing in as a Microsoft Word file, a Microsoft Excel file and as a PDF file. Il-2 Default Key Mapping listing.zip I hope these will be useful to the community. Enjoy!
  3. In current update (3.011) under Key mapping/Pilot head control, the "Change veh turret zoom" command shows the following listing: LSht + Mouse Wheel RAlt + Mouse Wheel Numpad Add Should not Numpad Add listing be: Numpad Subtract/Numpad Add ? Numpad Add listing cannot be changed manually with the keyboard on my computer. Under Key mapping/Tank controls, the "Switch to a next free plane combat post" and "Switch to pilot position" commands should be reworded to reflect their application to Tank Controls; perhaps "Switch to next free crew position" and "Switch to tank commander's position"
  4. Arfsix

    What's available now in TC?

    Waiting for the Sherman to go forward with the commander's hatch open and "Gary Owen" on the loud speaker a la "Odd Ball" Former member of 1/9 Cavalry 1st Cavalry Division (and I've got the hat to prove it!)
  5. Plank The rifle appears to be coming along quite nicely. It does make me wonder if you are channeling Mel Gibson and are going to go "Road Warrior" on the local biker gang?
  6. Arfsix

    WWI pictorial site...

    Well done Trooper! Thank you.
  7. Arfsix

    damage on the tiger

    I hereby invoke my internet-given right and privilege of talking through my hat (as they say in the southern U.S.A.) about a subject of which I have little personal knowledge and even less factual information; that is, the modeling of the armament in Tank Crew! Firstly, only two tanks have been modeled for Tank Crew (the Tiger and the KV-1) by the third party devs thus far. All the other tanks are carry overs from the no cost bonus add on to Great Battles flight sim and will be remodeled specifically for Tank Crew. Secondly, I would suggest that the so called problems with the T-34 versus Tiger are occurring because of the T-34 older armament modeling and will continue until the new remodeled T-34 is introduced into Tank Crew (Remember the machine gun fire sparking off the fabric wings when Flying Circus was introduced?).
  8. Arfsix


    I must admit that I have been trying to determine what type of motorcycle is in the picture. Although I do not consider myself as a biker gang type, I have owned several bikes over the years. The helmet on the floorboard, I mistook for a fuel tank. Obviously, it's what I would call a scooter and all the mirrors are used to try and avoid being run down by the irate motorists trying to pass the slow moving vehicle! 🛴
  9. You should check your key mapping as I cannot find any listing for Ctrl+F1. I only show F1 for player's cockpit. There is a LCtrl+F1 listed for Camera track.
  10. Arfsix

    Il-2:Great Battles Po-2/U-2VS Raw rocket test

    When 2.75 inch rockets were mounted on the UH-1B, only the pilot had a fold down reflex sight. The copilot would observe where the rockets hit and mark that point on his windshield/canopy with a grease pencil marker. Most targets were engaged at less than 1000 yards and within that distance, the rockets flew relatively straight and with little drop. Using the mark on the canopy, the copilot could bring accurate rocket fire on ground targets. I also use TrackIR, but I have set up a snap view of the ring sight which works reasonably well.
  11. Arfsix

    VR users need mirrors.

    In the AH-1 Cobra helicopter gunship, the crew is seated with the copilot/gunner in front of and below the pilot. The pilot's instrument panel blocks direct observation of each crew member by the other. Primarily for phycological reasons (wondering if the other guy is asleep or dead when the intercom is out), a small mirror was placed on the upper right frame of the front canopy so the crew could maintain eye to eye visual contact. 👀
  12. Arfsix

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Jason, I was having a problem with submitting zip files, so opened a dropbox account and sent you a PM yesterday. I cannot tell if you have been able to acess the files. The dropbox link is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ce51kkkmj7wsd4/AADwvfH-br3fxt9eKm7394_ha?dl=0. This message is simply a follow up to the PM.
  13. Are we speaking of a “raaaid” slippery slope? 😕
  14. If the earth is flat, why do dropped items roll under the bed? 🌎
  15. The tradition of the citizen soldier (volunteering for service during wartime) has been strong in both sides of my family for over 100 years. My grandfather was an American infantryman and gunner in a machine gun battalion during WW1. He received a battlefield commission for his actions in combat. In WW2 he reenlisted and served as a Staff Sergeant for the duration. My father was a B-24 pilot. He was killed in action in February 1944 when his aircraft was shot down over France. My mother remarried after the war to a man who had been a first sergeant of a Texas National Guard artillery battery. His battalion was called to duty and deployed to the Dutch East Indies in 1941. My stepfather was on board a troop transport ship, five days past Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. He was fighting on the Island of Sumatra when the allied forces surrendered and spent 3 ½ years as a prisoner of war in a Japanese pow compound north of Nagasaki. The prisoners saw and felt the blinding light and vibration of the atomic weapon dropped on Nagasaki, although except for some broken glass there was no damage or casualties. Ironically, my uncle (my stepfather’s brother) was ground crew chief of The Great Artiste, one of the B-29s participating in the atomic attacks against Japan. For several weeks, my uncle who knew where the pow compound was located, felt he may have been instrumental in his brother’s death. My service was as an infantry officer and as an AH-1G Cobra pilot in Viet Nam.