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  1. My first flight simulator was Microsoft Flight Simulator running on an Apple II in the mid 1970's. You could fly a stick figure airplane on a small monochrome monitor after loading the program into the Apple's 64K memory using a real floppy disk just like people did with real computers! State of the art for its' time. Everything I have learned about personal computers since then allowed me to purchase and download Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020, barely. Now with 45 years experience, I am faced with learning a new program in which I cannot even define what some of the keyboard commands are supposed to accomplish! To that end, I am providing a complete listing of those keyboard commands. I sincerely hope the community will find these files to be useful and if you have something to share, please post in this topic. MS Flight Simulator 2020 Default Keyboard Commands.zip
  2. It took some research. Is this the one?
  3. I'll show you my cockpit if you'll show me yours! This is my St. Bernard and faithful companion, Valdimir. He is also the navigator!
  4. Here are the key command listings for IL Sturmovik updated to version 400.7c and current as of 15 June 2020. The commands are listed by category (Service, Pilot Head control, Main controls, etc.), in the order and in the format that they appear in the game under Settings -- Key Mapping. I have provided the listing in three formats; firstly a listing in as a Microsoft Word file, a Microsoft Excel file and as a PDF file. I hope these will be useful to the community. ! Default Key Mapping Listings Version 4.007c.zip
  5. If "Their Finest Hour" is the game you ar looking for, it can be downloaded here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/their-finest-hour-the-battle-of-britain-sb I have no idea if the game will run on windows. The original was made for MS-DOS, so you are on your own! Good Luck!
  6. This is an example of art imitating life concerning some of my modeling experiences!
  7. This appears to be the result of a secret Russian program to develop a new generation of light tank!
  8. Thank you and salute to Charlo-VR and dburne for your replies! Evidently, I was reading in the wrong places (old and outdated info) or not reading far enough (it's allowed: I'm a Senior). Once again, heartfelt thanks!
  9. I just bought the Oculus Quest and also a third party USB 3 cable as the Oculus is expensive. Hopefully, they will arrive this week. I thought I had done my homework, but I was unaware that a major design point of the Quest was the ability to have VR without having a computer connected. This design point didn't even come up since I wanted VR for flight simulation, specifically the IL-2 Great Battles series. None of the information about the Quest and IL-2 I read mentioned having to have a "Smart Phone" to link with and set up the Quest for the first time. I do not have a "Smart Phone" nor do I have access to one (I don't have a phone because I don't have any one I want need to call. Sad!) Anyway, the question that comes up is: can the Quest be set up to run IL-2 using Oculus Link software and the USB 3 cable without having a "Smart Phone"?
  10. Great Video! In an A10 Warthog you use flat turns (skidding un coordinated no ailerons) to keep the wingtips out of the trees and in a helicopter you're looking up from the cockpit to avoid wire strikes.
  11. From the Internet: 'BEWARE OF THE MOON' Incredible WWI RAF training posters reveal how to avoid being shot down by German fighter jets A FASCINATING set of photos used to teach young World War One pilots how to avoid being shot down by German planes have come to light - after more than 100 years. https://www.the-sun.com/news/751629/raf-training-posters-avoid-shot-down-german/ I found this article and thought it might be of interest to the BOX FC1 community. You will see that the headlines actually state "how to avoid being shot down by German fighter jets". That's what happens when you proof read using spell check! The individual posters can be downloaded from the article (place mouse arrow over picture, right click and choose "Save picture as" command from drop down menu). Enjoy!
  12. Thank you. I noticed it the other day since I use the launcher to access the forum as well as for launching the game!
  13. I no longer have a listing of articles (News, Developer Dairies, Etc.) displayed on the left side of the launcher screen. The graphic of the IL-2 is there, but no listings. Just curious if this was a change for everyone or just a bug in my system. Thanks! ❓
  14. On 11 November, one hundred and one years ago, the "Great War" ended. It is an anniversary that is recognized by people and countries around the world. Monday, the United States honors all veterans who have served in America's armed forces by celebrating "Veterans Day" as a national holiday! So on this year's "Veterans Day", I would say to my fellow veterans of all nations and all conflicts, no matter which side; Salute! And to those of you who may have shot at me, it is O.K. you missed.
  15. 'mericans (Yanks to the uneducated) do everything bigger and better than anybody else. Some patriot decided that the traditional turkey for our national Thanksgiving holiday could be deep fried whole in oil. Being a technologically advanced nation, our turkeys come frozen from the market! It would appear that the U.S. also leads the world in dumbass!
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