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  1. I have no words. I just hope everything gets better. Luckily, even if Trump were to be a Hitler, the congress and the people would stop them. What makes 1st world countries what they are is not their government, but the people's mentality. My best wishes!
  2. I think it's even predicted to end at above 1000% on December 31st... Don't let your country be sunk by corrupt politicians like ours was! I swear you'll regret it later! I pray for South Africa to follow the best path, away from thieves pretending to be politicians and soldiers defending them for minuscule benefits! Even if you feel impotent, like you can't make any change, just by letting others hear your voice on the matter you can help a bit. But don't ever stop to think if you should act when you feel that taking action is necessary! My best wishes for South Africa!
  3. Yeah, they're kinda like a pack... a pack (?) of hungry raccoons with under-average intelligence, but oh well... Thank you! I've been using flight simulators for 14 years now, and never had I both enjoyed them and needed them so much simultaneously. You bet! I'm already looking for the manuals
  4. Update: I currently own BoM and all of the Collector's planes but the Ju-52. Many thanks to Tzigy and an aunt of mine for helping me with that! Sadly, I'm out of upvotes for today... So... Yeah, the situation pretty much sucks. Sadly, right now nobody is doing much to stop the government but the people themselves. Political parties seem to be negotiating... Hopefully, everything will get better. Salutes!
  5. Get ready to feel like hit a truck... aaaaaaand... It's 14 USD per month I want to publicly and wholeheartedly thank Tzigy for gifting me BoM and the Macchi C.202. A warm salute and my good wishes!
  6. Oh, and I perfectly understand your doubts. "what assures me he doesn't want to do something else with the money?". You see, the 200 dollars goal is to buy almost everything that I haven't yet bought from the Il-2 store. It's kinda more like a "ultimate goal". To just buy BoM, 85 USD will do (bank charges 35 for transference). Have a great day! The money from the fundraiser would be deposited in a relative's bank account that is outside of Venezuela, then he'll probably just transfer it to my paypal. Sorry for not explaining that at first.
  7. Thank you all for your kind replies. I would love to do that, if I could.... You see, at the only available exchange rate, the minimum wage here is about 14 USD per month. That means I'd have to choose between eating for a month and a half, or buying BoM. I realize (thanks for that) that I need to explain myself better: The money from the fundraiser would be deposited in a relative's bank account that is outside of Venezuela, then he'll probably just transfer it to my paypal. Just to clear any further doubts (currency exchange restrictions can be very weird and confusing, even for us Venezuelans), here's more or less how it works and why I can't buy online: Almost a 100% of our export is oil, and the only oil company is owned by the government. This means that pretty much all of the dollars in the country are owned by the government. Thus, to be able to use dollars, you need to request the government to sell you a certain amount of dollars (at a more or less reasonable exchange rate) and assign them to a credit card. Unfortunately, due to the current crisis, these dollars are only being assigned to big companies/organizations, and people who go on vacation abroad (I don't have enough money for that...) The only other way to get dollars is to buy them through the "black market", which is nothing more than buying some dollars from somebody and paying them in VEF (venezuelan currency). Unfortunately, the exchange rate for this is over the 1000 VEF for 1 USD, meaning that BoM costs more than some middle-class citizens earn in a month. Amen to that. This is a really beautiful country, and it's just depressing to see it in such a detrimental state. Have a great day! That would be great! I haven't seen any giveaways recently, though. Thanks for the info! "But not really though." Hmmm.... The last time somebody received an inheritance from a high net worth individual from Nigeria, he got tracked by the Interpol for receiving a shipment of AKs and mortars *laughs in spanish*
  8. Hello! How are you? I am a Venezuelan citizen. Here, our government has pretty much forbidden us from buying on online stores that use foreign currency (i.e. dollars, therefore that includes the Il-2 Store) since about two years ago. I bought Il-2 BoS and both of it's collector's planes when this wasn't yet fully restricted, and to this day I still don't have words to express how much I enjoy it. (Update: I currently own BoM and all of the Collector's planes but the Ju-52. Many thanks to Tzigy and an aunt of mine for helping me with that!) Unsurprisingly, I want to buy BoM and if possible preorder BoK, both for personal enjoyment and because I know 1C-777 needs money to keep going on with the development of all these wonderful sims. Due to the already mentioned restriction, I am absolutely unable to buy these products myself, therefore I'll rely on your generosity to help me buy them. Anything helps! In case you want to help, I opened this generosity.com fundraiser where you can read the entire story and details, and donate if you feel like it: https://www.generosity.com/fundraising/help-a-venezuelan-buy-il-2-sturmovik-titles (The money from the fundraiser would be deposited in a relative's bank account that is outside of Venezuela, then he'll probably just transfer it to my paypal) Thank you very much for your time and have a great day! I apologize in advance if this shouldn't be posted here, I went through the forum's rules and nothing seemed to indicate that I can't post this. If this shouldn't be here, please contact me and I'll delete it right way! (I do realize that asking for funding for such a thing is kind of selfish, but then again, if your government didn't let you get something that you've wanted for several years, wouldn't you try other ways?) (for further explanation, see my next post below)
  9. Thank you very much. (Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation, Sokol) Because I couldn't seem to find much information online, I didn't know if it was a problem with the game or if it was just a historical feature. Specially because the key mapping used to be "Fire Machineguns" and "Fire Cannons" before it was changed to "Fire Weapon Group 1", etc. Should I delete my previous post to avoid obstructing the Devs in solving actual problems?
  10. Brief description: "Weapon Group 1" assigned to both cannons and MGs. Detailed description, conditions: On BoS, while using the Fw 190, pressing the button assigned to Weapon Group 1, intended to fire MGs, fires both MGs and cannons, while pressing the button assigned to Weapon Group 2 results in no weapons being fired at all. When using the Fw 190 equipped with Cannon Pods, firing the Weapon Group 1 will still fire both the MGs and the main cannons, while firing the Weapon Group 2 will result in only the cannon pods being fired. While this problem does not happen with neither of BoS Bf 109s with standard loadout, it does happen when they're equipped with Cannon Pods: When firing the Weapon Group 1, both the MGs and the Main Cannon fire simultaneously. When firing Weapon Group 2, only the two Cannon Pods fire, instead of all three cannons. Is this a feature? Or is there a way to assign only the MGs to Weapon Group 1 and all of the cannons to Weapon Group 2? I am putting this here because I have been searching for a solution for quite a while and have tried many different things, yet nothing seems to work. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Using Logitech Extreme 3D Joystick, latest version of BoS.
  11. Brief description: Game fails to Finish Mission if player's aircraft gets Critically Damaged while simultaneously reaching Exit Point. Detailed description, conditions: Was flying a Campaign Mission on the Ju-87 Stuka, the objective being to Bomb a Railway Station. Destroyed the objective (plane got hit by a few AAA) and climbed up to 3500 m. Managed to fly to the Exit Point but the aircraft got Critically Damaged due to overheating just as the message stating "You have reached the Exit Point" popped up. After that, when pressing ESC key, the menu said "Mission in Progress" (The menu's top was of orange color and said "Mission in Progress" even though the Mission's Objective had been accomplished) and the option which should have said "Finish Mission" said instead "Cancel Mission" as if Exit Point had not been reached. Furthermore, clicking on the "Cancel Mission" button would not perform any action and the plane had already crashed, thus I had to force close Il-2 BoS in order to get out of the mission. (The program didn't crash, it would simply not let me get out of the mission) Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Unfortunately, I didn't think about taking a screenshot at the moment. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10, Logitech Xtreme 3D Pro Joystick, latest version up-to-date of BoS.
  12. I'd say it was just too "weird" to be applied. Just think about it. If you were designing a WWII fighter and you had three options to counter the torque: Using an asymmetrical airfoil on the vertical stabilizer, making it's wings asymmetrical or adding trim, you'd have to be a little insane to choose the asymmetrical wings. Good thing the Italians were a little insane, isn't it?
  13. It's calculated so that at cruise speed and continuous power there'll be no net torque on the roll axis, as it is cheaper than adding trims. This annoys me a lot, though, since you need to maintain an elevator or rudder input when you are performing take off, approach or dogfight. Hope this helps clear your doubt. Greetings.
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