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  1. Great mision first fly i have been shodown over taget but bailing out all 3 members from Peshka. One friend crash to ground after divé bombing and one retreat to home field. Next fly we are only two. Atacking was sucefull but on way to home airfield two FW 190 ATACKING us one FW we shoot down. My pilot was killer and last Peshka burning. Good mision. In next mision Peshka need Cover :-)
  2. Two Peshka for me CSAF_Shephard, and CSAF_Tistar THX
  3. Upgarded skins for TAW for CSAF squadron download pleas https://app.box.com/s/gndcf3qdi24zvpey4otmtdax202tefnd
  4. My suggestion that the campaign was realistic. It's that tank column will occupy the city. Each such city will have a defense. Aircraft will have the task of protecting the unit, or destroy the defense of the city or attacking units. If the city was captured by the next mission will proceed to the next town. When not captured by any of units will be led counterattack. After the attack on the city would be sent the column to resuply atacking and defends units adding to counter attack. If the resuply fails, it will not be sent counterattacks, front does not move. Map have towns with factories, where supply of these units. If they are destroyed resuply will not be able to reap the benefits and thus the enemy. The airport will be lost from the moves the front and they'll be in the zone. Bombing the airport will wane number of possible aircraft spawn. And more.
  5. After I was shot down. My friend started to chase him and after it fired he disconnected. 02.11.2016 20:48:24 DAMAGED 0.776 Ju 87 D-3 Plane CSAF_Shephard 02.11.2016 20:48:24 SHOT DOWN Ju 87 D-3 Plane CSAF_Shephard 02.11.2016 20:48:24 DAMAGED 0.037 BotGunner_Ju87D3 Gunner CSAF_Shephard 02.11.2016 20:48:24 DAMAGED 1.000 BotPilot Pilot CSAF_Shephard 02.11.2016 20:48:24 KILLED BotPilot Pilot CSAF_Shephard 02.11.2016 20:49:40 PILOT EXIT
  6. SeveP had a high rank. And when he threatened that he would die so disconnected in the fight.
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