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  1. I recall, if you have an ideal line, it cannot be supported in more than two point. In order to have more than two points in contact, the line is required to be deformed in some degree.
  2. Given how much I seem to navigate by rail line, rail improvements are quite appreciated
  3. So did they fix the stutter? I'm actually seeing it is some other flat screen games too now, not just VR ones.
  4. As of the 1/24/21 driver and Il-2 updates the 6000 series GPUs are lagging behind the even 5000 series GPUs in Il-2,and are worse than a 10 series nVidia GPU. However they are comparable or better in FS2020 and DCS, so I suspect it is a software problem not a hardware problem. However, as it is a software problem that seems to be specific to the way it interacts with the Il-2 engine, I expect it is going to be some time before we could expect a resolution on either the RDNA2 drivers or the Il-2 software. Given how few RDNA2 cards are out their right now, I'd expect it
  5. Yeah, I entered after the price increase, but an $800 3080 is still less than any 3090. And given even the 3090 can't do 4k VR maxed out, I'm doubting that its going to be high end more than a couple of years. Right now Microcenter says it actually has a 3090 in stock for the last couple of days. It's $1800...
  6. For now yes, but we should continue to keep an eye on them as software develops. As I've pointed out elsewhere, right now the 6800 XT cards appear to be being out performed by 5700 XT cards, which have similar architectures, running at lower clock frequencies, and fewer cores. That simply should not be happening, and does not happen with the other main flight simulators, which implies there is some weird interaction going on specifically between Il-2 and the 6000 series cards. That said, given the availability, expected availability, and pricing, the question is probab
  7. If you take a look at the few 5700 tests in the roster, the 6800 XT is performing worse, which simply should not be happening given that the 6800 XT has both more and faster compute units than the 5700 XT. To me that says there is something specific that IL-2 does that breaks on the 6000 series. I wonder if it does something unusual that causes cache thrashing?
  8. @dburne You can check what chips are on the memories module using CPU-Z. What I would was both my Ripjaws V 3600 16-19-19-38 kit, and the TridentZ Neo 3600 16-16-16-32 kit I got were Hynix CJK dies. Apparently G.Skill switched some of the TridentZ Neo kits over to Hynix parts a while ago, so it's hit or miss. I returned the Trident memory and did a bunch of tweaking on the memory timings, but even getting it up to 3900-16-16 did not reduce my memory latency below about 63ns and didn't have any reliable impact on my frame rate, so I just resent everything back to the XMP profile. N
  9. @thermoregulator It also appears worse than the 5700 performance someone tested earlier. There is probably some sort of driver issue going on here. Especially since your CPU test is significantly under performing for that CPU as well. Hopefully AMD is able to get it sorted out, but looks like for now, the 3080 is the gold standard for Il-2.
  10. Thursday our local Microcenter had two 6900XT's in stock for $1300. I'm mostly looking to boost my fps in this game, so passed on them for now. From what I gather, the jet one has issues with the 3090 as well, so it may be more that just vRam. I finally decide to enter the the EVGA que for a 3080, so will see how long that takes. The jet one is supposed to be going to Vulkan by the end of the year, so who knows what we're really going to see, by the time cards are available. And, it's quite possible we may be seeing RDNA3 GPUs by this time next year, whic
  11. So, they do have dynamic resolution on the options however. I dialed mine down to 0.8, and it does give a health boost to minimum and average framerates. I haven't tried it yet in a mission (spent the last couple of weeks working on my computer upgrades and memory overclocking) so we'll see how well it works. Hopefully I'll see higher resolutions during the long parts of the flights and higher frame rates during the dog fights. We shall see.
  12. @PA_Willy That should do very well if you've already got a solid 3D card. That's basically what I've got right now with a 1080 Ti, and I'm getting >90 Fps on the CPU test, and >70 FPS on the GPU yes on double 1440p monitor. The only area it's weak at is VR with Max view range settings, but everyone has issues with that, unfortunately.
  13. As I understand it, they need to both collaborate with nVidia and then ensure that it does not impact spotting. Given the heat that spotting has generated, I imagine it is the latter that would be the most worrying. Also, it wouldn't surprise me if they needed to do it each time they added a major new art asset to the game. It is, as I understand it, generating an algorithm to regenerate high resolution art assets from lower resolution ones, and I imagine the AI algorithm generator would need to see the art asset to learn it.
  14. @mattebubben Have you run the Vander benchmarks on it? The one guy who did run them showed it to be only about 60% the speed of a 3080. That's why were asking people to directly empirically measure their rigs, because the one rig someone has actually tested on has been, objectively, slow. It may be an anomaly, but until *someone* else tests their GPU, we will not know.
  15. As near as I can tell it was very incremental development, though as I understand it, the D-5 was the first one with provision for water injection. RS Johnson's top scoring P-47 was a D-5, if I recall correctly, and I'm given to understand at the D-5 level, there were enough different retro fit kits available that you could bring it up to just about the D-22 standard. The D-25, however, introduced a ton of changes, including the bubble canopy, and significantly enlarged fuel, oil, and water injection tanks. Addendum: I'd really enjoy seeing a D-5 in the s
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