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  1. Voyager

    Icon rework

    Ok, so from a server side perspective, how much configuration is available for the icons? Can the pop-in distance be set? Friendly only, or different pop in ranges for friend and foe? Have some mad ideas for an unrealistic server }:D
  2. Voyager

    Graphics setting for long range terrain?

    Is there one for buildings, bridges and other ground objects? I'm ok with the trees being textures but the towns largely disappear at 20,000ft, even with the horizon set to 150km and distant landscape detail set to 4x.
  3. Voyager

    Publish an AI API?

    A proper interface is agnostic to the implementation of the external system. As long as the 'AI' surrogate supplies the correct inputs and does not depend on outputs not available in the interface, the 'AI' can be a hyper kinetic rabbit thingy for all we care. That's part of the beauty of a good interface; it could support anything from a conventional hard coded logic box to some insane self learning cluster. I'll leave off now. It's just a very pernicious error is systems engineering. Once you've defined an interface it cannot care or know what is on the other side of it beyond whether it is compliant with said interface. Creating additional conditions on the other side leads to inappropriate intimacy between the system and its exterior.
  4. Voyager

    When the P51 will be available?

    What makes it so difficult to model?
  5. Voyager

    When the P51 will be available?

    Ok, so what's the real difference between the various P-51D dash numbers? The impression I've gotten it that it was mostly cabin equipment and hardpoints, even though some games have used the numbers for engine performance differences.
  6. Voyager

    Flight school curriculum of the 56th?

    I've read the descriptions but I'm more interested in the grading criteria. Just because they were the test takers does not mean they have the answer key or retained everything. RS Johnson certainly did not go over navigation procedure in Thunderbolt!
  7. Continuing on my P-47 learning and got to wondering, what was the actual training curriculum that groups the ones that formed the 56th fighter group went through? And, could the core components be adapted to Il-2 Great Battles? Anyone know what sort of routines they went through?
  8. Voyager

    Graphics setting for long range terrain?

    Spasibo! I'll try that. Does that tend to be CPU heavy or Graphics card heavy? My CPU is on the old side but the GPU is recent.
  9. Voyager

    Graphics setting for long range terrain?

    That should give visibility at a 45 degree slant range up to 22,000 ft, so I should still be seeing stuff? Also, hadn't the visibility distance been bumped out to 40km? Or am I remembering that wrong?
  10. Been practicing navigation on the P-47 and discovered I don't have the graphics set right to display terrain objects when I'm cruising at 15,000 ft. What controls that, and what general distances should things be set to to support visual navigation in the 15-25kft range? Thank you Harry Voyager
  11. Having played both Warthunder and IL-2 BoBp on the same Occulus Rift, I can say that I can read the instruments in IL-2 when I can't in Warthunder. Il-2 also has a push button zoom function that I've mapped for looking at the smaller instruments. That said, I'm definitely looking forward to 4K IPS VR when ever that becomes a reality
  12. Voyager

    Publish an AI API?

    So if we limit it to Icons Only settings, I believe we do get 3D location information on any aircraft with range, and 2D coordinates of most other objects from the minimap. That supports the positional data. Vector data could be provided based on level of detail distances. I'm not sure there's a real problem with making the map geometry accessable; the maps are covered under copyright rather than encryption. While that doesn't yet address full realistic servers, one does not need to include everything at day one. Addendum: I'd honestly see this as something that one would seed out to grad students doing AI research. Extensions of the Google's AlphaZero have basically crushed all abstract games, but it's still an open question of how to handle more open ended tasks, and how to do it with less than a super cluster driving things in the background.
  13. Voyager

    Publish an AI API?

    At this point, without access to the source code, we do not know. The assertions I have seen have been that the AI pilots the plane under the same physics that we do. It is a valid point that I have never heard the devs assert that the AI makes decisions based on the same aircraft state data that is used to populate the player cockpit instrument data. I'm not sure that that necessitates a prohibition against providing the state data used to populate the cockpit, not am I certain it prohibits even providing a simplified state data, if that is what the current AI is implementing, though that would depend on what state data is being provided. Honestly I'd think the question of vision would be the sticky issue.
  14. Voyager

    Publish an AI API?

    I'm mostly thinking a program friendly input stream of data mirroring what's in the cockpit and an output stream that maps to the controls. They would likely also need the various difficulty settings, How vision works would need to be worked out, though.
  15. Voyager

    Publish an AI API?

    That depends on the degree to which it is entangled with the rest of the game systems. Reportedly the AI is issuing control inputs to the aircraft, rather than directly altering the state of the aircraft. If that is the case, an API would be largely limited to the control inputs we ourself have access to. To be honedt, that's a necessary predicate for an API to work. The thing is, the AI is not a profit center for this game; it is a tool. Good AI is necessary, but they can't just sell everyone an AI pack to fund dedicated AI improvement. Because it is a utility, rather than their core creative center, there are arguments to opening up to outside entities to make their own, so long as the good ones can be brought into the game. There is a game AI communities out there of people who wrote and grow programs to play games. I'm very curious to see what could come out of that.