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  1. Well I was going to be trying the VREM mod to try and see if I could force the system to reproject in my correct IPD, so I guess now I get to decide if that's worth it to never play multiplayer again. Thank you. Great job. Keep up the good work.
  2. Just seeing that is taking me back to my Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe days Now if only I can figure out a way to break up long missions into stages, of finagle a mid-mission save-state in...
  3. Wasn't the last surviving Battle of Britain Hurri found in a rubbish pile in India?
  4. I think the part you are missing is that it was a dedicated 2D user who was running the fight to get 3Dmigoto banned. Once you're hurling around accusations of cheating you really don't get to go back and then complain that people are upset with you for it. How would you feel if some VR user lead a campaign that got TrackIR banned?
  5. Dumb question but, have you tested to see if the engine actually fails when run in that condition? I've encountered an issue with the Techno chat on the P-47D where, once you get past around 7km the technochat does not report engine overheat situations until much hotter than the actual failure point is. The engine will still overheat and fail if the cylinder head temp is past the red line for too long, but the tech chat wouldn't go off until something like 10-15C hotter. So question is, when the tech chat is reporting an overheat condition below the listed red line, it is worth testing if the engine will actually fail, or if it will only fail at a higher temperature. We may need to treat tech chat more like the D2 character sheet, than ground truth.
  6. Type of improvement: Historical Accuracy/Miscellaneous Explanation of proposals: P-51B/C Rear tank available as an aircraft mod Benefits: GA&A noted in the P-47 Pt 6 video (Range and Treachery) that the P-51B/C aircraft did not initially come equipped with the aft fuel tank, but that it was available as a retrofit kit, which was later applied to most aircraft in the field. Making this an aircraft modification would allow the aircraft to be handled as both the balanced 180 gallon version, and as the later, unbalanced 260 gallon later war variants, such that the aircraft would be appropriate for both the early version, and late war version of the P-51B. It would also mean that the default version would not require the code necessary on the P-51D to set it to ~70% fueled by default to prevent the GoC issues.
  7. 1) GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 2) 436.02 3) No Only flew it on a Brisfit, so may not be representative, though.
  8. The human eye has a resolution of around 60 ppd, which we can more or less get to with a 4K display as the recommended viewing distance (though I think if we consider Nyquist we will probably want as much as 120 ppd for true eye equivalent vision). The HP Reverb, though one of the best commercial units on the market, only achieves around 20 ppd, so we should see clear improvements until at least three times its pixel density and marginal improvements until at least six times its pixel density. It's *very* impressive when compared to early VR headsets, but if you put someone in one who has no prior experience with VR they usually comment on how grainy it seems.
  9. I'm also going to point out that the 2080 Ti is about two years old and getting replaced this year. NVidia has already put the data center card on the market, and its something on the order of 60% faster (Wikipedia Votlta vs Ampere) we're likley to see significant jumps on the consumer side too.
  10. The deal with the 10900K is you should be reasonably able to boost up to 5.3 Ghz on single threaded applications. I'd think, for Il-2 purposes, this would be an effective 5.3GHz chip, rather than a 5.0-5.1Ghz chip we saw in the 9900K/9900KS That said, it appears that the 4.0006 patch had some significant performance improvements, and I haven't seen any looks yet on whether it has spread out the thread loading more, so testing is needed. Flight Sims are a different beast from AAA console titles, and have different requirements. We need to remember that when making comparisons.
  11. Do you have a link to the incident? Hadn't heard about that before and haven't been able to dig it up.
  12. Wait. Absolutely wait if you can. RDNA2 and Geforce 3000 are expected to come in around September to October, to preempt the console launches. The next generation of 3D cards is expected to be a *major* jump over everything that is out there. Go watch the UE5 demo. That's running on a PS5, which is using the RDNA2 equivalent of a Radeon RX 5700, non-XT. (~36 Compute Units of hardware.) NVidia is expected to counter with a gaming oriented version of the Ampier cards they just announced. (Those were data center cards with 128 CU equivalents, and the consumer parts are expected to be in 40-80 CU scale like the current RTX 2000 cards are.) And they are expected to be at least as powerful CU for CU as the RDNA2 parts are. The RTX 2000 cards are running on an architecture that is pushing 2 years old and are about to be replaced. NVidia has been able to keep the prices high because they have no competition in that market space, but they are about to have serious competition both from console and from AMD consumer parts. Buying the 2070 right now would be like buying the GeForce 970 four months before the 1080 To launched.
  13. @SeaWolf Rocket Lake is going to be a completely new architecture, not just another wave of Sky Lake. We really don't know what it's going to do.
  14. I do need to update my driver's for everything and re-run the tests. I do believe I'm seeing a significant performance improvement in this patch in VR (Zen 2), but it's been several months since I formally tested it. On going with a 9700, I'd recommend against that. The platform has reached its end of life. The Z490 boards are expected to support the Rocket Lake parts, and we really have no idea of that's going to turn out to be a massive performance jump or nothing. Also, if AMD has caught up to Intel this patch, and you do decide to go Ryzen, you'll want to get an X570 or B550 motherboard. I know AMD back tracked on dropping B450 support, but due to the technical issues, unless you have no plans of ever using Zen 3, it will likely be a logistics nightmare. Not the best briar patch to go tossing oneself into.
  15. Given some of the things that are coming out on the new consoles, we are more likely to see value from NVME drives in the next year or so, when some of the dynamically scaling* engines start heading towards PC games, but we probably aren't going to see that in the Il-2 or DCS lines until their successor products. It's very different than anything games have done lately, and you'd want to do entirely new art assets before you even considered going down that rabbit hole. Now, I've got a 7y old SATA SSD as my boot drive and an NVME as my games drive, and while I haven't seen much difference for gaming, if I need to move large files between drives, that has actually had a noticeable difference. If NVME drives are about the same price as SATA parts, its probably worth getting it anyways, than saving a few dollars by going with a SATA M.2 drive. *I'm not even sure it has a name yet beyond that thing the UE5 just demoed really, that's just the best way to describe what they were showing that I can think of.
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