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  1. What is your current hardware? For me, I found grass and clouds had no really impact on my fps, but mirrors and shadows were both significant.
  2. I've got the keys I need, but I can highly recommend I Could Never be so Lucky Again by Jimmy Doolittle. It is aptly titled. Also, for straight up fictional narrative: The Pied Piper
  3. Tunnel vision; locked onto a single thing and neglected to check six or my periphery.
  4. Hoping back and forth between the P-47 and the P-51 it really does feel like I can take hits in the P-51 that will send the P-47 home in a box. Just ran a set of QMB, all vs Fw-190A-5 with MG-FF cannons in both the P-47 and P-51. First one in the P-47 I tunnelled on a 190 and got my tail shot off. Second one in the P-47 I tunnelled, took a hit and the engine died not long after. Third run in the P-51, also tunnelled and got raked early and went into a spin but recover a and shot down six of the Fw-190's. That's pretty much the way it goes.
  5. I'm not sure it was actually that benefitial in the P-47. The razerback had a thin spine and deep scallops in the back so I recall from the original Il-2 that it had pretty decent rearward visibility, even for a non-bubbletop.
  6. The goal would be to have a structural model that could be tested, essentially to simulate battle damage and its effects. Point taken about the scale of doing the entire model. Though I'm not sure a couple of years is actually out of the question. How long have we been arguing P-47 damage modeling again? I'm thinking for these purposes one does not need the entire model all at once, and it does not need to be done entirely by a single person, though would need someone to handle quality control. Thinking either a wing spar model or a tail empenage model should be a good first test? Now I just need to find out what the typical damage test simulation methods are called...
  7. @SCG_motoadveWait, do they have full up CAD models of the bird? My mad idea is to build one up and see if I can do a finite element analysis of what happens to it under fire, and if reliable CAD models are already well under way, I'm thinking it would be better to start there than purely from blueprints.
  8. I'd recommend reading through chiliwili69's results: All that said, I'd think a 1660 Super should get you a good experience if you are running at 1080p, especially if i don't feel the need to run everything at High. How much Ram do you have? I'm thinking you probably would be happiest with 16gb.
  9. @343KKT_KintaroWait, was there ever a presumption that we weren't nuts? We're flight simmers here; I thought being nuts was a prerequisite?
  10. Doing some digging around, it looks like the 846 and 849th Naval Air Squadrons may have been operating in the Channel around Normandy during D-Day. We'll need to do more digging to see if either operated from land bases during that period, or if they were strictly carrier based. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/846_Naval_Air_Squadron https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/849_Naval_Air_Squadron
  11. So you've had good experiences with them? They were one of the hits that came up in my searches but hadn't dealt with them myself yet.
  12. If we can track down Fleet Air Arm Corsairs of Avengers that operated over the Normandy region we can make a good case to bring one or both of them in as collector's planes once the Yak-9 and Hurricane are done. I feel that the Fleet Air Arm, and the Corsair in particular would make very good collectors planes, partly because the FAA was always out of the limelight, and for the British Corsair, because it both doesn't really drive any major battles, but is very historically significant.
  13. Looking around for a good set of P-47D blueprints, either razor back or bubbletop. I'm seeing a number of different pay sights willing to sell them, either on DVD or by subscription and was wondering what other people's experiences with these have been? Good/bad/indifferent? I'm mostly looking for them in electronic form, or a form that I can get good, consistent scans from. Any recommendations for good sources? Thank you, Harry Voyager
  14. Turbo charger damage is modeled. During one of the earlier patches there was a bug that caused the turbo to speed up indefinitely, and after about 15m of over speed it failed. The overall effect was the same as just dumping the waste gates: i. e. you just got no boost, so not a huge failure mode. In theory it was possible for a gas or oil leak to spill into the turbine and catch fire, but I haven't seen anything indicating that that happened in service.
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