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  1. Any Il-2 dropped a 500lb bomb on itself and had the pilot walk away? Have any Il-2 that flew through a flak 88, the gun, not the round, and landed back at base? The Il-2 had heavy armpit and took a lot of chewing to bring down, but the things that P-47's collided with and got home again after is pretty ridiculous.
  2. True, but just because you are planning to scull, doesn't mean it works. In one particularly memorable practice flight I was planning to follow a river in the Kuban map to its head then cut south until I saw the coast. What I didn't realize was the head of the river was in the overcast layer I'd set in the mission maker. There's nothing that puts the fear of God into one quite like the realization that one is losing visibility with mountains in both sides of you...
  3. I would expect it to be rare to send flights in into overcast weather. You're running heavily on instruments, and it becomes very easy for aircraft to get lost or do controlled flights into hard objects.
  4. I've been flying quick missions with a heavy cloud cover layer at 1km, and haven't really seen the AI do any crazy cloud things. The battles pretty quickly separate into above cloud and below cloud layer fights, with the AI going up to then cloud cover, but not always wanting to go into it. I did have one above cloud dog fight where the AI kept dropping into the cloud layer to disengage and get some distance back. I don't think he ever attacked me from inside the cloud, but every other pass, he would go low and vanish into the muck and Bid have to find him all over again. It was quite a thing.
  5. Had my cat sit on that button while I was in a VR dogfight. Took me a but t figure out what had gone horribly wrong...
  6. This may not map entirely to Intel chips, but when I tried running with SMT disabled in my R7 3800X I lost a large chunk of frame rates, even though it is a 8 core system.
  7. @MegalaxAh thank you. I was thinking it referred to the vertical stabilizer, and was unaware it was the horizontal tail planes instead. In that case, I'm thinking the way to check would be to create a mission with the Typhoon static model on the runway, the taxi a Tempest up next to it and see if the tail planes are similar or significantly different.
  8. Was just looking at a screen capture of the static Typhoon in @ShamrockOneFive's article and realized we're probably going to get the same Typhoon as the staticodel: Typhoon style tail, bubble hood, and 4-bladed prop: https://stormbirds.blog/2019/12/14/best-guesses-at-when-hurricane-yak-9-and-first-normandy-aircraft-are-coming/
  9. Honestly, they would likely have has as bad or worse fatality rates with the F-4 though until they learned how to support modern fighters. I recall one of either the Air crew Interview or Fighter Pilot podcasts where they were interviewing an F-104 operator and he pointed out they were basically storing high precision parts out on tarps inn the rain because they didn't know better and were having significant system failures all over the place. The US armed forces went through the same thing in the 50's and 60's and the Navy at least ended up implementing the entire modern NATOPS system to cut down on the accident rates they were having. At least according to Wikipedia, it cut mishap rates from 54 per 10,000 flight hours to only about 2 prep 10k today. Fast jets get into trouble fast.
  10. The K-14 is marked in yards not meters, so you need to convert. Simplest way to remember is a meter is 39 inches and convert from there. In this case, 180 meters is 200 yards.
  11. I believe it was that, for French aircraft, pulling back on the throttle increased the power, and forward decreased it. I seem to recall something about the British receiving a batch of French F4F Wildcats that were rigged that way, and it drove them to no end of distraction until they either got them re-rigged or moved on to different planes entirely.
  12. Most bombers and GA aircraft have the engine controls on the center, so the pilot generally controls the yoke with their left or both hands, rather than being a right handed setup.
  13. What is your current hardware? For me, I found grass and clouds had no really impact on my fps, but mirrors and shadows were both significant.
  14. I've got the keys I need, but I can highly recommend I Could Never be so Lucky Again by Jimmy Doolittle. It is aptly titled. Also, for straight up fictional narrative: The Pied Piper
  15. Tunnel vision; locked onto a single thing and neglected to check six or my periphery.
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