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  1. I shot down a Stuka attacking me with machineguns on multiplayer. It was quite wasy too.
  2. The career details are as follows: Battle of Stalingrad, 27.08.1942 9th GIAP Leninsk This is a persistent bug, and it happens every time the mission starts on runway, and the player is not the flight leader. I started a new career with a different IAP, and it's the same.
  3. I have attached the mission file. Thanks again. Missions.rar
  4. Thanks, I will zip and upload the files this evening.
  5. Getting ready for take off for a bomber escort mission with a flight of Lagg3s lined up on the runway, ready for take off. The flight leader (AI), instead of requesting take off clearence, requests clearence to TAXI to runway, turns 180 degrees to taxi back to point where taxiway crosses the runway, and in trying to do so, bumps into other members of the flight, waiting on the runway for take off. This happens every time when the mission starts on the runway, so the only way to play career now is air starts, which is a bummer. I have a track (120 mb). Compressed it int
  6. I don't believe VR sets will come anywhere near to becoming standard equipment for gamers in the foreseeable future. I can't imagine wearing that thing on may head for more than 15 minutes
  7. And I want windscreen fogging, and the ability for the player to reach out and wipe it with a cloth, be modelled. It too was a very common practice during winter...
  8. This sim is worth every penny spent and more. Two thumbs up
  9. If it'd support coop play, I'd certainly pay up to USD 30 for a dynamic/semi-dynamic add-on campaign
  10. Don't take this the wrong way, but if you're having such a great time with those other sims, and despise many aspects of BoS, why not just move on, instead of wasting your time and breath here?
  11. I'm on GMT+2 and honestly, I don't remember seeing more than 5-6 folks between 20:00 - 24:00 on any individual DCS server that have WW2 birds (which are very few actually) over the past few months. My observation is, BoS multiplayer following is far stronger at this time than the other higher fidelity sims (i.e. CoD and DCS WW2).
  12. The summer is here, so that's another reason many folks are afk, including myself
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