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  1. A less important possible feature that I thought off, no big deal if you're not interested but after I saw a picture of a WWII plane (Tempest or Typhoon) passing through a puddle, I thought of getting puddles in the sim.


    Type of improvement: Graphics.


    Explanation of proposal: Make puddles for during and after rain on roads and airfields or airstrips.


    Benefit: Immersion.


    Have a nice day.



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  2. Custom skins are visible by other players if they have the skin themselves.

    Otherwise they see the default skin when you choose a custom skin.

    Therefor, you have to upload the skins you want to be viewed by others and if they download it and place it in the appropriate folder, they'll see the custom skin you're flying in.

    I hope this answers your question.


    Have a nice day.



  3. 3 hours ago, RedKestrel said:

    What does the ATA guage say when your throttle is at minimum setting (i.e. when its showing 10%). Also is the throttle in-cockpit forward from idle by any visible amount, or is it all the way closed? Maybe just an issue with the throttle not using full range of motion in the Dora...

    It's in idle showing 10% in techchat.


    Have a nice day.



  4. 5 minutes ago, EpeeNoire said:

    from my understanding, it is kind of a special position for one player on each side. that one player has access to additional information on the going ons currently in the mission (reconaissance and such) and has tools to "organise" the team (tells them to go defend bombers at XY, assigns ground targets to bombers &c.)

    OK, thank you. 


    Sounds interesting.


    Have a nice day.



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