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  1. I am happy with it.

    I'm not saying it couldn't be better, it may be the least best map they made but I'm OK with it never the less as it's still of good quality IMHO.


    Have a nice day.



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  2. 5 minutes ago, ROCKET_KNUT said:

    What do you guys think?

    Maybe it's part of the very early stages of the game when they didn't know for sure yet how many firing positions they'll need.

    I don't think it has anything to do with a hint towards heavy bombers.


    Have a nice day.



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  3. 9 minutes ago, 343KKT_Kintaro said:

    You mean yourself for example? the whiner who whines about whiners but who refuses to mention their nicknames?


    Be serious now, and stop polluting the forums.

    I don't see how I pollute the forums.
    I was only agreeing with somebody who stood against the polluting of the forums.

    Why would I mention nicknames, you can read the forum for yourself.

    Have a nice day.



  4. 14 minutes ago, DragonDaddy said:

    Yet people are already complaining about what they don’t like about it.

    Of all the great news we've got last couple of days, this is about the only thing that I find a pity.

    When the Pacific comes, it comes and we will see in the future what versions of the planes we'll get.

    In the mean while we get a very interesting theater again with planes that so many people have been asking for.


    Have a nice day and keep your planes in the air.



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