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  1. What if they would talk to Jafa maybe? ~S~
  2. Skinnable pilot would be nice, I think we should also get a female pilot than. Women used to fly in Russian airforce and it would be fair towards women in the community here. ~S~
  3. Online dogfight server. Online campaign. ~S~
  4. I used to have 3 dogs and countless cats, they're all either dead or didn't come home anymore. I still love those fourfeeters a lot but too much sadness involved when you have to say goodbey to them one day so I decided to call it quits for keeping pets. ~S~
  5. My best wishes to all of you. ~S~
  6. Glad to see a Chinese person in our comunity. Welcome. ~S~
  7. And for those who find the extra planes too expensive (which they are not), there's a massive sale in the ROF store, planes are 50% off untill december 30th. http://riseofflight.com/en/store ~S~
  8. Merry Christmas to all at the whole team and the users. ~S~
  9. Good news. Nice to see you all here too. ~S~
  10. You should both at least give RoF a chance. The base sim is free downloadable, you get 2 planes, you can still decide if you stay into it or not. What have you got to loose? ~S~
  11. Indeed, great news and nice to read that the map will be so big. ~S~
  12. I got RoF since the day it came out here in Belgium. ~S~
  13. I would love to see the P40 in BOS. It's my all time favorite airplane. ~S~
  14. For me, clickable cockpits are nice to have but not nescessary. I'dd rather they spent their time to develop the systems correctly like realistic navigtation among others. ~S~
  15. Same here, good luck with this new common project, I have actually always been hoping for this. ~S~
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