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  1. Pericles

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    "This forced us to find new technical approaches for character animation that open new prospects not only for the Tank Crew but also other projects." So there you have it - eventually we will have bodies as pilots and infantry will be present on the battlefields of IL2 BoX titles and Tank Crew.
  2. Pericles

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    My new mic is refusing to cooperate so I will not be flying. Have spent last 30 minutes attempting to fix but to no avail. See you next time hopefully.
  3. Pericles

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I'll take a Spitfire, thanks.
  4. I would never deny that Alpen glaciers are receding or that plants are growing more than before - those are facts. The only potential causes of these changes are warmer temperatures and more CO2 in the air. So we're on the same page. But it is folly to see this as a "crisis' or to attribute aviation disasters to climate change. JU-AIR and the pilot(s) are to blame for this disaster.
  5. I would not attribute these aviation tragedies to climate change. Why? Because there is no evidence that summer weather in this part of the world has changed "drastically". Want some evidence? Here: -Hottest recorded temperature in Europe was in 1977 (40 years ago) -Since ~1900 the earth's mean surface temperature has increased by 0.9 degrees Celsius on average (some places more, some places less) The notion that climate change (including human-caused) caused these events is preposterous, just as it is preposterous to claim that wildfires broadcast daily by the media are caused by climate change. The "experts" making these claims are shameless tools.
  6. kalbuth, if you are interested in having reasonable discussions about things, you have to get better at reading what those you are engaging with have actually written. Simply read my first and second posts in this thread and you will find that your post was unreasonable and unfounded.
  7. Pericles

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Ok thanks for the update Tip, looking forward to the return of FNBF.
  8. Pericles

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Can someone explain what the status of FNBF is? I can't find any detailed info in this thread. Is Tip going to return to weekly missions, maybe on a different day?
  9. So it seems most people agree that we should be able to ask our leader and/or wingmates what their position is. WW2 pilots with radios would have asked this kind of question a lot. danielprates seems to be the exception, thinking that this is "a bad example of what to emulate from il1946". His preference appears to be to order our wingmates to attack, stop attacking, head back to base, etc. I'm guessing he regards this as a "good example" compared to asking the AI what their position is. In any case, these are all orders/commands that I would like to see implemented.
  10. Not sure why you would ask that question given what I have written. To clarify: Will the developers add a command that allows you to ask the flight leader and any wingmates what their position is?
  11. I have been flying in career lately and the major thing that takes away from immersion is the fact that I cannot ask my flight leader or wingmates anything. The flight leader and other wingmates will let the player know things like when an enemy unit is around and when we are near the mission area, but you can never ask their position in order to find them if lost. Will the developers add a command that allows the player to ask the flight leader and any wingmates what their position is? For example, "What is your position". The AI would then say something like "Grid XXY, Altitude 2000 meters" or "Direction 20 degrees, Horizontal distance 400 meters from your position, Altitude 2000 meters" or something.
  12. Ok, I figured this out. If you want to fly without HUD but with flight leader's instructions and other plane-to-plane comms, as well as mission notifications, push when "H" in-game.
  13. Pericles

    HUD Settings Dissapear?

    Yes, I can confirm that the HUD settings are bugged: often when you make changes to "Settings", those changes don't actually take effect in-game.
  14. I have spent the last two hours attempting to start a campaign with the HUD settings that I prefer but I have not been able to do this. What I want: -To be able to see flight leader's instructions and "mission critical objective complete" notifications -No other HUD features (no indication of percentage throttle, no pop-up telling me that my landing gear is up/down, no ability to see my plane icon on the map, etc.) How do I do this? I have played the game for over 200 hours but I have never been able to answer this question by searching the forums (so I am posting here). Thank you in advance for your help. This question has never been resolved by the way:
  15. Thad wrote: "If this is correct.... the game AI is very, very important because it controls ones wingmen performance and all of the opponents units performance parameters. As a result, the games AI truly dictates the quality of the simulated experience for the player." I agree completely. Although improving the AI might be complicated and cost money, identifying what is wrong with the AI (how it behaves versus how it should behave) is not complicated at all: -When flying as leader with AI wingmen, I should be able to communicate with them and they should respond to my orders. They usually don't. -There should be landing orders and sequences as in IL2 1946, but there is not. -AI planes should not crash into the ground in unrealistic ways (i.e. when nothing is going wrong). Don't get me wrong, the AI is great at times, just not all the time.