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  1. tried out the AI on average for opponent, noticed the BF109s turn a lot harder, will now check out the rest and veteran and ace settings, certainly happy already guys with a more challenging workout.
  2. Guys its been a long hard road , now just about there. I have always followed the updates because I was always going to buy the finished product. Iam sure VR won't be far off for this product. This theatre North Africa apart from some representation as extras to IL2 1946 has certainly never been done to this level. This is one simmer in heaven.
  3. Which ones to fly first, for me tropicalised versions of aircraft spark my interest. I have my eye in particular on the Tomahawk, never flown one in simulation. Tropicalised Spitfire Vs , JU88C, Gladiator, and quite fancy being a gunner in a Wellington, the turrets look very well modelled. Tropicalised Messerschmitts will also be a joy to fly. Yes guys from a veteran simulation pilot a hearty well done!
  4. DD a day sooner than usual, excellent news on many fronts. I of course bought on pre order the 3 new collector planes, with a big eye on the Hurricane, cockpit looks up to the usual standards by the lads. Said many times Iam one of many who frets about the AI and it looks like another improvement ,come the next update- hopefully. First Normandy plane coming and one I wanted, and another vehicle for tank crew plus improvements to the game on the way. What Novice-Flyer says about a first for a female pilot model in a WWII era computer simulation sounds about right,can't recall any others. Anyway its been a good week, hopefully the goodies will be here 3 weeks or less.
  5. Jason and team , Incredible excitement over the next update, nobody expected not one collector plane but two. Changes to the graphics engine, but also informed over 50 changes etc coming in the update as well. Having a good long think to myself as to what that would include.
  6. Yes great video Jason , all the reality you can manage Sir we'll take. But this download in 2/3 weeks will it include other things and if so what?
  7. Yes this is a big improvement in the damage model that long needed fixing.Of course the trick as always is to get in close new DM or not you get your kill. Funny enough its one of the sound changes,which is when your plane is hit by a volley of machine gun fire and you hear every individual bullet strike plus the hit sound is now different that I think is pretty cool. Off now to try game update in VR
  8. Absolutely I would welcome and pay for a considerably improved Mission Editor. I remember IL2 1946 with mods and what the editor became, which certainly matched many of my needs.
  9. The detail in those ships is marvelous, and the flames too are very well done.
  10. One of my favourite JG54 skins, excellent effort Pat.
  11. Merry Christmas flight community. Enjoy the season, and think what 2020 will bring.
  12. I bought the 3 collector planes and Battle of Normandy as pre order. Iam looking forward to flying the P51 B/C , the Spitfire 14 , the Me 410 , but the JU88C-6 I find especially interesting and look forward to flying it. Okay I admit it Iam looking forward to flying all of them. Great to hear Jason that that pre order sales of Battle of Normandy are I believe in advance of Bodenplatte at approximately the same stage of development. I too as many did that perhaps the best of the Western planes mid to late WWII and maps of Western Europe were a niche that with present technology, engine etc, was going to bring in the money. Any chance at this early date of an idea of when the first of the Normandy planes , even pictures or and trailers of them may make an appearance Jason? That's right Jason absolutely hard core flyer here.
  13. My guess was exactly right, I knew the chance of Normandy being the next project was pretty high. Iam already pretty excited at the thought of a MK 14 Spitfire , Mosquito , a Mustang B/C-I thought was a long shot but there you are, Typhoon-yes,another BF109 and FW190-bring it on. But before that collector planes , and I will purchase those in the next few days.
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