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  1. Of course we knew the Yak 9 and the Hurricane were coming, so excellent in having them confirmed. Absolutely will be taking up pre order for both planes in a couple of weeks Jason. One thing I like about planes of this era are of course the paint jobs, and as I remember Il2 from before, the Soviet painted Hurricanes were pretty handsome. Yaks as other Soviet planes, were similarly attired as the war progressed of course. Then comes the flying, a Hurricane made after Cliffs of Dover and a Yak 9 made now, with its battle reputation should be worth the wait until the first half of next year.
  2. Be careful then because I was doing exactly the same thing on this site.I was halfway through getting older skins I thought I had missed then suddenly without warning my problem that I described started.Obviously if there is something amiss its in the older skins,now nothing on this site can I get to download but the latest skins work for you, so maybe a trip tomorrow to the computer shop for a little clean.
  3. Starting to get a This Page Isn't Working' and underneath HTTP ERROR 400 , this is what Iam getting trying to download any of szelljr skins. Anybody know what is happening?
  4. To be honest I have my favourites yes and when I bought an Oculus Rift S they became more so. FW190 A series and BF109 series. specifically equal at FW190A8 and the BF109G6. Don't know exactly, just the way they look and the cockpit presentation that you appreciate more in VR.
  5. Well done Flowbee_603, got your skins in my file already. Wish I had your skill!
  6. Sublime. Since you have a soft spot for Jet aircraft from the 60s to the 90s does that mean you are going to suggest Vietnam, and of course Phantoms?
  7. I think Russian language written on the sides of Russian tanks and planes to the Western eye, looks pretty cool and certainly unique.
  8. Thanks for the skins, will enjoy playing them on my favourite plane in Flying Circus.
  9. Fair enough you don't want the jets of today I can understand easily enough. If you looked at my earlier posts you would see that my first choice for new project was Normandy 1944. This is because my first love in military aviation is WWII followed by WWI, and I think that Normandy would be a good choice because I don't think its been done the way 1C Games Studios could do it.Also it encapsulates what Jason and the team are doing with tanks, as Tank Crew and the opportunity to expand that genre from 6th June 1944. I mentioned present day NATO versus Russia because its an attractive subject and I like these jets as well, but not as much as propeller craft from WWII.
  10. Why are you guys arguing about a theatre of war and we don't even know what it is yet for IL2s next project. It won't be us that's making the decision will it? As for my present day Hornet, Lightning, Eurofighter, SU27 , SU35 , MIG35 suggestion you are missing the point by saying there's DCS Iam talking about what makes the difference between a great sim and an average one certainly when there is a crossover of the same theatres. There's gameplay , graphical quality -ok better spec machines , the immersive experience and what it means to you , either clickable cockpits or not- I prefer not , Now there's VR to consider , everyone can chip in at this point and name their thing that makes it for them. In a sense that at least I like I think IL2 can provide a better immersive experience than DCS and that's why I suggested it as an option.
  11. Jason if you are watching why not something present day as much as could be done.Russia v NATO , Lightning , Hornet ,Eurofighter , SU27 , SU35 , Mig35
  12. Of course great anticipation of what comes next. I will just be philosophical when the answer does come.For some they will say I told you so, others will say not my first choice but I will take it, and others basically oh no! When Operation Bodenplatte becomes Battle of Bodenplatte, now going on for many months and turns into four maps of the seasons of the year, and we buy into that,we'll buy into anything. I have no trouble with this as I always thought the weaknesses of IL2s latest manifestation was not just for me AI but too few maps. So whatever is the next project I will certainly be amongst the first to buy it and no doubt the quality will be top notch.
  13. So many different opinions,the truth is of course we don't have much of a clue. For a simulation pilot like myself and yourselves the wait is of course absolute murder. Once again Iam going for Normandy. The period is roughly comparable to some other scenarios as time period goes, at least long enough. Maps, again we wouldn't need the complete range of seasons. I think Normandy would be a good choice when the experience would be done in some depth. Tank Crew, as I stated before, good options to expand the title.
  14. People starting to mention Normandy more and more.Certainly if you think about it , it covers quite a timeframe in terms of years. Would include much of Tankcrew with scope to expand it. Ships also would be very varied and many. Aircraft variations from about 1942-44 are options.
  15. Absolutely hoping for Tuskegee skin
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