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  1. Absolutely hoping for Tuskegee skin
  2. Are we not on the home straight with Bodenplatte? Can we not see the finishing line? Correct me if Iam wrong but isn't it probable we will be told about the next project at the end of this year? We are told in the DD that pre order this year in our hangers next year. So with a small team cannot see time and resources being used on collector planes that take too long to produce if the new project is underway. you never know I could be wrong but logically has to be single engined planes. I have seen peoples speculation on what the collector planes will be, cannot think why they would be Soviet, surely first choice they would be something to do with Bodenplatte Iam thinking that best for me would be a Spitfire XIV and P51B Mustang, but if they are to be Soviet a Yak 3 or 9 would be welcome.If German a Storch would be nice.
  3. Yes excellent DD! Particularly excited by collector planes, always a good way for the team to go,we're all very excited Iam sure.
  4. Sure we were told at some point that when the team are looking at more sophistication to produce ,cost, time to produce, we are looking at twin engine aircraft and jets. Most likely we are looking at single engine aircraft,take your pick.
  5. Yes I would be very interested that you do this project.Although I would ask that you split the download down
  6. Can't get the gunsight reticle to work in the FW190A8, tried going to autopilot and still no luck,assume its a bug.
  7. szelljr is there any chance you could do some Yak 1Bs and La5FNs, your choice of camouflage. Thanks!!!
  8. Can anybody help? Every time I take off in the FW190 Iam always a burning wreck at the other end of the runway. How do you take off in the FW190 properly?
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