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  1. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    bf109 canopy eject

    Are you kidding?
  2. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    , @E69_geramos109 These are my conclusion after comparing @LizLemon picture, with the real G2 armoured windshield technical drawing. I think that we have the blind angle of upper windshield bar, doubled by the wrong 3D modeling. What do you think?
  3. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    Que os parece el K-4

    Esto que hacia el MUSTANG ..¿se llama bailar la polka?? ..y yo que pensaba que era un "cheto" jajaja :-) No nos olvidemos al consabida tendencia al "hachazo" de las alas de flujo laminar del P-51, que tenia al hacer giros cerrados, espero que aquí en el BoX se modele correctamente, y no ocurra como en video del DCS WWII que he puesto ahi, ..que me encontré a ese P-51 que giraba mas que un I-16, jajaja 😄 Os recuerdo que el P-51D a tope de combustible, con el deposito trasero lleno, era un ladrillo, que apenas podía maniobrar, ..a ver que nos hacen aquí. 😉
  4. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    Bf109 3D cockpit model not accured

    Our virtual squadron performed some cockpit tours to Spanish Messerschmitt in the Cuatro Vientos Air base Museum in 2014. You can see the diferences in the video taken by III/JG52_Tuckie, in a original Ha-1109-J, (Named also Ha-1112-J1L with weapons installed) a Spanish built version of the Bf-109G2, used in Sidi-Ifni war.
  5. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    And decreases the speed a lot of.
  6. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    109 dog fighting and stalling

    Do you have any video of a real life aerobatic Yak using or opening the landing flaps in any aerobatic maneuver? ... RC model planes are not valid. The use of the landing flaps in aerobatic IRL Yak´s is very dangerous because the aircraft become nose-heavy, and drain a lot of speed. .. and you know it. Several accidents was occurs due to this, the last in 2015. [edited] P.S.: the same is applicable for Spitfire and Fw-190, and rest of the airplanes with powered deployment flaps.
  7. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    Dear devs: Is there any unknown reason because the "motor-canon" of the K4, don't shoot together with the gunpods canons in the WIP picture? or the K4 is borning with a congenite bug? thanks in advance for reading.
  8. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    Fokker Dr.I Discussion

    I´m very amazed to read this, .. Do you need fly the Dr-1 with forward stick pressure, at all speeds of flight, fast and slow? .. even at low speed during landing flare? what about the Weight & Balance? Do you need forward stick pressure flying with more weight in the nose?, Hav you try with the real machineguns & ammo., more fuel, a girlfriend in your lap ,etc) ?? But "to shake the guns around the target" is not good for spreading bullets on it? ... I ´ve read about a simple aircraft gunnery practice of doing zig zag, with smooth rudder inputs for sweep the target with bullets. It would be difficult in the real Dr-1?
  9. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    MW50 weird behavior

    Yes, ..but 1,98 ATA Is NOT "nice fantasy" for a DB-605
  10. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    MW50 weird behavior

    No, ..it´s the real performance in the K4, with C3 (96 octane) 1.98 ATA, 2000hp at 2800 rpm, at sea level. and 1800 hp at 4900 mts. http://kurfurst.org/Engine/DB60x/DB605_datasheets_DC.html
  11. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    DB 601/x limitation of poweroutput

    I think that this device named, "endbegrenzungsschalter" ( end limit switch) work like rpm limiter, and as a temporiser, permitting over rev the egine at during one minute. am I right?
  12. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    MW50 weird behavior

    You're wrong. The DB-600 had only a mechanical one gear compressor, and carburettor. DB-601series onwards had hydraulic Föttinger coupling. there aren't second gear. it select the apropiate spinnig speed from zero (no oil inside ) to 10:1 (full of oil).
  13. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    MW50 weird behavior

    The supercharger coupling of the DB-60x series, have not "second gear" because it have a Föttinger hydraulic coupling, who provide a infinite mechanical relations, in other words infinite gears. Maximum spin relation between the crankshaft and the compressor impeller is about 1:10
  14. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    MW50 weird behavior

    The three conjugated system who regulated the inlet manifold pressure of the DB-601 and DB-605 engines series were the same for all. The manifold pressure still the same from sea level to the compressor ceiling altitude. The ram air pressure, do not affect to manifold pressure until the compressor ceiling (rated altitude), because ram air was taken prior to the compressor. The compressor speed is regulated in accordance with manifold pressure. If the ram air pressure increase the manifold pressure, the boost control, and the compressor speed control, will reduce the compressor speed for compensating the final manifold pressure. A.T.A means "Absolute Atmospheres", it is not in reference to exterior pressure of the system. The exaggerated ram air influence in manifold pressure of the G-14 in game, is clearly a big bug.
  15. III/JG52_Otto_-I-

    MW50 weird behavior

    In accordance with this chart of DB-605AS , the 1.7 ATA manifold pressure was constant until 6,8 km of altitude.