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  1. A PC game can "emulate" the real visibility with several technical tricks. I think it is not easy, but is possible. Of course, if devs focuses in fixing the problem prior to generating more and more new contents. I think spotting and visibility it is very important in an air combat simulator, because the first to see the enemy, have the advantage in the combat.
  2. i'm boring of so many experiment, with high and low resolution, many graphics set up´s, reshade ON/OFF , ..and new 1.000€ progressive wide fov reading glasses too... finally the problem is the same; a big dot contact at about 4 km in the horizon become tinier with zoom in, even disappear. I'm able to see in my job an ATR-72 (similar size of a B-25) at 5 to 10 km of distance without problem, in the game it´s not possible. By the way the zoom works better at distances below 2 km, after the 4.006 re-re-re-patch, but i think the airplanes still looking smaller in game than in reality, at same theoretical distance.
  3. if they are developing a true simulator, they must think who is his "target customer", and forget all child comments. We are many aviation professionals and real pilots here, who enjoy flying a warbird in combat, as reallistic as possible. We want to spot an airplane in game at same distance that we can see it in reality.. Are we asking an impossible thing?
  4. I think you are right, it seem like a excessive inertia of the airplanes in game, or lack of propeller drag. by the way, what do think about flaps behavior in game, Vfo, Vfe, etc?
  5. I´m amazed how a VR user who stating that the game is "wonderful" in VR and need to develop a "cheat" because if not as VR user is blind in the game, ...instead of report the problem to developers for improving the game. In your question "what will be the future ?" ..of course you never think in the possibility of the developers improving the game, .. and your Mod-Cheat will not necessary for VR. ..am i right?? Moreover you are accusing of "trolling" to an old-school virtual pilot like @E69_geramos109 , who is historically famous in this community for fairplay and his constructive critics.
  6. playing more with your graphics settings?? ... Are you suggesting that default setting in "ultra" is not the optimal configuration?? why are you thinking that??
  7. Please try to do same snapshots without reshade, ..if you are able to uninstall the reshade completely, without reinstalling the game. Default spotting is worst than your pictures, at 1920x1080px whiout reshade in my PC, ( intel i7, 16Gb ram, GTX-1660TI).
  8. Many of us who are already over 40, need reading glasses, and that does not fit comfortably well in the VR headset. I still squeezing my eyes, trying to pursuit a pixel in this game, like when we played the old "F-16 falcon" in my old PC-XT with 320x200px monochrome monitor in 1987, but now, i´m not a child plenty of health, and my eyes suffer this . .. its a shame that we have the same problem after 32 years, with six-times better resolution monitors and GPU´s thousand-times powerful, and users need that cheat like Migoto for spotting a airplane decently, due to in game view zoom doesn't work properly. Thinking in the eyes health of all users, it will be better that developers fix the game spoting and zoom, ...and ban the 3D-Migoto and similar ultra-vision cheat MOD´s
  9. I´m sorry, .I had not read Kendo's post because your post announcement, popped-up first, in the forum webpage.
  10. Soo What's the reason because AI´s airplanes behavior different, with different damages, than human-piloted in MP, for similar weapons hits? Do you know this? And yes, This topic is about the efficiencie of ammo in MP, ... but... Who cares how the ammo hits damaging an AI airplane in SP, if that damages are different than human-piloted airplane.?? I ´ve explain my point correctly ??
  11. Sooo neither tests SP or MP are completely useful?? .. because it´s very know that in SP mode, the AI airplanes behavior is completely different to human-piloted airplane in game. AI´s planes seem stronger ussally than human-piloted in Multiplayer. And your are saying that MP tests, are not usefull too. What´s the solution?
  12. It's very know that Germans flown at high altitude, even they did bombing raid over england during Battle of Brittain with their Ju-86s at 42000 ft (12800 m) escaping from Spitfires over-climbing them. https://www.historynet.com/luftwaffes-high-flying-diesel.htm Moreover, usually many pilots fly at hight altitude 5000 to 7000m (19700ft to 23000ft) in CombatBox server, eluding the AAA, or draging the dogfight to best performance altitude of his airplanes .
  13. Well, .. same here, ... What do you think about the Pony Damage Model? it seem almost bulletproof.
  14. I think that fliying circus in single player have nothing to do whit we are talking about
  15. In acording with German wartime reports, one MK-108 hit, was enought for shootdown a fighter, and 5 hits were enought for shootdown a four-engines bomber, such as B-17, or B-24.
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