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  1. I don't know if you have drive a sport car any time in your live, but i´m pretty sure that there are many sport car with the cockpit more cramped that a Bf-109. Do you know that it needed to remove the steering wheel for enter in a Formula-1 car cockpit?? By the way, ... why do you think the Spitfire have a lateral door for access to the cockpit?? ..really do you think that Spitfire cockpit have a lot of more room than a Bf-109?? Really do you think that you can moving a lot when you fit and tight the seat harness in any warbird?? You must would be know that a one fu
  2. I´m agree, It would be a little more realistic than a strict timer. The engine damage model in game at present day is a joke You forgot one important thing. there is not two piston engines who dead instantly at same time, even causing the same failure in both simultaneously, unless you cut the wires of the ignition system or magnetos a same time,. ....and in that case, the engine with more carbon deposits in the cylinder head would be stopped a few seconds later. There are many cars torture videos in YT where you can see what i'm referring. By the way, the WWII aircraft in-line
  3. what did you with my 1800 kg bomb?? ..do you used it as roll-on deodorant?? a for a barbecue?? 😄
  4. How can a enemy tank arrives to a friendly airfield? ..The friendly tanks are not warned by the server, like pilots are warned when enemy plane is attacking a friendly target?
  5. we have a problem with "tanks gamers". They have the new fad to camping near an airfield, usually undercover in the forest, shooting aircrafts just when they respawn, killing virtual pilots without any defend possibility. Several team-mates ussally take the iniciative to find and bombing the tank in the forest, ..but with a poor success. Due to trees and tanks are undestructibles in game. After launch several SC 1800 kg bombs with Stukas, the trees still in place like nothing happens, and T-34 tank (human driver) is only suffered a few damages. How many tonnes of bombs are needed for ki
  6. Low wing loading means slow airplane, and lower turn radius, but in other hand more parasite drag at high speed. The best aerodynamic solution for these problems, is a design with a high wing loading and low parasite drag, for flying at highter speed with less engine power, but equiped with lift augmetation devices ( automatic slats) for better turning radius at low speed, ... casually as Bf-109 K4 had.
  7. Obviously you have NO idea about the weapons system in a Bf-109. Machineguns and motor cannon had several points of convergence vertical and horizontal with total convergence setting of 400 m. I.A.W. Bf-109F weapons manual. ...By the way ...it´s same for other BF-109 G, K, etc.
  8. It's very know that the Spitfire suffered problems with the stick low forces in the elevator. Many wartime reports stated the easy tendency to accelerated stalls and spin in Spit Mk-I to MK-V, if the pilots didn´t used the elevator carefully in tight turns. Moreover several pilots killed trying to recover dives, when elevators surfaces were ripped in the pull-ups. For these reasons Spitfire Mk-V and onward, was equipped with the "bob-weight" a counter weight who prevent the over command of the elevator in high G´s manoeuvring.The elevator horn-balance was modified too in later series.
  9. Thanks to devs for finally fix the problem reported by the community. By the way it is not necessary keep it in secret when fix a bug. This fact of fix bugs give a more prestige to theirs work.
  10. I supposing that we the rest of the virtual pilots who loves to fly historically realistic air combat but enjoying each successed sortie that you don´t included here, ..are normal pilots?
  11. Same for Bf-109 G with "tall tail" modification, or with or without DB-605 AS, AM, or ASM engines.
  12. I think these names "early" and "late" are a bullshit. Why not a comparison with P-51d "early" and P-51 "Late", .or with Spitfire Mk.IX "early" and "Late", .. data from Warthunder?? Bf-109 G-6 had several modifications or Rüstsätze (conversion kit) , but it was the same airplane. Several of these modifications were standardized in the Gustav AS, G6/AS, and G-14/AS types, prelude of the G-10, but both are not modelled in game. According with "G6 family tree" from J.C. Mermet book, G6 "late" did never exist. Why we have in game a Spitfire Mk.IX with a optional Merlin 70 engine, and
  13. Por cierto, la traducción correcta a español de la palabra inglesa "BOOST" cuando nos referimos a motores de pistón es "Sobrepotencia", no es impulso. En el caso del reloj del Spitfire que indica "BOOST PRESS" seria en español "Presión de sobrealimentación" Te lo digo, porque en muchos aviones del juego sale en el "tecnochat" el cartelito "impulso on" o "modo impulso", cuando debería poner "Sobrepotencia activada".
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