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  1. I think that fliying circus in single player have nothing to do whit we are talking about
  2. In acording with German wartime reports, one MK-108 hit, was enought for shootdown a fighter, and 5 hits were enought for shootdown a four-engines bomber, such as B-17, or B-24.
  3. @Jason_Williams this is my video Contacts at medium distance almost disappear when apply zoom in
  4. @Jason_Williams We don't pretend to spot a small airplane in the game more than 10 km away, because It´is almost impossible in real life. But the contacts visibility problem at short-medium distance range exist, and many of us suffer it. You can see the problem in this video taken by @E69_geramos109 ..I'm working for search other explicit examples about the zoom problem right now. @Jason_Willians If you don't suffer this visibility problem, I think that It would be very interesting to know your graphics settings. I think, that It would be better if that "perfect spotting" settings, would be added, in the game "default settings".
  5. . Basically the problem is that airplanes within 1 to 3 kilometers, that we see as a single pixel, disappear when do zoom-in instead of grow the pixels. People are explaining the problem here..
  6. I think that after last ptach, the zoom is inverted, becase when you see a contac in the horizon ( the pixel of a far airplane ) and you push the zoom key, the pixel dissapear, or it make smaller. The zoom only work prpertly when the arcraft are near, about 800 metres of distance. At medium distance withing 1 to 2 km. the zoom is inverted, aircraft seem small with zoom in or almost dissapear. By the way, it is more easy spot the shadow of one aircraft near you, over the ground than the aircraft who own the shadow. It is a shame.
  7. @-=NT=-Baur, What do you mean?? .. I must wait, or i can buy the VKB Gunfighter because there will not other options
  8. Aaaand;... what happend with G[6]-AS, or G-10 ?? ... As everyone will already know "G6 late" never existed. By the way; there was only little differences between all Gustav series and Kurfurst series. I.A.W. real Bf-109´s Manuals, The main difference was the engine, and associated systems. I think that it's is not an enormous developers work, because they have several Gustav´s modeled done yet.
  9. Anybody noted that silver polish aluminum skin of a real P-51 shine a lot of more in a sunny day, than we have in game?? these shine flashes can be seen from miles of distance, in a real airplane. ...and of course a lot of more than an aircraft with matt mimetic paint. This pictures was screen capture from the folowing video of a real P-51
  10. I like this one, ..it's possible purchase one like this?? ..
  11. @-=NT=-Baur I need a new joystick, ... what about the new Virpil KG-13 replica???
  12. @Ger An bailing out from a Spitfire was more difficult than a Bf-109... see this video.
  13. I'm agree with you, ...but it's well know that is very difficult to bail from an aircraft at more than 500 kph.... that is the reason becase Germans developed the ejection seat, for He-162, and an air-breaking parachute for Me-163 komet. The Bf-109 had a spring-loaded ejectable canopy, from first models in 1937. .. the pilot could bailed out easilly, loosing his belt, and pushing the stick forward helping him with negative G's, ...but he couldn't do it at 500 kph or more, because the aerodynamic pressure push him inside the cockpit.
  14. Same here, ... and my pilot-doll have been killed many times with shoots from rear, without no damage in the armored glass headrest of the Bf-109G or K.
  15. I think that, it is a little geometrical difference, but it is placed in the worst place just in front of the pilot's eyes. By the way, the REVI gunsight seem a little lower in game, than in the wartime pictures.
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