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  1. Aaaand;... what happend with G[6]-AS, or G-10 ?? ... As everyone will already know "G6 late" never existed. By the way; there was only little differences between all Gustav series and Kurfurst series. I.A.W. real Bf-109´s Manuals, The main difference was the engine, and associated systems. I think that it's is not an enormous developers work, because they have several Gustav´s modeled done yet.
  2. Anybody noted that silver polish aluminum skin of a real P-51 shine a lot of more in a sunny day, than we have in game?? these shine flashes can be seen from miles of distance, in a real airplane. ...and of course a lot of more than an aircraft with matt mimetic paint. This pictures was screen capture from the folowing video of a real P-51
  3. I like this one, ..it's possible purchase one like this?? ..
  4. @-=NT=-Baur I need a new joystick, ... what about the new Virpil KG-13 replica???
  5. @Ger An bailing out from a Spitfire was more difficult than a Bf-109... see this video.
  6. I'm agree with you, ...but it's well know that is very difficult to bail from an aircraft at more than 500 kph.... that is the reason becase Germans developed the ejection seat, for He-162, and an air-breaking parachute for Me-163 komet. The Bf-109 had a spring-loaded ejectable canopy, from first models in 1937. .. the pilot could bailed out easilly, loosing his belt, and pushing the stick forward helping him with negative G's, ...but he couldn't do it at 500 kph or more, because the aerodynamic pressure push him inside the cockpit.
  7. Same here, ... and my pilot-doll have been killed many times with shoots from rear, without no damage in the armored glass headrest of the Bf-109G or K.
  8. I think that, it is a little geometrical difference, but it is placed in the worst place just in front of the pilot's eyes. By the way, the REVI gunsight seem a little lower in game, than in the wartime pictures.
  9. I've suffered several times a feel that you hit a enemy aircraft with a cannon burst, but the enemy stay flying like nothing happens. Fruit of causality, i've capture the track of one of my combats in Berloga server the last august 8th. I amazed when studied the images, how a Lagg-3 can survived in combat, to several cannon hits, in his port wing fuel tank, and after midair crashing with the tail section ripped from another airplane. I've asked to other virtual pilots in FB groups, and they tell me that several of them suffer similar issues, flying Axis or Allies airplanes indistinctly. I've decided reporting here for knowledge of developers, and for asking if it is possible a solution. I´m does´not sure if it is a bug, or a cheat. Thanks for read.
  10. pos yo quiero Li-2/C-47´s ...y nada, no los ponen
  11. Materials?? ...it wil be somthing like this ?? ...or better ??
  12. By the way, is there any picture of the VIRPIL KG13 replica grip??... prototype or something??
  13. Pues si, segun mis libros, el G10 igualaba en prestaciones al K4, ... y respecto a Spitfire Mk-XIV, se fabricaron pocas unidades, dió problemas de motor, y tenia peor maniobrabilidad porque era mas pesado, y con mayor carga alar... ¿realmente quieres eso @-332FG-Ursus_ ?...¿un Spitfire para b&z, y que rompa el motor con facilidad?... yo no le veo futuro.
  14. Obviously a good quality plastic material, with a good finishing would be always better (for producer and for the customer), than a bad metal, prone to corrosion, cracks, and other shits. Baur, i think that you know well, or not? 😉
  15. I´m agree that Kg13 is very specific product, for WWII warbirds, because you don´t need more buttons in your stick that you have in the real warbird stick. I suppose that nobody would buy a KG13 replica for playing in StarCitizen or any other space game. ..But contrary to many people thinks, a dozens of different airplanes, Germans and Russian had KG13 grips or a copy of them in the control stick.
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