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  1. Thanks to devs for finally fix the problem reported by the community. By the way it is not necessary keep it in secret when fix a bug. This fact of fix bugs give a more prestige to theirs work.
  2. I supposing that we the rest of the virtual pilots who loves to fly historically realistic air combat but enjoying each successed sortie that you don´t included here, ..are normal pilots?
  3. Same for Bf-109 G with "tall tail" modification, or with or without DB-605 AS, AM, or ASM engines.
  4. No my friend, they called it G /AS, in official documentation, and manuals..
  5. I think these names "early" and "late" are a bullshit. Why not a comparison with P-51d "early" and P-51 "Late", .or with Spitfire Mk.IX "early" and "Late", .. data from Warthunder?? Bf-109 G-6 had several modifications or Rüstsätze (conversion kit) , but it was the same airplane. Several of these modifications were standardized in the Gustav AS, G6/AS, and G-14/AS types, prelude of the G-10, but both are not modelled in game. According with "G6 family tree" from J.C. Mermet book, G6 "late" did never exist. Why we have in game a Spitfire Mk.IX with a optional Merlin 70 engine, and clipped wings instead of Spitfire Mk.IX "Late" ??
  6. Por cierto, la traducción correcta a español de la palabra inglesa "BOOST" cuando nos referimos a motores de pistón es "Sobrepotencia", no es impulso. En el caso del reloj del Spitfire que indica "BOOST PRESS" seria en español "Presión de sobrealimentación" Te lo digo, porque en muchos aviones del juego sale en el "tecnochat" el cartelito "impulso on" o "modo impulso", cuando debería poner "Sobrepotencia activada".
  7. Really you think that anybody could hit with a .50"cal. the Bf-109 pilot from 2000 meters, driling the MW-50 tank, the self-sealing fuel tank (with his respective sandwich armor), and the seat armor plate?? ..from 2,000 meters?? ..are you kidding??
  8. Please pay attention to the bullets dispersion at 2,000ft (about 610 meters) and many people in game are shooting from 600 or 800 meters of distance. Do you know that Mg-151/ 15 mm had explosive shells??
  9. Are you kidding?? ..really you think that you would must shootdown an airplane in movement with a few .50".cal hits, shooting from 650 meters of distance. it is a joke?
  10. That is not my experience in game. I ´ve shootdown several times by an enemy who i hit previously with my 30 mm cannon. Actually in game Spits, Tempest and Pony´s can do many aggressive maneuvers after adsorb ONE 30 mm explosive shell. .. witch in according with historical data it could be ripped about one square meter of the aircraft structure. ..and it not occurs. This is a RAF test of one hit 30 mm cannon MK-108 in a Spitfire fuselage.
  11. i think it is more worrying how allied fighters in game just absorb a 30 mm explosive shell and keeps on going. It is very know that the american .50" cal. was a very effective ammunition, because it was able to drilling all systems of the enemy airplanes. That does not mean that the entire aircraft could be explode with a simple hit from 800 metres of distance. ... I don't know why a .50 cal. can kill Bf-109 pilots from 6-o'clock at 800 m. of distance, without drilling the MW-50 tank, fuel tank, the radio, or other systems behind the pilot, even without hitting in the armoured glass headrest. Other different thing is the score policy of the game, what give the "victory" to the last pilots who hit the enemy, instead of to give the victory to first pilot who damaged severely them. By the way, i don´t like to kill pilots in the game, i prefer that they bailed out and save his virtual life. I dislike a lot the voices crying in the audio in game, "i´m on fire " it is macabre and unuseful thing. Why they does not said the map square where they fall in flames at least?? that could help a bit.
  12. i'm amazed with this things. Every day we discovered any detail about, "the love" that the 3D modellers contributed for modelling the Bf-109. By the way ..How this erroneous angle could been affecting to landing, taxiing, and noseover rollout behavior compared with real one? It would be more prone to noseover, because the aircraft is less tail-heavy on ground than the real one, ..am i right??
  13. I´am able to see a yellow T-6 Texan in a sunny day from 2 km, and the glare of the canopies reflecting the sunlight from 10 km or more in real life. It is impossible in game, even silvered P-51 or P-47, etc. are matte in game, they almost didn't reflecting the light of the sun.
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