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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing more varied Eastern Front scenarios, partly because I know less about it than I do about the Pacific (where my father served) or even the Western European air war. I think the Crimea and perhaps even Northern coastal areas might offer more variety of landscape than what we have. The fun thing about the Eastern Front is that it was largely a tactical air conflict as opposed to a strategic one (such as the high altitude long range bombing campaign in the West). This means more short range, lower altitude fights. Flying a long range escort mission in a Mustang sounds like fun until you consider how much time was spent just getting there and back. I sure would like to see a P-39 in this game though- it actually make a little more sense than the P-40. The P-40 was used quite a bit by the Soviets, but no where near as much as the P-39 and P-400. In fact, most of the Aircobras built were flown by the Soviets. They just loved them.
  2. Sparse Grid 4x does seem to help a lot with reducing the shimmering/creeping effect with ground textures. Thanks for the tip. I still would like to see what other settings people are using with inspector.
  3. Do you know if Nvidia inspector works with windows 10? I have heard that it does not. Can anyone who is getting good results with ground textures post their settings for inspector?
  4. Should it really require 50%+ power to get the plane moving on a taxiway?
  5. OK. It works using reshader. Can anyone suggest settings that might reduce/eliminate texture creep on ground textures? What settings should I be using in Nvidea Control Panel?
  6. In Cliffs of Dover, SweetFX causes the game to not load with win 10. It would be nice to have a post processing program that works in win 10, since the ground texture flashing looks really bad right now. Besides that, and the tendency to lose controllers, the game runs and looks very good in win 10. Since this is the operating system everyone one gets a new PC will be using, it could be pretty important.
  7. Can anyone confirm that his works with windows 10? I have 5tuka's full package downloaded, should I just unzip and copy into the game's main folder?
  8. My problem was fixed, unlocks are now in place. Thanks.
  9. As someone just getting my feet wet in BoS (I fly a lot of Cliffs of Dover w/TF updates) the two things I miss most (and I DON"T want to turn this into a comparision fight) are the FMB and the ability to host my own online missions. My squad is interested in flying this on a regular basis, but if we can't host our own online training and familiarization missions, it's kind of a deal breaker. Flying on the regular servers is fun, but if I just want to get to know my way around a particular plane and share what I've learned in real time with a squad mate (or learn from him), I want a non-combat environment to do that in. I also have always been a fan of co-op style missions, and that's kind of a non-starter with BoS, so far. If the developers wish to continue to attract new players, I think these are both priority items.
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