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  1. I want the Reichenberg-Gerät. When flying it my poor landing skills won't matter.
  2. I think it's useless to give your wingman a command. AI spotting at dusk/dawn doesn't work very well and your wingman will only see and attack enemy aircraft when they fire their guns in his proximity.
  3. Here's a simple nightfighter test mission. In the mission I've also given the spotter an "Attack Area" command, I think that's necessary too. Nightfighter test.zip
  4. In fact we already have a basic system in the game to simulate commands from radio operators. In the mission builder you have to link a ground based spotter unit to the player by using a "cover" command and you will get information on direction and distance to the target. The problem is, that the reports are not detailed enough to allow interceptions during the night. What's missing is information on target height. Moreover the reports need to happen more often when the player approaches the target. I think with some improvements the existing system could be used to simulate both guiding from ground based radar and from radio operators.
  5. For historical Mc 202 mission we don't have the right map in the game. The 21° Gruppo Autonomo that flew the Mc 202 was based near Millerovo, which is 300 km west of Stalingrad, outside the map area. Apparently there was just a single escort mission by Mc 202s to Stalingrad. The Mc 200 would have been much more useful, because in Summer 1942 the units flying it operated from airfields at Tatsinskaya and Oblivskaya.
  6. My first "flightsim", ACE on the C64: https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/ACE:_Air_Combat_Emulator
  7. I hope we will hear something from the devs regarding further improvements of BoBP and FC1. Today Tim Stone had a text on Flying Circus in his Flare Path column and he didn't have much positive to say. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/12/20/the-flare-path-red-barren/
  8. Sehe ich da in den Boden eingetiefte Bombenkrater und Schützengräben? Deformierbare Geländeoberfläche ist natürlich eine feine Sache.
  9. Kann man irgendwo Screenshots der überarbeiteten Normandykarte sehen? Wäre interessant als Vergleich zu den Box-Karten.
  10. Once again very generous Busdriver. And here something for all Lancaster fans.
  11. For historically accurate pre-invasion scenarios the Spit IXc is certainly a must. I think the G6AS would only make sense if it can be added as modification to the late war Bf-109G6. It was used over Normandy, but only in small numbers.
  12. I am away from home and can't test the mission at the moment. Can you shoot flares when flying the Yak-1 in quick missions or is it only a problem in the campaign mission? And did you open the cockpit before trying to fire a flare?
  13. In reality there would be a Lorenz blind landing system at night fighter airfields, which we don't have in the game. Maybe some will remember it from Il-2 1946. This would make night landings much more realistic.
  14. I don't know any German geoportal that has made historical aerial photos available. For my own research I use this British site: https://ncap.org.uk/
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