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  1. When in one of my missions an important location is missing on the map, I build it myself using the Block objects in the mission editor. One problem when doing this is that many of the village and town objects are only available as parts of larger groups. It would help people who build their own map templates when all objects were available separately too.
  2. I hope the coastline will be reworked in the future and we will get beaches similar to the Kuban map. The broad sand beaches typical for the North Sea coast of Holland and Belgium are completely missing at the moment and also the vast dune areas north of Den Haag and the heathland between Arnhem and the Ijsselmeer. A different field structure for some parts of Holland and north western Germany with long narrow fields would also be more realistic.
  3. Ich denke, die Systemvorraussetzungen werden gar nicht so hoch sein, wie viele vermuten. Bei der Photogrammetrietechnik, die Microsoft verwendet, sind die meisten Objekte keine einzelnen 3D-Modelle, sondern Teile des Geländemodells. Das sollte die Leistung deutlich verbessern. Wen es interessiert, der kann die Technik schon mal in GoogleEarth ausprobieren. Dort einfach 3D-Gebäude aktivieren, eine größere Stadt auswählen, die bereits photogrammetrisch erfasst wurde, und dann den Flugsimulatormodus starten:
  4. Which Allied AI tanks will come with BoBP and will we also get British ground units?
  5. This looks very interesting. I don't have much experience with naval games, so I wonder how the control system for the player's forces will work and how complex it will be. For example, how would a player coordinate an air attack on the enemy fleet?
  6. A Leningrad/Karelia map is already being worked on by a 3rd party team.
  7. Yes, the situation for Luftwaffe units in the west was desperate in the last month of the war. Apparently the situation in the east was somewhat better. Luftwaffe reports show that on average training and experience of pilots in eastern front units was considerably better than in the west, because of lower losses. It's also astonishing that the Luftwaffe was still able to commit hundreds of fighters in mid April 1945, when the Red Army attacked along the river Oder. This was one of the largest concentrations of Luftwaffe planes in the east since the battle of Kursk.
  8. I am optimistic that we will get infantry sooner or later. In dev diary 225 the new infantrymen models were shown. It shouldn't be too difficult to give them a rifle. On the screenshot some of the models are carrying combat packs, which wouldn't make much sense if the devs plan to use them only as airfield personal or vehicle and gun crews.
  9. @Shamrock Didn't Jason mention the Li-2/C-47 and Yak-9 in one of your interviews?
  10. Ideal wäre, wenn man aus der Position des Kommandanten dem Fahrer und dem Richtschützen Befehle geben bzw. Ziele zuweisen könnte. Mal abwarten, vielleicht kommt das ja noch.
  11. The barrage balloons don't have a damage model. They are only intended to be seen in the distance over Moscow.
  12. Yep, my favorite sim at the moment and so relaxing.
  13. Static tanks are good as eye candy, but not as targets, because of their simplified damage model that uses a hitpoint system.
  14. The number of tanks that can be displayed in the game without performance issues is actually quite high, as long as they are the old AI-only tanks. To test the performance impact of large numbers of tanks I've build a test mission with 100 Panzer IVG vs 100 T-34 on the detailed part of the Prokhorovka map. To my own surprise fps were still OK on my four year old PC and there was no slowdown effect during normal time acceleration, that can happen when the CPU needs to do lots of AI calculations. The problems only started, when I replaced the AI-only tanks with the new player controlled versions created for Tank Crew. This caused huge problems for the CPU and the slowdown effect was very noticeable, although fps were still acceptable. We can only hope that the devs will also release simplified AI-only versions of the new tanks, otherwise recreations of large tank battles like Prokhorovka will be impossible.
  15. What's also missing on the Ju-88 as modification is the fixed 20 mm MGFF that was often installed, when no level bombing sight was used.
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