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  1. I don't know any German geoportal that has made historical aerial photos available. For my own research I use this British site: https://ncap.org.uk/
  2. I don't know the situation in Belgium and the Netherlands, but in Germany the forested areas have considerably grown over the past 70 years, because of changes in agriculture and because wood is no longer needed for heating. So the forested areas on the Rhineland map are probably too large and not too small.
  3. In the next version of the campaign I will replace the Pe-2 with the B-25. The problem is, that we still don't have a Soviet skin for the B-25, because the template hasn't been released yet. Because landing at night is somewhat difficult I will also allow completing the missions without landing.
  4. Irgendwo hab ich mal gelesen, dass bei der Ju-88C6 die MG-FF in der Nase und der Bodenwanne im späteren Kriegsverlauf durch MG 151/20 ersetzt wurden. Kann das jemand bestätigen oder liegt hier eine Verwechslung mit der Ju-88G vor?
  5. Da ist er: http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.989
  6. Wenn du die aktuellste Version der Kampagne runtergeladen hast, sollte eigentlich alles funktionieren. Habe es gerade selber noch mal getestet und bei mir funktioniert alles.
  7. Kürzere Missionen? Dann empfehle ich Lions of Kalinin. Noch kürzer geht es vermutlich nicht.
  8. Does anyone know if the Rhineland map was build by the 1CGS team or by one of their partners (Ugra Media)? The difference in quality between Kuban and Rhineland is really striking, so for me it's hard believe that both maps were created by the same team.
  9. No, we will need ships as block objects. At the moment none are available.
  10. There's a simple solution if you want a D-Day scenario with lots of ships - Make most of the ships static block objects without AI and just add a few AI ships for AA defence.
  11. That's the only problem I see with the planeset. The Spitfire Mk. IXc was the most numerous fighter type of the RAF during this time and it will be needed in particular when the devs plan to cover the pre-invasion periode. So, my question for the Spitfire experts here. Could it be created as modification for the Spitfire IXe or would the differences be to great and it would require a separate model?
  12. Teleport wird in den Missionen vermutlich nicht funktionieren, da vieles über Timer läuft, also bestimmte Ereignisse nach einer festgelegten Zeit ausgelöst werden. Was würdest du ansonsten an den Missionen gerne verbessert sehen?
  13. I thought this option is only used for map building. So I've never tried if it worked.
  14. I think train busting will work better in scripted missions if you want to see the tactics used in reality. The missions were flown by single aircraft or small groups without fighter escort. To avoid enemy fighters the front was crossed at high altitude (6000 m and above). When the aircraft were far enough in enemy territoy, sometimes hundreds of kilometers, they descended to 1000 m to search for targets. Often the missions were flown at night, so the aircraft also carried LC 50 illumination bombs.
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