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  1. I hope SPAA will come soon. In multiplayer tanks are easy targets for player controlled planes when no mobile AA support is available. At the moment all you can do as tank driver is to hurry from tree group to tree group and hope that you don't get spotted. By the way, did anyone notice that we got a new AI controlled SPAA? The Sdkfz 7 Flakvierling was added, but the devs forgot to mention it in the update announcement. The fire power is really impressive, so I hope it will become available as player controlled vehicle too.
  2. I was really curious about the technology used for terrain and buildings in the video and did some research. Apparently it's similar to the photogrammetry based technology that is used in Google Earth 3D view, although with a much higher resolution. If Microsoft is able to use high resolution textures and terrain meshes and still achieve good performance this will be a huge leap forward for flight simming. Simply put, all buildings, bridges, trees, etc., aren't single objects, but are part of the terrain mesh with aerial images draped over. The advantage is, that you can easily create densely populated areas without the need to build hundreds of 3D objects that have a negative impact on performance. The problem is, that objects won't look good when you are very close, so they will probably use normal 3D objects for airports and some other areas. Damage models will also be a problem, so it won't work very well for combat flight sims. You can test the technology in Google Earth when you enable 3D buildings, go to one of the larger cities and start the flight sim mode. Despite the low resolution it's already quite impressive. For example, here's the fortress near Marseille, that can be seen in the MS video at 0:49: San Francisco: New York: Hamburg:
  3. This looks almost too good to be true. I wonder which technology they are using for textures and terrain mesh. So far I've only seen something like this in 3D terrain models created by using photogrammetry techniques (here some example). I am not sure this would work in a flight sim on current PCs. So I am really curious how they did it. Or maybe the trailer is partially fake?
  4. I am not expert on coop missions, but I guess it would work if you only want to fly the missions from the German side. But adjustments to the mission logic would be necessary and it's not enough to simply enable the "Cooperative Start" option for all planes. For example at the moment things like mission success/failure only get triggered by the player aircraft, this is something that needs to be changed. If you want to make the missions flyable for the Russian side too, this would be an awful lot of work and it's probably easier to create new missions.
  5. The first Bf-110 nightfighter unit on the eastern front 10.(NJ)/ZG 1 only became active in early 1943 in the Kerch area. Earlier improvised nightfighter missions in the east were mostly flown by aircraft from bomber units.
  6. There were no regular Luftwaffe nightfighter units in the Stalingrad area, so some of the He-111s of KG 55 were used in this role. For example Arnold Döring from 8./KG 55 claimed three TB-3s over Stalingrad in one night. Single aircraft of the unit also flew harassment attacks against enemy airfields during the night.
  7. This would be great. Such sources are extremely useful for mission builders. When building DGen campaigns for Il-2 1946 I also used your planetable file a lot. It's still quite useful for Il-2 Great Battles.
  8. Yogy, didn't you also host the information on the battle of Kursk collected by Pawel Burchard on your site? I can no longer find the link to this sources.
  9. Years ago I posted a list of links for sites with historical information useful for mission builders: http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?13030 Some of the links no longer work.
  10. Mission success requirements can be changed, but it would be a lot of work and will cause a number of other problems, that will require further adjustments to the missions. I have some ideas for more complex mission success requirements, but I will only implement them if I start a new campaign project. Reworking my old campaigns would be too much work.
  11. At the moment I have no plans for future campaign projects. Initially I thought about doing a payware campaign too. I asked Jason twice about the conditions, but never got an answer, so I guess there are enough other payware campaigns in the pipeline right now.
  12. There are a few features I would like to see added to the editor: - Undo option - An "Object fired flare" event in Complex Triggers for each flare color - "OnPlaneFiredFlare Event" in the Selected Object Menu (one for each flare color) - A "destruction tool", that allows you to click on an object to change its status to "damaged" - An option to trigger events in a mission by radio commands
  13. It's not a well known fact, but from late August 1944 to late April 1945 Bomber Command carried out a daylight bombing campaign with over 150 raids. The Lancaster was the most used aircraft type in these raids.
  14. Loki, you should send Jason a PM. I am not sure the devs still read this forum section regularly.
  15. I haven't tried it, but it should already be possible when making the buildings in the target area a linked entity and then using a "On killed event" to link every bulding to a counter. Once a certain number of buildings has been destroyed, a message could be triggered that the mission was accomplished.
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