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  1. Juri_JS

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    I never use taxi to take off in my campaigns because many player's don't like it, either because they find taxiing to difficult or they prefer to take off as soon as possible.
  2. Juri_JS

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    Basically you only have to land at Anapa and the mission will count as a success. If possible the submarine should survive, but it's not necessary in order to advance to the next mission.
  3. Juri_JS

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    I wonder, what the opinion is on the missions against U-2s? Are they too easy to shot down? Initially I had some problems in these missions during my tests because of the big speed difference. More than once I've crashed into one of the U-2s. What I've tried was to extent the flaps to slow down, but this didn't worked very well for me. By the way, the "Night Witches" mission is loosely based on a well know mission flown by Joseph Kociok. During the mission Kociok shot down four U-2s of the night witches. None of the crews survived. As a result the whole regiment had to be grounded. Kociok was killed during the night of 26/27 September 1943 when he collided with a DB-3 near Kerch.
  4. Juri_JS

    A question on JG51 Mölders and Stalingrad

    No groups of JG 51 were anywhere near Stalingrad. The areas we have in the game where JG 51 was active are Moscow and Velikie Luki. If you are looking for historical Fw-190 campaigns for JG 51 you should look here:
  5. Juri_JS

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    According to my tests, the AI has a daytime and a nighttime spotting behaviour. As far as I can tell, the switch between these behaviours happens at specific times and doesn't depend on the visibilty situation. As a result, AI aircraft and AA might not spot targets during dusk and dawn, although they are clearly visible for the player. When no searchlights are present in this situation they will only spot targets that have opened fire.
  6. Juri_JS

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    In my tests I never got damaged by friendly flak, but I guess it's possible, especially when you are close to an enemy aircraft tracked by searchlights. What I could try to do in future versions of the campaign is to allow the player to give the command to stop fire to flak units by firing a flare. That's also how it was done in reality, because radio communication between aircraft and flak was not possible or it would take too long.
  7. Juri_JS

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    Nice to read the positive feedback. I had some doubts whether night fighter missions are really interesting enough. Who knows, maybe one day we will also get a radar equipped night fighter for the game, like the Ju-88C/G or the Bf-110G4. Some might remember this video from Team Daidalos of onboard radar in Il-2 1946, that never made it into the game. Maybe something like this will be possible in BoX.
  8. Juri_JS

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    I don't think the lights from the stars in the game are really too strong. Lets not forget we flying over an area with wartime blackout. So the light pollution we have today in many areas of the world is completely missing. Here's a comparison of a night sky without and with light pollution: EDIT: Reading your post once again I realized you were only talking about the twinkling of the stars. I think in reality the intensity depends a lot on conditions in the atmosphere. I've no idea if it's realistic in the game or if it changes when different atmosphere options are selected in the mission editor.
  9. Juri_JS

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    As much as I would love to have both planes, I really think they shouldn't be released as collector aircraft but as part of a new BoX module, for example Normandy. Releasing too many individual collector aircraft causes the problem that we will sooner or later run out of relevant aircraft types for new modules. At the moment this is especially a problem for the German side.
  10. Juri_JS

    Eindrücke von BoX

    Habe mal wieder eine Kampagne fertig. Diesmal was für Leute die gerne im Dunkeln fliegen: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42263-night-fighters-over-the-kuban/ Hier der Downloadlink: http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1018
  11. Juri_JS

    Night fighters over the Kuban

    It's the first night fighter campaign for BoX, so I am curious to get some feedback. Is it fun to fly or are night missions too difficult or boring? Is there anything that could be improved? One thing I will do in the future is to replace most of the A-20s and Pe-20s in the campaign with the B-25 from BoBP. Together with the Li-2 and the DB-3/Il-4 the Mitchell was one of the most common night bombers used by Soviet long range aviation regiments in the second half of the war.
  12. I am proud to present the first night fighter campaign for Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles. In 10 missions you can fly the Bf-110G2 as pilot of 10.(NJ)/ZG1 during April to June 1943. Download link: http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1018 10.(NJ)/ZG 1 was formed in October 1942. Not much is know about the first months of its existence, but from February 1943 onward it was based at Bagerovo on the Kerch peninsula as a night fighter squadron tasked with the defense of the Kerch Strait area. Most of the supplies for the German forces fighting in the Kuban bridgehead had to be transported across the narrow strait between the Crimea and the Taman peninsula, so the area became a primary target for Soviet night bombers. The pilots of 10.(NJ)/ZG 1 also carried out missions over or near the front to counter frequent night harassment attacks, often flown by obsolete biplanes. None of the units Bf-110s was equipped with radar, so interceptions had to be done in close cooperation with searchlights batteries. Despite the lack of onboard radar and the small number of available aircraft, the unit scored dozens of night victories. In August 1943 10.(NJ)/ZG 1 became the 5th Staffel of NJG 200, one of the two dedicated eastern front night fighter Geschwader the Luftwaffe formed during the war. A few remarks: - Do not hide the entire GUI (H key) when flying a mission. Doing so will disable the messages you receive during flight. - Except for the player aircraft all plane and ground object markers are disabled by default, irrespective of the selected realism settings. - You can fire flares when you are near your home airfield. This is the signal for ground crews to light the runway fires. - If you think the nights are too dark or bright in the game, you might have to change the games gamma settings, this makes a huge difference.
  13. Juri_JS

    KI Bombenabwurf im Editor

    Habe mir die Mission mal angesehen. Ich denke, es gibt zwei Probleme: 1. Der Abstand zwischen dem Angriffsbefehl und dem vorhergehenden Wegpunkt ist zu klein und der Bomber ist bei der kurzen Entfernung nicht in der Lage einen korrekten Zielanflug auszuführen. Je nach Angriffshöhe sollte auch der Abstand entsprechend gewählt werden. Bei einer Flughöhe von 2 km würde ich einen Abstand von mindestens 2-3 km empfehlen. 2. Das zweite Problem ist der 30 Sekunden Timer vor dem Angriffsbefehl. Setze den Timer lieber auf 1-2 Sekunden.
  14. Juri_JS

    KI Bombenabwurf im Editor

    Ja, normalerweise sollte jeder Befehl direkt oder indirekt eine Verbindung zu einem "Beginn Mission" haben. Ausnahmen sind Befehle, die mittels eines Event oder Report getriggert werden. Ich habe mal eine ganz simple Beispielmission angehängt, die zeigt wie du es machen könntest. In der Mission habe ich einen "BingoBombs Event" eingefügt, der dazu führt, dass der Bomber nach Abwurf aller Bomben zum nächsten Wegpunkt weiterfliegt. Im Prinzip könnte man das Gleiche auch mit einem 1 oder 2 Minuten-Timer machen, beim Nutzen eines Event verhindert man aber, dass der Bomber bis zum Ablauf des Timers über dem Zielgebiet rumkurvt. Bombenabwurf.zip
  15. Juri_JS

    KI Bombenabwurf im Editor

    Da es sich um ein Flächenziel handelt, am besten "Command:Attack Area" nutzen und dort die Einstellung "Attack Ground" wählen. Unbedingt darauf achten, dass "Command:Attack Area" ungefähr den gleichen Höhenwert wie die Flughöhe des Bombers bekommt. Und natürlich den Objektlink zwischen "Command:Attack Area" und dem Bomber nicht vergessen.