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  1. Like all my other campaigns it is already updated.
  2. The maps can be found on the page of the 251. Infanteriedivision: http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Infanteriedivisionen/251ID.htm
  3. Here two original Wehrmacht maps: The maps come from this site: http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de I have no information on VVS units, but if you want to know the Soviet aircraft types used in the area, check the victory claims of III./JG 53. You can find victory lists here: http://aces.safarikovi.org/luftwaffe.wartime.aerial.victory.credits.html
  4. In die Kommandanten-Position wechseln, Klappe öffnen und Strg links +5 drücken, dann sollte es mit dem Fernglas eigentlich funktionieren. Falls es nicht funktioniert, drücke mal die Taste T und probiere nochmal das Fernglas auszuwählen. Laut Han hat sich durch das MG für den Sherman-Kommandanten, das nicht gleichzeitig mit dem Fernglas verwendbar ist, ein Fehler ins Spiel eingeschlichen, der Auftritt wenn man bei den anderen Panzern die T-Taste in der Kommandanten-Position drückt.
  5. Habe es gerade im Pz IVG getestet und dort funktioniert das Fernglas.
  6. It was caused by missing fakefield object at the player's airfield.
  7. Campaign updated to game version 4.501. http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1125 Other changes: - Added a little more activity at the player's airfield. - Added a few additional AI planes in some missions. - Added femal pilots to some of the U-2s. - Some minor adjustments to waypoint settings. My other campaigns have been updated to the latest game version too.
  8. I've updated all my campaigns to game version 4.501. It's faster to download the updated campaign files than to use the resave function.
  9. I've uploaded the new version. http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.940 Changes: - Campaign missions are now compatible with game version 4.501. - Fixed incorrect "forced landing" message in debriefing screen. - AI aircraft will now return to base when damaged. - Corrections to some waypoint settings. - Lowered enemy bomber skill to make gunners less deadly. My other campaigns have been updated to game version 4.501 too.
  10. Other changes will be necessary too. Ivan's War was one of the first campaigns done for BoX and is now a little outdated. I think I will release an update once the next game patch is available.
  11. Thanks for the hint. I will check if this fixes the problem.
  12. I have no idea what's causing the forced landing message. Apparently the game doesn't correctly recognize the landing.
  13. I think the developers are aware that many people, including myself, were not happy with the quality of the Rhineland map. Moreover this time the map has to compete with the DCS Normandy map, that isn't perfect, but has some nice details I would like to see in BoN too. This quote by Han from Dev diary 259 makes me optimistic that they will try to increase the map quality:
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