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  1. I don't really have any particular preferences, I just hope we will get collector aircraft that bring something new to the game. For example a recon/spotter aircraft (Fw-189, L-5), a radar equipped night fighter (P-61, Bf-110G4, Ju-88G) or a torpedo bomber (Ju-88A17, Ju-188).
  2. Do the height editing options work? So far I wasn't able to use them.
  3. Desert Wings sieht schon recht interessant aus. Mir ist allerdings noch nicht ganz klar, was man als Einzelspieler geboten bekommt. War schon irgendwo die Rede davon, dass Kampagnen dabei sein werden.
  4. Too bad, I guess this means that a new model for the IXc would be necessary. I don't think it's possible to have the IXc as a modification of the IXe when a different rudder is needed. Maybe we will get the IXc as a collector plane one day.
  5. I think this would make sense. The IXc was by far the most numerous Spitfire type during the time. But I wonder if it would be enough to change the wings or if other changes to the model would be necessary too, to create a IXc. I hope one of our Spitfire experts can clarify this.
  6. Gerhard Thyben even shot down a Pe-2 on 8 May 1945 with his chief mechanic in the fuselage.
  7. No, 10.(NJ)/ZG 1 did not have radar. The unit cooperated with searchlight batteries.
  8. New version uploaded with Spanish translation by E69_Cananas. http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/download.php?view.1018
  9. Bomber AI skill is already set to low, only the flight leader has normal skill. I agree that the Pe-2 gunners are much too effective. If you have problems to complete the mission just ignore the bombers and return to Pitomnik.
  10. I wonder if improving the map could be done by the community. I have an old tutorial for Rise of Flight that explains how to add additional villages to the map, together with the correct ground textures. The BoX mission editor still has the necessary map editing options, but I have no idea if they still work.
  11. Offenbar ist auch eine B-17 Sim in Planung: https://www.microprose.com/games/the-mighty-eighth
  12. If we want to use the Normandy map for pre-invasion scenarios, a C-wing Spitfire IX is certainly a must.
  13. And pleeeease devs, make the bombsight useable. U-2 crews did not aim their bombs by guessing the release point.
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