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  1. If the devs don't have the time to create a fully working radar operator position, a workaround could be that the pilot simply receives target information from the radar operator. The necessary information would be: - vector to target - distance to target - target height To some extent the game already has some of these capabilities. When building a mission that has a cover command combined with a ground spotter the player will get some basic target information, but at the moment it isn't detailed enough to allow interceptions at night.
  2. What I find confusing in the report is this: How can five Me-410 drop nine SB 1000/410 bombs? I doubt more than one could be carried in the bomb bay. Were some of the bombs carried external? Or maybe it's just a typo.
  3. If you really add a parachute bomb, maybe illumination/target marker parachute bombs like the LC 50 can be added too. Such bombs were used by Me-410s over Britain, when pathfinder missions were flown. Ju-88 C-6 used the LC 50 too, for example during train busting missions on the eastern front or on night fighter missions.
  4. Happy birthday Jason. 🎂 If I remember correctly it was mentioned that infantry might be added to TC in the future. Is this still planned?
  5. @Viks, what was the length of the Me-410 bomb bay? There was also a shortened version of the SC 1000 with just 258 cm instead of 280 cm. Would the short version fit into the bomb bay?
  6. Here's a download link to a document that better shows the shape of the bomb. Suprisingly the cross-section is oval and not round! https://docspike.com/downloadFile/sb-1000-410_pdf I more and more doubt that a parachute version of the SC 1000 really existed. I can only find reference to SB parachute bombs, but never for SC bombs. In the literature the parachute SB 1000 is sometimes called "SB 1000/410", which indicates that it was specifically created for use with the Me-410 to fit its bomb bay, which could also explain its unusual shape.
  7. Here's a better image of the SB 1000 with parachute.
  8. I meant SB, I've fixed my post.
  9. I can't find a picture for the SC 1000, but here's a not very good picture of the SB 1000 parachute bomb. http://michaelhiske.de/Allierte/USA/TManual/9_1985_2/Chap01/FIG_021.HTM Now the question is, if a parachute version of the SC 1000 really existed or if only the SB 1000 parachute bomb was used. So far I found no clear prove for a SC 1000 parachute bomb.
  10. Apparently SC1000 bombs with parachutes were indeed used by Me-410 units. In "Kampfgeschwader Edelweiss" by Wolfgang Dierich on page 87 I found this:
  11. It's a drogue parachute designed by Georg Madelung. There were tests by the Germans to decelerate falling bombs or for trajectory control of finless bombs with such parachutes. Apparently there were plans to equip finless SC1000 bombs with such parachutes, but I don't know if they were ever used operationally.
  12. The same was done when JG 54 left Courland in the last days of the war. On this flight Gerhard Thyben even shot down a Pe-2 while carrying his chief mechanic in the fuselage. In Stuka units it was common that the chief mechanic had to sit in the rear cockpit together with the gunner when transfering to a new airfield, so the aircraft could be serviced immediately. This was necessary because it would often take days before all the ground crews had arrived at the new field.
  13. No interiors and I don't think it's planned. No crew experience/skill level yet, maybe it will be added later. Infantry is planned.
  14. It's not a bad game and as a sim it's quite realistic. But like all Graviteam games it's somewhat user-unfriendly and takes a lot of time to get into. In my opinion the main advantages over Tank Crew are the more detailed terrain and the campaign mode, that is a mix of sim and strategy game and offers much better replayability compared to the scripted campaigns of TC. If you are looking for a realistic single player tank sim and you are willing to spend quite some time to learn the ropes, Steel Armor is certainly the better choice.
  15. I don't have the necessary allied sources to check all of them. These are claims that have gone through the official Luftwaffe approval process. In the Reichsdefence such claims are usually more reliable than in other operational areas. In my experience the overclaim rate is generally somewhere between 20-30 %. What is more interesting than the actual number of kills is the difference in fighter claims between Me-410 and Bf-110 units, that flew the same types of missions and suffered similar losses. The Bf-110 was obviously almost completely helpless when encountering escort fight
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