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  1. Hi, I don't really understand what is the problem: if you use a vr headset, why do you look at your monitor? It is the same here too, in my monitor the ingame screen is doubled. Or the picture doubled in your Reverb too?
  2. It happens in poor light environment, Reverb needs a lots of light to good movement tracking. In daxtime everything is ok but when its dark outside I have to switch on all lamps in my room. I have two additional bulbs over my desk, but sometimes tracking loses anyway for some seconds if the light is not enough.
  3. It is not public yet and I don not know when will be released -I hope soon, maybe this month. It is a "beta test" before release, to reveal possible bugs. It hasn't caused any problems in my system so I'm satisfied with this build. If you want to download it now you can enable windows insider in your pc: settings/update/windows insider program. Than your pc download and install it automatically. But do it only at your own risk!
  4. I have stable 60 fps (I have a powerful pc, 9700k and 1080ti), and motion reprojection is turned off because I do not like it.
  5. I just downloaded the newest win 10 update (insider build version 2004) and the 60hz problem is gone. Everything works well with my Reverb, no disorted graphic in Il2.
  6. As I know pro has official HP support , 24 months warranty (whole hmd will be replaced in case of any problem), and it has a replacable mask. Consumer edition is a bit cheaper. I have a pro version too.
  7. Exactly my thoughts. With the new visibility settings I can spot planes from a great distance, but check my six is a real pain. Most of the time I got killed from my 6' o clock where I can't turn my head like others can do it by using a TrackIR. And watching the popular YT Il2 vids I see that they are all use TIR. But even with this handicap I won't play on a monitor. After playing in VR -which feels like a real flying- playing in monitor+trackir like playing a shooter game. I can't go back. And the other question is, how could you check who is playing with vr headset? I thing there is no option for such control in the game.
  8. I have a Reverb too, and brightness is a problem indeed. I fly with 0.6 gamma, hdr on, bloom off, and with cockpit lights on. With these options the cockpit instruments are readable and the outside world is dark enough. Still not as good as a monitor but I won't use a flat screen after trying vr.
  9. That means the D9 in DCS seems inaccurate? Because there you can fire separately with cannons and mgs.
  10. I just received mine a few days ago (I'm in Hungary) and a friend of mine just ordered one yesterday. You can buy a Reverb without waiting time from this shop: https://www.derekenwinkel.nl/hp-reverb-vr-headset.html
  11. I ordered and paid a Reverb from them 2 weeks ago but haven't received yet. I just got an email it is shipped to Hungary by DPD , but no tracking number or details. I hope I get it soon.
  12. Sad news Some users reported that they could fix this problem by set the refresh rate to 60 Hz instead of 90 in windows vmr settings, maybe you should try that. Btw many Reverb owners reported the same black screen problem so there should be a real problem with the cable. Maybe this is the reason why HP postponed the sale and why Reverb is not available yet. To be honest the detachable cable is a wrong design. I think I cancel my order because I'm sure I have to face this problem too.
  13. I presume that means choose the "perform a clean installation" option when a new nvidia driver installed. I always use this option when a new driver comes to avoid future problems.
  14. If your pc is just updated itself than you can delete the latest patch and go back to the latest stable version. Here is the article that shows you how to do that: windows roll back builds Maybe you should try this....please let us know if you found a solution, my Reverb is on the way...
  15. Thank you for your review! Could you please check what is about the view distance? Can you recognize the other aircrafts from a greater distance? I use a Lenovo Explorer and my biggest problem is the blurry image so that I can see the enemy when it is very close to me. Thanks in advance!
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