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  1. Thanks a lot for this nice comparison between Real World and Sim World.
  2. >> You are the one who came the closest to flaming by insinuating that the FM is wrong and demanding that it should be revisited by the devs without posting any evidence. I said : Dont want to flame or bother the Dev´s - If we cant say our opinon then its over... >> Surely not on the opinion of random people who fail to post any evidence to back up their claims? "P-51 is overperforming!!"> >> So when you say stuff like "P-51 overpeforming1!! Fw-190 underperforming!!1! it can simply be dismissed as luftwhining. for sure not flaming... LOL a very arrogant view your sentences however, LOL, thanks you made my day
  3. and on what do you want to base the flight models on? You can't get exact Values of this Time. The only Sources are anecdotes from the real Pilot who flew that planes and NACA Reports or Rechlin Reports. I stop to discuss here, as it make's no sense because there is no outcome with only flaming. 👇 @JG27_PapaFly really appreciate your Work. Keep it up and don't listen to them.
  4. @Ruthless_Killer These are the two Real Pilots and they know what they say. Erich Brunotte says it can be that FW190 was slightly better than P51 but it depends on the Pilot. Willi Reschke tells that P51 can better turn at the beginning but later the FW190 can outturn the P51 if you behind her. I never noticed this behaivour in IL2 BTW: Dont try to teach me... Erich Brunotte: http://video.flyingheritage.com/v/116079427/feldwebel-erich-brunotte.htm at 56 Min - Read Transcript: Erich Brunotte say: " Well, what should I say ?" Erich Brunotte say: " I can ’ t really say that my plane, the Dora 9, is better than the Mustang, see ?" Erich Brunotte say: " If I now talk about the maneuverability or about the top speed ,” Erich Brunotte say, " the Dora 9 might perhaps be a little bit better. But ,” Erich Brunotte say, " that doesn ’ t make a difference if the pilot can ’ t work with it ." Erich Brunotte say: " So, your plane might easily be not as good, but the pilot is better. Willi Reschke: Listen and Read Subtitle at 0:36 Minute until 1:00 Minute 2 hours ago, RoteDreizehn said: UFO= Unidentified flying object. P-51=......an identified flying object? When we were flying I tried to explain to you that you shouldn't try to out-turn P-51s when flying a Dora or a 262 and that a vague anecdote =/= evidence.
  5. however its just my opinon from my point of view. So respect it.
  6. I did this Post in hope that the FW190D9 will maybe reviewed by the developer. Dont want to flame or bother the Dev´s For me the P51 is totally overpowered. It´s really an Ufo and superior Fighter. Its nice to fly it and shoot down easily the luftwaffe. There is no chance (in my opinon) to fight against the P51 with a FW190 D9. With a Bf109K4 there is a chance wenn you are on the same Altitude. Thats fit´s not with Erich Brunottes Reports as he told us that the Bf109 wasnt so good in late war and in a Fw190 D9 you dont have to be afraid to fight against a P51. They were more afraid against a tempest. In the Game it seems to be FW190D9 and BF109K4 are reversed. Also its hard to believe that the Drag (Elevator) of the Fw190 D9 is so worse and the Blackout comes so early. I compared FW190D9 and BF109 K4 and its really strange. The Bf109 K4 is so much better as the FW190 D9 in Game. The Black Out comes not so fast and the drag (Elevator) is much better as FW190D9. I have not the Time to send proves, so dont flame me. For me the Fw190 D9 is a dead horse. Just my opinon
  7. nonsense , for this I have an another simulator. Not needed in IL2 . Also the timespan could be false maybe
  8. >> Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane Mk. II sry but nothing for me.... Hope for Luftwaffe Collector Planes Me 163 Arado 234 B-2 HE 162 HE 219
  9. nice job Jason and especially to the Dev Team 😃. Its really a joy to fly the FW190 D9. What a powerplant.... Will be interesting what happen if I meet a P51 later..... Thank you!! Pls keep up the good work
  10. >> Will it turn the tables in the tactical battle on any online server, I doubt it, especially if it has properly limited numbers. limited numbers in Multiplayer Mission is the key. You are right
  11. is worth a try 😎 Hopefully the engines are working 🙂 But I think the Dev´s will maybe temper the me262 that the Allies are not frustrated Otherwise the complains are - the me262 is too superior 😉 We will see...
  12. >>if you can deliver a 500 kg bomb at twice the speed of the P-40 this wont happend because if the me262 carry two 250 kg bombs, the speed comes down to the allies planes. The me262 was designed as fighter.... As Bomber vulnerable.. >>And would you expect the 262 surpassing the 109K in air to air kills? i think in boom and zoom tactics without bombs it could be happend. We will see how the dev´s will implement the me262. Will be interesting the complaints of each side which will come... 🙂
  13. maybe, but Hitler was absolutly wrong and prefers only big weapons. The ME 262 has been designed as a Fighter not as a Bomber. Galland was absolutly right to use is as a fighter. However, the JUMO 003/004 Engines were very unstable and the malfunctions came unexpected what is a mess for each pilot..
  14. >> Not all real pilots were war criminals or convinced nazis, but some of them were quite opportunists. What? You get me wrong. This has nothing to do with Nazis and Hitler itself. The Focus was Pilots and their duty and not Hitler! okay guys - calm down. You dont understand what I mean. Wont answer further posts
  15. you dont understand what my message was.... however... (hint - "with masses") ... they would have been nuked thats true. but maybe both sides if there were enough time...
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