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  1. Got this, wasn't sure it was MP compatible, good to hear Just need to sort out the convergence of the zoom levels, its giving me a major headache atm
  2. Hmm, maybe I've counted fighters out too quick. Do you fly with a wingman then? If I'm online (haven't in a long while) I'm unfortunately lone wolfing it as I don't have much time to commit to flying these days 😕
  3. Hey guys, So i was a bit curious if VR makes you fly a certain way or fly a certain role like ground pounding, fighter or bomber etc? I find it kind of difficult to spot and ID targets (and even more difficult to maintain contact in a rolling dogfight) so I tend to go for ground pounders or bombers currently which may not have been my first choice in 2d originally but If i'm being honest with myself, I was a terrible dogfighter anyway haha. What do you guys fly in VR?
  4. Is that the sharpen landscape filter? Do you find it helps with navigation without affecting spotting too much? I have the sharpen checkbox checked too, don't know if it makes much difference though, i think that it just affects objects like aircraft? I saw here on the forums that the blurred landscape filter helps to spot targets, I think it is something to do with the aircraft will stand out against the blurred landscape (seems that the landscape at a distance is blurred) but like i was saying I was flying circles around trying to find my airfield cos it blended too well in with the blurred landscape. I'm not sure though I'm just guessing that this could be the culprit
  5. Thanks guys, i ran a qmb with 8vs8 bombers and all ground assets on and I didn't drop below 45fps. I'm sure multiplayer and career maybe different but its a start. I wanted to ask about landscape filter and distant buildings. I have landscape filter set to blurred atm (i hear it aides spotting) but it makes navigating a real pain, does putting it on sharpen help much (or affecting spotting much?) and does having distant buildings affect performance (i'm guessing it does but by much?)
  6. Hey guys, I haven't played il2 in VR in a while but with bodenplatte and flying circus I'm back now and really enjoying it. I was just wondering with all the recent patches and additions what is currently the optimum settings for the CV1? I see a few settings for the rift s but not the cv1. I'm currently running open composite and have finally gotten 3dmigotos zoom setup as well. I'm getting around 45fps (High setting preset with SSAO off, shadows medium and clouds high, sharpening off and 4k textures on) on the ground in a quick mission on kuban with all ground assets ticked but performance seems to take a reasonable dip with a few planes flying about. My current rig is: I5 4690k clocked at 4.5ghz 16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram Nvidia gtx1070 I have oculus tray tool installed as well and use that to handle me SS, but I dunno what the sweet spot for clear looking dials and spotting is in this game (I've it dialed in for DCS). Sorry if this has been asked recently, I did do a search but just turned up some Rift S stuff. Cheers
  7. Is this in the Career with AI? Because I too would like to know this. I find I need to jostle around and basically wait for a gap before I know where to go So what formation is used for LW or Soviet bombers? Also, as an aside, do i drop my bombs when flight lead says? And conversely when I'm leading will the AI drop theirs when I bomb? (sorry for the slight hijack of the thread)
  8. Was there any news about the B-25 being added as a collector plane? (I know it'll be an AI plane) I could have sworn I read that somewhere that it was confirmed (or maybe it was a dream, a freaking sweet dream at that) I know that if it was confirmed I'd buy it in a heartbeat!! Having a blast with the bombers in VR at the moment, I love the A20 and flying the He111 through the rain in VR is absolutely amazing!!!
  9. Sorry I misled there, I used MSI after burner and HWmonitor to log max temps. What I meant was that every now and then I would check to be sure things weren't going nuclear and the temps were hovering around 60-65 in x264 and 70-75 in p95, sorry for the miscommunication So I'm at my thermal limit with this cooler for sure, I tried going to 4.6ghz but it just wasn't as stable for me, over an hour I got an error in P95 (after 30mins). So I'll keep it at 4.5 for now. Thanks again for all the help guys, it really is appreciated as I had no idea what i was getting into
  10. Hey guys In P95 I ran 4 torture test threads for the hour. Also to get a sort of 'second opinion' I ran x264 stability test for 12 hours overnight, came back and everything was still running (good start ), every time I looked at it the temps were around 60-65 (checked every hour or so) but looks like it spiked to 73c at some point. But the system seemed stable after the 12 hours, even with the test still running everything on my system was responding
  11. Thanks to everyone for all the help :) I've preemptively started to OC my processor before my Rift arrives (next Friday, T Minus 7 days :D ) so I'll have a stable OC well in advance of getting the Rift. I've gotten the 4690k overclocked to 4.5ghz (from the 3.5ghz) at 1.25v. I ran Prime95 for 1 hour, no issues or errors and the temperatures hovered around 70-75c with spikes to 79c but they didn't last there for long. I'm going to do further stress testing over the weekend and maybe bump it up to 4.6ghz if i can because I'm definitely close to my thermal limit with this cooler so I don't want to go messing with the voltages too much. Hopefully this will be Ok for VR.
  12. Ok, thanks for the words of encouragement I'll be waiting a week or so for the VR so I might start trying to OC my system in the meantime so i can hit the ground running. As it is only running at 3.5ghz atm. With a bit of luck I won't have a lemon for a CPU and I can get comfortable frame rates As for the RAM, well I'm kinda goosed there, I mean maybe down the line I could upgrade but I'm severely limited on money atm after the VR purchase so I doubt there will be much movement in that regard. Has anyone any good beginner OC guide? I was going to follow this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CHs5_TdpXE ) and this guide https://www.overclock.net/forum/5-intel-cpus/1411077-haswell-overclocking-guide-statistics.html ? I'll shoot for 4.5ghz and keep voltages below 1.3v, tbh I'd say I'll reach my thermal limit before anything as I only have a cooler master hyper 212 evo. Thanks again to everyone for all the help, it really is greatly appreciated!!
  13. Damn :/ Well I won't be able to upgrade my PC for a very long time unfortunately, maybe in a year or 2 time but not soon :( Hopefully I can get some OC out of the CPU and some decent FPS ingame. If not, it sucks but thats life :)
  14. Hey thanks guys I've 2x crucial ballistix sport 8gb ram in dual channel at 1600mhz I really hope I can get some good performance for VR as this game is one of the reasons for getting VR (among others ofc)
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