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  1. I'm sorry, but Bongo is right. I didn't realise the dev's were deities. Bongo and others paid their hard earned money to fund the project, so I think that give them the right to make any reasonable comment they wish on the project. ~S~
  2. Would have been amazing, such a shame 1C pulled the plug on it when it was almost finished.
  3. Thank-you for your generosity =AH=_Sid Key: JQ7K8-CA2DH-CUAKB-4Z4QG-VMCUT taken
  4. No Icons is better, but if i had to choose it would be the IL2 type.
  5. and deal with an all out community war? No thanks lol yes it would have to be modeled, in something like 3DS Max, and then texture mapped. But they are already capable of that.
  6. interactive cockpit is my idea of immersion, for example take 2 bitmaps FuelOn.bmp FuelOff.bmp and some code. if (FuelSwitch == On) { LoadBitmap(FuelOn.bmp, blah, blah, blah) ; FuelFlow == 100 ; } else if (FuelSwitch == Off) { LoadBitmap(FuelOff.bmp, blah, blah, blah) ; FuelFlow == 0 ; } Ok so LoadBitmap would probably be replaced by a DX9 function. But its hardly rocket science.
  7. I'm sorry, but if I'd wanted to see advertisements, I would have joined a news group or one of those spamming forums. If your from the IL-2 community then it should be pretty obvious that we know what is going down. Even so, a little time for us to settle in would be appreciated before someone starts throwing blatant advertisement in our faces, I'm not a cash cow, and it looks bad on the business. If I want ROF, I know where the forum is, just like I knew we were moving here. Regards
  8. I'm gonna approach this one with caution. But... congratulations to 777 and Jason, hopefully you can do the series justice
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