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  1. I'm a big fan of TC, the vehicles are modelled so well, but when I bought it back in 2018 I thought it would have substantially more features. It's weird to have a tank simulator without things like infantry, trenches... The Prokhorovka terrain is so empty and featureless it reduces tactical choices. Most mission have an almost chess-like quality to them for this reason.
  2. It is worth the price. The vehicles are so detailed and well done. However, the amount of singleplayer content is not good. When they release a new tank, the Panther fx, which they obviously spent a lot of time developing, I wonder why they don't bother to throw in a couple of dedicated SP missions along with it. As it is we have to rely on community missions which aren't numerous. I guess I'll have to try to learn the mission editor. The terrain need more granulation still. Even the Prokhorovka map feel barren and somewhat unrefined. One wish for more signs of humans and more details. The very old Steel Fury actually have a better terrain engine than TC, imo. Last point is the sound engine. It feels unreliable in the way it communicates events. The sound of tanks firing is quiet an incoming artillery is also very unassuming A T34 makes a little pouff-pouff sound when it fires even when you're right next to it
  3. Objects only disappear in VR when you're in outside view. When I'm in firts person view it works as it should. At least for me - I'm on a Reverb.
  4. Hi guys Here are my thoughts on the progress of TC. CAMPAIGN I'm halfway through the German campaign and am thoroughly enjoying the historical feel. It is pretty uncompromising in that way but it serves to teach you about the battle- that you're a cog in a very big machine. No crazy Rambo stunts here. That being said, care should be taken to ensure content for the title. Too many DCS modules fx. are starved of content. VR I'm been driving armored vehicles in real life and the feeling you get in VR fighting inside the TC machines is very real. The smoke, the impacts, the yelling. Very well done! And just for the record: VR is just fantastic in this game, as in Il-2 in general. SOUND A bit wonky sometimes. Artillery exploding right next to the tank, but with no sound... Radio is super loud at all times as is the engine sound. Sound engine needs some tuning. COMMAND It works for me. After spending a couple of hours setting everything up, the whole command experience works out pretty well. I usually control the driving of the myself tank while acting as commander. You can't get the gunner to switch targets until the current one is totally and utterly dead (and preferably in flames ). Still working out the details of the system but formations etc work as they should. I like how it works against you by reducing the bit rate of communications. Very WW2. GUNNERY I see lots of complaining here, but I like it as is. You need to reduce sensitivity of the mouse to a minimum but once that is done, aiming and firing is very efficient. I don't like using the joystick to control the gun, not in this game, nor in games like Steel Beasts. DETAILS In VR, when I stand up from my chair, my tank commander stands up in the cupola and you can see his hands and feet. Very immersive and you truly feel like a king of the battlefield standing there (at home at your desk) with the tank swaying gently under you and the Ukrainian steppe around you DAMAGE MODEL Is very detailed. Very satisfying to see how banged-up tanks can get - especially when it is happening to someone else in your platoon. Obviously, as Mike Tyson once said, everyone has a plan until they get hit. Same with tanks, once that AP round connects with the vehicle at 800 m/s, something usually breaks GRAPHICS The terrain still need more granularity. In some respects I feel that the terrain of Steel Fury Kharkov, from 2008, is better at conveying the specificity of this landscape than TC. On the other hand, as we can see from the campaign, the engine is capable of rendering some pretty big and exciting battles with lots of tanks and airplanes on both sides. VEHICLES Amazing work. As a history buff it is incredible to experience those vehicles alive and kicking in VR. Sure beats the tank museum To conclude, this is my favorite module in the series and I hope it gets the attention it deserves from simulator fans. I would really like to see it expand on features and theaters in the years to come.
  5. Thanks - one could wish for even more SP missions. It's a little disappointing they didn't include new missions with the recent update.
  6. Intermittent problem. Very annoying when it does this.
  7. Guess what? The problem suddenly went away after restarting the game a few times....
  8. I'm just out after a 4 hour VR tank crew session. My face is warm and red and my hair is sweaty and by the gods, guys, I haven't felt this immersed in a wargame in many years. Let me get some highlights out: - the interiors - just wow! In VR it is absolutely amazing. Really feels like you're part of WW2 history. So much detail. Live action Bovington - the physics: very good, realistic. The heavy tanks are plodding and slow as they should be. Ballistics seem very realistic too. - terrain: seems to have different properties, mud, etc. Even on the old flightsim maps the scale feels... sweeping. Can't wait to experience the higher fidelity Prokhorovka map...! - tank commander: opening the hatches is just, wow! The tanks feel massive underneath you, majestic as they cross the fields. - sounds: are good, especially the tank sounds, but I think the battle side could be improved on somehow (no expert). - missions: the single Tiger mission, although simple, was very immersive. When the Sturmoviks appeared as the panzer company was crossing the fields I just had to stop, turn off the engine (not very wise :)) and unbutton just to watch the spectacle of the German FLAK as it opened up and being on the business side of a CAS mission for once :)) All in all, this has MASSIVE potential but obviously a lot of work remains to be done to increase the ground-side fidelity/granularity of the simulator but even now it's sooo good. I guess I didn't realise how much I have missed quality tank combat since Panzer Elite... good times
  9. Hi guys I think this is a new problem: when the proximity sensor inside the headset sense my head, it turns off the mouse cursor and goes into headset mode - obviously this makes interfacing with the game impossible (I have to remove the headset from my head and operate the mouse cursor through the small desktop window). Anyone have a fix for this?
  10. Well, the title says it: thanks for fixing it. I've been enjoying the amazing career mode since the update - this sim just gets better and better. All in all it is the best serious flightsim for VR out there.
  11. The scale problem is really annoying - I have both a Vive and a Samsung but I much prefer the Samsung due to higher resolution. I bought all Il-2 expansions months ago and I didn't imagine there would be problems with WMD headsets since they work fine in other sims.
  12. I'll just chime in here with a plea for a fix. the Odyssey is such an compared to the Vive and it should work in Il2.
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