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  1. hi hi~ i'm looking for some generic skins? anything not flown by a real pilot from the war (since im obviously not said pilot)
  2. Hi hi~ The career mode still has very little customization. I heard somewhere that its modable? Literally all I want is to set my own profile image, and my own stupid little back story. Is there any way to do this? Thank you!
  3. Actually, having the default male pilot model and voice doesn't really upset me. As you can't see the pilot in first person view anyways! Also, the pilot voice isn't that much of an issue either, as you rarely hear it (I never fly lead so I don't give orders) But its great to hear about the custom photo! Really, I just want my profile to show me as female. Like DCS and rise of flight!
  4. OH! and if you need a female voice over for the radio, I'd be honored to do it myself! Though, my russian is a tad... terrible
  5. Hi! I was wondering if we'll ever have the ability to write our own background or upload our own picture? I actually made a black and white photo for myself to use in rise of flight, that i'd love to have the opportunity to use here. Also, the somewhat glaring issue of gender. Being a female myself, it certainly takes me out of the experience, playing the carrier of someone of the opposite sex. Currently I'm actually playing as a fictional version of my boyfriend, But I'd love to have the ability to play as myself. Of course, I'm fully aware of the very limited amounts of female pilots of WW2 (And possibly the even smaller number of female players of this game, I could be the ONLY one for all I know) But I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from. Role play is a huge factor of this campaign mode, and thats simply impossible for me at the moment. Whats here is great though! I can't wait to see where it goes in the future! I'm also making a couple quick edits since this post, since it was moved from the career section of the forums to the suggestions page. Basically, to sum up what I posted here -The ability to be a female pilot in career mode, to further the immersion for us of the tender gender -uploading our own avatar. also furthering immersion. Adding some female pictures by default in the portrait section would help too! Thanks in advance!
  6. ahhh, i see. despite it being a lever, it only has 3 positions. so i cant actually... map it to anything. i have more levers than i know what to do with, but almost no buttons unfortunately. i guess i'll just be flying in manual mode!
  7. Hi! once i've enabled manual prop-pitch in the macchi, it wont allow the axis i have mapped to prop-pitch control to work. it works with every other aircraft i use, but not the macchi for whatever reason. is there a special mapping im missing in the options? thanks!
  8. Hi! would it be possible to re-upload this one? im looking for generic skins! thanks
  9. i personally think this is a great idea! though im not opposed to buying what you want, since that gives you the choice to not purchase things you'll never use, i find the idea of having something to work towards incising on a basic gameplay level. im really looking forward to this! keep up the great work!
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