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  1. Thanks I'll take anything that helps. I feel they the made the learning curve to steep for the avarage player who plays 5 house a week but would like to make some missions but has no time to slog through the learning curve. The oringal il2 was super easy to make missions.
  2. All very nice but the p38 seems to have the most polish of the 3 in fact of any plane in il2. The 3d detail is insane. Great kudos the the team. The p51 comes in second. Very good but maybe some higher texture maps in the future will put it back near first place and 3rd the tempest
  3. Like I said no big deal since the p51 will have the most skins. Just happy we have three new planes to learn.
  4. Not a big deal since the skinning pros will have the downloads soon but there was one on your cover art for Bodenplate.
  5. Please tell me they added this to external view. Players that g out just switch to external view to get sight back.
  6. Rift s. Sometimes it's at 80 but if any plane is near it's instant drop, as for 2 aa it's 4 aa. Just for comparison Elite dangerous can run at 2.0 hmd and 1.5 smaa. The visuals are incredible a completely new game. Maybe il2 engine can only be so efficient.
  7. This is my graphics test from a popular benchmark tool. I thought I could get better performance in VR but still getting around 40 fps any ideas. The system is all over clocked 5.3 ghz on the processor all cores and 2100 mhz on the graphic cards all liquid cooled system.
  8. When watching WW2 pilots or aviation experts talk about the level flight top speed of and aircraft is it in reference to IAS or ground speed? The reason I would like to know is I can never even get close to those numbers even with AI handling complex engine management. example the P47 is supposed to have a top speed of 375mph but I can only make it go 275 even with boost on. Any info would be nice. I have no idea at what Altitudes any of these speed tests took place.
  9. zelil

    $320 us

    Devs don't you think its a little ridiculous that your charging that much but you cant fix the sound bug? Do you think I want to reboot my client 4,5 times a gaming session to get the sound back? I want some answers about whats being done to fix this.
  10. Its getting ridicules now with unlimited air start jets! With the entire axis team flying them its killing full servers fast. You cant kill them due to the lame radar map and external padlock, once they see you pop up on the cheat map there gone. Change them to ground start only, parked no engine running, maximum of 5, 20 percent fuel and remove the throttle help. this will bring balance back an otherwise unbalanced server.
  11. 100 km visibility guess I'll need a new VR headset. Maybe The HP reverb? The new pilot philology sounds very interesting, I always felt the spitfire pilots would of gassed out pulling hard G's same with the me262. wonder if we will get a fatigue meter that drains and fills with aggressive and passive flight or once you gas out your pilot you need to land, I suspect it will be similar to the flight model when your pilot takes severe damage and the stick response is limited. Sound finally getting fixed my biggest complaint so thanks again nothing worse than having to reboot every hour to get audio back. Other wise it's going to be a long two months waiting kinda like when you were a kid in October and Christmas is right around the corner.
  12. I guess it all depends on the server your playing on. A full real you can boom and zoom tactic if you can see the plane below you, normal server forget about it no ones going to let you take a swipe unnoticed.
  13. Im tired of this shit fix the sound bug. This was never an issue until then release of kuban. 10 minutes of game play and you start hearing the crackle of doom. Its not acceptable. Lots of players have the same problem so its not just an isolated issue.
  14. This question is for the expert mission builders. I would like players to fly the me 262 but right now it's so over powering I feel bad for the allies, even the super spit can't do anything due to the me 262 dive speed. What I would like to know if certain mission requirements could be added to keep the me262 to a reasonable level, I know I can limit the planes to x amount but would like to know if mission triggers could be added for example, if a player hits 50 points one me 262 is available to that player? Also maybe a script that say a truck convey needs to deliver a fuel load to the base and then 4 planes becomes unlocked, if allied destroy said convoy no planes or maybe a player ju52 flys in a fuel supply to unlock 2 planes. Any ideas would be great.
  15. Ever been chastised or warned for unnecessary air combat brutality online. Just wanted to provide evidence of real air combat brutality and the harshness of war.
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