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  1. Yuk! Mission 2...no problem. Mission 3...the problem is back. Pressing both toe brakes does not work at Mission 3. Pressing the toe brakes turns TechoChat Parking Brakes icon off and displays the Techmessage that the parking brake is released. The aircraft will not move. I've tried with the "Brakes" keyboard command, left brake and right brake together as well as separate. Each time I get the parking brake release message and the parking brake icon off. Also tried with the "Wheel parking brakes on/off" command with no success. I do not have this problem in Quick mission or Single Player mission. Pressing either the left or right brake releases the parking brake in Quick mission and Single Player mission allowing the aircraft to taxi.
  2. Thanks Gordon! That was the problem. I should have known better. A-20 has independent wheel brakes require each wheel brake to be released. I must have missed that in Requiem's tutorial. I watch all his tutorials regardless of whether I need it or not. On the previous missions that worked, I must have not realized I had tapped both brakes at the same time. The sim should really have 2 parking brake icons. I'll submit that as a suggestion. Thanks Schmehl. I did try in single playing. There's an A-20 mission in the Mission menu. Appreciate your consideration. Gordon's response took care of the problem. Now back to bombing the Kuban Axis!
  3. Have run into a problem with "Havoc Over the Kuban". Ran Missions 1 through 4 without a problem. With Mission 5, started A-20 with the usual procedures, release parking brake and the A-20 move slightly then stopped and would move no further. Ran engines to full power but A-20 would not move. Reapplied parking brake and released parking brake but A-20 would still not move. Aborted mission and restarted. A-20 started normally. Released parking brake and again A-20 would not move. Ran the engines to full power and still would not move. I can see the nose of the A-20 dip slightly under full power but the A-20 does not move. Tried restarting the campaign from the beginning. Mission 1 ran OK. Completed mission and returned to base. Started Mission 2. Same problem again. A-20 started with usual start procedure. Released parking brake but A-20 will not move even under full engine power. I tested and do not have this problem with the A-20 in Quick Mission or the Single Mission. The Campaign is great. I at a loss of what to do to resolve. Any ideas?
  4. Jason wants to add pilots body for VR. I would like to see it as an option for non-VR also. I would like the option to be able to record in track file for video recordings but not during the actual flight.
  5. NaturalPoint TrackIR creates two "Profile" folder locations when it installs. The one you show in your post is not the one TrackIR uses. The folder TrackIR will use is located in your Local Disk (C:)> Users > "Your User Name" > AppData > Roaming > NaturalPoint > TrackIR 5 > Profiles. If you cannot see the folders/files, they may be hidden. Select the "View" tab at the top of Windows File Explorer. On the upper right side of File Explorer select "Hidden items." I believe this was a change that NaturalPoint made with version 5.
  6. Might be you're putting the file in the wrong folder location. Profile should be copied to Windows OS install drive. Normally the C Drive at Users > Your User Name Folder > AppData > Roaming > NaturalPoint > TrackIR 5> Profiles
  7. Fantastic News! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this. This will be a significant revival of combat flight sims...ETO, WTO, PTO, The Med, Korea...and more! Thanks to everyone's hard work and diligence to make this happen.
  8. This is crazy! I did nothing today different from yesterday. Opened mission in ME. Selected the plane icon which opened the Plane Properties window. Selected the Plane Model button and changed the plane. Closed the Plane Properties window. Opened the Mission Properties window and changed the Mission Name and Description. Selected Save As for the new plane. Ran the new mission and was able to land on the runway...not under it. I've done this for 6 different planes with no problem...they all work. Anyway THANKS for all the responses. Glad to know we have members ready to provide assistance. Thanks for the offer HABU! I've been able to create/edit the practice missions I need.
  9. Need help in changing an aircraft in an existing mission. I have tried changing the aircraft one of the missions posted in Han's DD137. It's the Landing with Calm Wind mission. When I try to land with the new aircraft, it disappears below the runway and crashes. I know I missing something with the edit. What have I overlooked or can this be easily done. I'm new at using this editor. It was easy in the old IL-2 1946. Thanks
  10. Bob Hoover could do some amazing things with every aircraft he flew and it was many. I have his book "Forever Flying". Shot down trying to save a squad mate near the southern coast of France and captured. Escaped and caught. Escaped again from Stalag I. Managed to steal a FW-190 and flew to Holland. Became a test pilot where he met Chuck Yeager. Hoover and Yeager were both assigned to the Bell X-1 project. Was in the running with Yeager to fly the X-1. Got in trouble with the Project Commander Col. Boyd and was demoted to chase plane (you need to read to book). Flew the chase plane when Yeager exceeded the speed of sound. Had many close calls as a test pilot. Several crashes to due equipment failure. Chuck Yeager called Hoover "the best stick and rudder pilot ever". Could go on forever...much more in the book. Will miss him.
  11. Your video shows taking off from a concrete runway. Concrete is the easiest due to less ground friction. Grass (BoM map) is next easiest. Try BoS map dirt airstrip. Once you master the dirt airstrip the others are no problem.
  12. Could provide a link to the Russian forum discussion. I could not find.
  13. Nice find Kissklass. Unfortunately, he did not elaborate on how he overcame the problem.
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