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  1. OCA_LoneStar

    Pilot body in BoX

    Jason wants to add pilots body for VR. I would like to see it as an option for non-VR also. I would like the option to be able to record in track file for video recordings but not during the actual flight.
  2. NaturalPoint TrackIR creates two "Profile" folder locations when it installs. The one you show in your post is not the one TrackIR uses. The folder TrackIR will use is located in your Local Disk (C:)> Users > "Your User Name" > AppData > Roaming > NaturalPoint > TrackIR 5 > Profiles. If you cannot see the folders/files, they may be hidden. Select the "View" tab at the top of Windows File Explorer. On the upper right side of File Explorer select "Hidden items." I believe this was a change that NaturalPoint made with version 5.
  3. Might be you're putting the file in the wrong folder location. Profile should be copied to Windows OS install drive. Normally the C Drive at Users > Your User Name Folder > AppData > Roaming > NaturalPoint > TrackIR 5> Profiles
  4. OCA_LoneStar

    Discussion about 1CGS - TF CLOD Cooperation Announcement

    Fantastic News! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this. This will be a significant revival of combat flight sims...ETO, WTO, PTO, The Med, Korea...and more! Thanks to everyone's hard work and diligence to make this happen.
  5. OCA_LoneStar

    Change Aircraft in Airstart Mission

    This is crazy! I did nothing today different from yesterday. Opened mission in ME. Selected the plane icon which opened the Plane Properties window. Selected the Plane Model button and changed the plane. Closed the Plane Properties window. Opened the Mission Properties window and changed the Mission Name and Description. Selected Save As for the new plane. Ran the new mission and was able to land on the runway...not under it. I've done this for 6 different planes with no problem...they all work. Anyway THANKS for all the responses. Glad to know we have members ready to provide assistance. Thanks for the offer HABU! I've been able to create/edit the practice missions I need.
  6. Need help in changing an aircraft in an existing mission. I have tried changing the aircraft one of the missions posted in Han's DD137. It's the Landing with Calm Wind mission. When I try to land with the new aircraft, it disappears below the runway and crashes. I know I missing something with the edit. What have I overlooked or can this be easily done. I'm new at using this editor. It was easy in the old IL-2 1946. Thanks
  7. OCA_LoneStar

    What Aircraft Will Carry Torpedoes in BoK?

    Developer Questions, Page 52, 12 October
  8. OCA_LoneStar

    Bob Hoover RIP

    Bob Hoover could do some amazing things with every aircraft he flew and it was many. I have his book "Forever Flying". Shot down trying to save a squad mate near the southern coast of France and captured. Escaped and caught. Escaped again from Stalag I. Managed to steal a FW-190 and flew to Holland. Became a test pilot where he met Chuck Yeager. Hoover and Yeager were both assigned to the Bell X-1 project. Was in the running with Yeager to fly the X-1. Got in trouble with the Project Commander Col. Boyd and was demoted to chase plane (you need to read to book). Flew the chase plane when Yeager exceeded the speed of sound. Had many close calls as a test pilot. Several crashes to due equipment failure. Chuck Yeager called Hoover "the best stick and rudder pilot ever". Could go on forever...much more in the book. Will miss him.
  9. OCA_LoneStar

    MiG-3 tailwheel and takeoff in 2.004

    Thank You!
  10. OCA_LoneStar

    MiG-3 tailwheel and takeoff in 2.004

    Your video shows taking off from a concrete runway. Concrete is the easiest due to less ground friction. Grass (BoM map) is next easiest. Try BoS map dirt airstrip. Once you master the dirt airstrip the others are no problem.
  11. OCA_LoneStar

    MiG-3 tailwheel and takeoff in 2.004

    Could provide a link to the Russian forum discussion. I could not find.
  12. OCA_LoneStar

    MiG-3 tailwheel and takeoff in 2.004

    Nice find Kissklass. Unfortunately, he did not elaborate on how he overcame the problem.
  13. OCA_LoneStar

    MiG-3 tailwheel and takeoff in 2.004

    I sure that has an effect. One problem with the handling of the Mig-3 was the short fuselage and long nose. It would be interesting to get the pilots viewpoint as well any records of the WW2 Soviet pilots comments if any exist.
  14. OCA_LoneStar

    MiG-3 tailwheel and takeoff in 2.004

    Here's what I did to troubleshoot this problem... 1. Reviewed four videos of live takeoffs of Mig-3 (that's all I could find). In three of the videos, I noticed the pilots raised the tailwheels off the runway in about 8 seconds. On one video the landing gear wheels departed the runway in 12 seconds and the other two videos in 18 seconds. All the pilots appeared to use only left rudder input and a degree of nose high stick input. I could not detect any wobbling or oscillation. 2. I observed the in-game Mig-3 on autopilot during takeoff. Power=100% and Mixture=100% confirmed but viewing the controls and Technochat. Full power is applied and the stick is pushed forward I guessing about 10 degrees (not back). When the Mig starts rolling, I can barely see the bottom of the zero on the Artificial Horizon gauge. When the Mig accelerates to about 130-140 kph, the stick is gradually pushed forward until the zero on the Artificial Horizon is in full view. That stick angle is maintain throughout the remainder of the takeoff. Using the above procedure, I'm able to stay on the runway and takeoff without ground looping. Unfortunately, it's not always relatively straight down the runway. It's difficult to gauge the edge of the runway with this nose high setup. The autopilot has the same difficulty. Although the above procedure works for me, I do not know if this procedure or any of the others covered here are correct. I have not been able to find any Mig-3 documentation, i.e. manuals, pilot notes, etc. covering take-off and landing procedures for comparison. We do not know if current behavior is accurate. The only information I could find is the Mig-3 required a lot more pilot training than other Soviet aircraft. I do find it hard to believe the they wobbled and oscillated down the runway like they had just finished a Vodka binge. One video briefly shows a group of Mig-3s taking off in formation. Trying that with the current behavior would probably be a disaster. I believe the problem might be related to the ground friction changes. The changes might be accurate but without actual takeoff procedures, we cannot know if it is accurate. Also,the runway surface makes a difference. Using my procedure, takeoff from a concrete runway (BoM-Lapino) is very straight. Takieoff from grass field (BoM), is for the most part straight. Takeoff from a dirt runway (BoM), keeping straight is very difficult. Again, I do not know if the Soviet Mig-3 pilots had this same difficulty or the procedures they may used. Video #1 ​ Concrete runway. Takeoff begins around 30-35 seconds in video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZGmYzCfRgw ​Video #2​ Concrete runway. Takeoff begins at start of video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHwfb9LtZX4 ​Video #3​ Grass runway. Takeoff begins around 40 seconds in video. Looks like the same Mig-3 in Video #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq84KS-1wJI ​ Video #4​ From a Mig-3 documentary. At about 1:15 in video, shows Mig-3s taking off in groups. Look quick, it's a short sequence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQL47Ulo1-8 Unfortunately, Videos 1-3 do not name the pilots. I would be great if one of our community members new the names of the pilots. Can contact the pilots and give a summary of their takeoff and landing procedures. I believe all of us would like to know what the real Mig-3 relates to the virtual Mig-3 Hope this is received constructively...not trying to be negative. Any community recommendations or comments are welcomed.
  15. OCA_LoneStar

    Issue with TrackIR

    Check your "startup.cfg" file. Located in your game IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad/data folder. Does it look like this.... [KEY = input] input_map = "input.map" mouse_plane_control = 0 old_trackir = 0