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  1. Al Timiter for Allied Fritz Uphigh for German AD
  2. Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas everyone !!!! AD
  3. Remember the problem where you hit the green START button and after a bit the Dialog Box popped up saying that it didn't load? Just hit the Start button again and all works. That was fixed in an update. Now, since the last update it is happening again. I believe it is just a timeout issue, but it is a pain-in-the-tail-assembly. AD
  4. My Bf109F4 gets a unlimited supply of bombs !!! Drop one and another appears. (Unlimited Ammo is off..) AD
  5. I would recommend the book "Shattered Sword" for a really fascinating look at Midway from the Japanese perspective. Lots of interesting information on how the Japanese operated their carriers. AD
  6. My brother and I got up early in the morning to watch every Project Mercury, Project Gemini and Project Apollo launch. Somewhere I have snapshots I took of the television screen broadcasting the moon walks. What a wonderful time to be alive and witness those events!! Salute !! And thanks 1C! AD
  7. It's the Glorious Fourth !!!! Woo Hoo !!!! Happy Birthday USA!!! And all the best to everyone in our IL2 world. AD
  8. S!! I have reviewed Requiem's tutorial over and over.. I still cannot land this machine without the instantaneous ground loop/instant stop. Anyone mastered this beast ? !!!!!
  9. There is a chart like that somewhere.. I just can't find it. As I recall, you just rolled over the airfield with the cursor and the runway info would appear. I bet someone in our universe can direct us to it. AD
  10. Once again, all is good throughout the land... AD
  11. As of approx 11:00 PMPDST I cannot log onto the sim. Master Server failure to connect. Even multiple clicks on the green ENTER button (like before..) has no effect. Anything we should know about? AD
  12. Salute, All !!! When you fly the Quick Mission one v one and shoot down all the enemies, where do you go to land ? Every field I land on shows "Forced Down" in the flight summary. I know its no big deal, but inquiring minds want to know. AD
  13. Ok, I know you all were just dying to find out if this problem has been resolved. Looks like the problem was the Nvidia 660ti card. It finally gave up the ghost. Picked up a 1050 ti and all is well again !!! Salute !! AD
  14. Salute !!! Fresh install of Great Battles and here is the error report. When I try to choose which side to fly I get: "No older planes found for archtype at pwcg.campaign." Did I really screw this up? AD PWCGErrorLog.txt
  15. Salute !! I may have to do a uninstall/reinstall of the sim. It is NOT the Steam version. Is there a preferred method to do this? I don't care if mission histories and such are lost. I don't mind flying it all again. Thanks, AD
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