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  1. First of all congratulations to Team Fusion for the effort made, but I think the cockpit control panels are too dark in the game in general, and specially in the Wellington bomber. It is hard to see anything even under sunny lighting conditions. I suggest to Team Fusion to lighten them up a bit for the new coming patch. Thank you very much for keeping the dream alive.
  2. I am lately flying Pe2 and I must admit I am impressed about the guy behind me. I feel quite safe as I see he kills now aircrafts on my rear much better. I do not know if this is accurate in rea life, and what was the rate of killings of these gunners, but I must say, time ago they were useless at all, as they did not hit '' A cow at half a meter with a violoncello'' . I only fly online. I do not know how they react in solo mode.
  3. Taxi is really difficult since last version. Specially big aircraft (Pe2) get stuck on the ground if you are a second out of the path, and this is really annoying. I do not think this is realistic. Also landing is weird and dangerous with so much bouncing. I imagine, in real life no one would like to fly such airplanes if landings were like that. But I am sure devs. will adjust these things. All in all, the game is awesome and an excellent job. On the other hand, the game looks much more smooth and fluent for low specs computers like mine. So I appreciate it.
  4. The landscape looks perfect to me now. Great job. Airplanes more and more interesting in cockpit detail. I miss the same detail in the pe-2 cockpit. Some more detailed textures would be nice (IMHO). I also wait for the summer map. Good job developers.
  5. Great Guide Chuck. Thanks a lot. Nicely presented with easy and well prepared information.
  6. Star Wars movie series started with the final....and ended with the beginning....and they are great
  7. Nice update...Go devs! little by little and better and better.
  8. I like the game...but...I agree...most of times I do not find any enemy flying...I think the map is too big and the visibility of distance airplanes too low. Most of times I go back to base just a bit bored. It also looks a bit death...except the area of Stalingrad. The strong points is the amazing soft clouds ..super inmmersive...the nice lighting and textures...the perpex reflections....nice explosions...smokes....atmosphere in general. but then again...few activity in the skies...as I think there are too much objectives...for not many planes. In old Il2 objectives were more concentrated...so people used to gather there for battle. This map is excellent for coop missions...but too big for dogfights. Also snow (though the textures are very nice) is getting a bit bored scenario. Also micro stutters are now annoying...but they will fix that soon. All in all...an excellent game...with a big way to develope...full of potential, and we must have patiente as devs are doing very good...but it takes time. I think this will be the game which will take the lead from old Il2...it is only a question of fine tunning little by little. Go devs !
  9. 1-They appear in MP and campaign. 2-in populated servers more, specially when airplanes around, they are much less in empty ones. 3-they are like in the video but much less..not so strong, but they are there. (suggestion...display this in the main forum so more people will reply) I use Sweet Fx..but that was not a problem before patch.
  10. Amazing game. Nice devs work. Slowly...but constant improvement...with quality. That's the way.
  11. That is a good reason. May be is that.
  12. Ok guys: Zettman found it is a known issue. Posted already in another topic. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/13736-ufos-over-stalingrad/ So please stop with the fun thanks all for the funny posts.
  13. Yeah..that was it. I tried to find the info in the forum for not to repeat the topic, but I was not able to find it. It looks like it is a known issue. Thanks Zettman....these people wanted me to go to the madhouse
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