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  1. I'm thrilled that mouse aim has been added. I obviously will be sticking with my flightstick, but I can say without a doubt that this change has brought 3 friends of mine who have been sat on the fence playing War Thunder and will no doubt bring countless more. One question still worries them. Will the highly populated full realism servers be featuring the ability for players to fly using mouse aim in the locked cockpit view? As I understand it, this will be a matter for the server administrators to enable/disable, but I feel that allowing mouse aim could be huge in introducing new players to the full flight simulator experience. I'm concerned that this feature we will be switched off on these servers and I don't see players wanting to get into the simulator experience being alienated on the arcade/name tagged servers. I appreciate peoples concerns that mouse aim is a dumbed down method of control, but when locked in cockpit view with all conventional full realism restraints, the limitations in maneuverability applied to maintain steady flight is a huge disadvantage vs seasoned pilots using a joystick. I don't really see an issue of balance. I'm excited for all the new blood it might bring to the full realism servers, I just hope we'll all be on the same servers.
  2. I'm half relieved and half terrified that the ability to navigate via the map icon has been removed. I have some experience with air navigation from Cliffs, with the small caveat that when flying over the southern coast of the United Kingdom, it's very difficult to not know where you are. In BoS I'm currently choosing my destination, choosing my heading, crossing my fingers I get there or I'm lost. My only salvation is to hopefully find the Volga. Don't get me wrong, I'm almost certain that the Luftwaffe found this battlefield to be a navigational nightmare and the navigational aspect of the game is essential in a sim, but if anyone has any advice on how to get my bearings quicker, I would appreciate it!
  3. Removing the cockpit and adding a standard UI element for instrument readings isn't what I would call work - reverting back to a prior time in earlier development isn't something developers would normally associate with increasing revenues. Sure sims have moved on, tracking & joysticks are relatively inexpensive, but why isolate those who dabble in these games who like to make do with singleplayer and zero investment in specific equipment? I myself have a friend whom dabbles with IL-2 1946 who won't come over to BoS, primarily due to the fact that he must pay £39.99 (game) + £20 (cheapest joystick) + £20 (cheapest DIY tracking setup), that's £80 for barebones. Even if one could be convinced to play BoS with zero peripherals and try make do with mouse/keyboard, your all actively campaigning to make this even more impossible for them than it already is. Get off your ridiculous high horses and let the casuals enjoy the game too. I'd personally allow every plane in singleplayer a space hopper on the underbelly to shoot them back into the sky following a crash if it meant more players getting into WW2 flight sims.
  4. Still rocking a Corsair HX520W, it just had its 7th Birthday - it's a beast. I went with a MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB. Thanks for the help guys, I'll try remember to post in the right forum section next time
  5. Despite the awesomeness of these products, you dont need to spend €600 to stop your plane wobbling. A well setup Thrustmaster/Logitech 3D will suffice for all but flight enthusiasts. If you want quality you can also step up to the Saitek X52 Hotas + Saitek Pedals for around £200-£250.
  6. Are you saying that the LaGG-3/Yak-1 are supperior to those planes? I'm no expert on the period but I always got the impression that the VVS were abit chuffed receiving LL aircraft. Much of what I read is of people complaining that we have unbalanced aircraft; I presume the modern day gamer will almost exclusively fly the most powerful aircraft available to them (and still probably complain).
  7. This isn't a game where numerical superiority can directly correlate to an overwhelming defeat, not unless the Germans are flying in enormous formations (which they are not). On a full server you can fly the length of the Volga and not see a single target so lets not pretend you're going to get blown out of the sky by a train of 5 or 6 Germans. We need more of this. Flying with a wingman is required at the very least to exponentially increase your odds of countering the LW superiority, which is largely due to them operating in 2s or 3s far more than the enthusiast Russian pilots. Sure you'll lose a 1 on 1 engagement with a 109 but this isn't IL-2: Duels of Stalingrad, stop expecting to be competitive in that situation. Flying solo against superior opposition warrants a boring lonely climb and an even more boring and lonely flame engulfed plummet into the ground. The skill ceiling in this game is high, the variables which contribute to victory are many and complex. Team work is worth 10x more than superior numbers or mildly superior aircraft so stop complaining start practicing it.
  8. ни шагу назад Not One Step Back N1SB is a grass roots virtual squadron being initiated for pilots of the Red Army in IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad. We aim to provide an active base for Soviet pilots to enjoy this great game in the best way possible - in a LaGG...and with friends, watching eachothers back, becoming better pilots and above all, having fun. We are looking for English speaking, flight sim enabled (tracking, stick etc), regularly TeamSpeaking team players. Our ambition is to grow a close and active group so that no comrade must face the skies of Stalingrad alone. за Родину! For The Motherland! Send me a message if you are interested.
  9. Here was me thinking I was playing the 'evil' Bolsheviks.
  10. No reason it couldn't or shouldn't be added for single player. Has always been there in the past as far as I can remember. Definite no-no for multiplayer though.
  11. I made the switch to the La-5 recently, and noticed a massive increase in the amount of time between the initiation of a 109 boom'n'zooming me and my inevitable demise. The extra 60-120 seconds of life really does make a great deal of difference, e.g. I can get off a few flare shots in his general direction in an attempt to illuminate him to death.
  12. The game strictly covers a Euro-centric event; paired with Cliffs limiting the playerbase as it holds onto players due its many years of building upon the core game (freshly released BoS has a way to go yet), Americans might be out of luck for now. There is a metric ton of Americans flying simulator battles on games like War Thunder and sim-light offerings. BoS is an attractive and well presented game and could certainly get into a piece of that pie if it tried. There's also an onus on us the players to create entertainment content and put the game into online gaming channels like Youtube & Twitch etc. I'd be straight on it if the only part of my flying which was entertaining wasn't just my taxi'ing.
  13. Hi all I recently upgraded myself from a Q6600 to a i5 4690k and a load of other goodies (SSD, buckets of RAM). I'm still using my old Sapphire Vapor-X HD 6850 1GB GDDR5, but want to go a little further and get a low/medium range upgrade for my GPU, roughly £100-250. Really after the best bang for buck card rather than spending more purely for longevity as I seldom play 'new' or state of the art games. I'm just about getting away with 30fps on high in BoS and would just like to push myself a little further. If anyone has any suggestions then I'd appreciate it!
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