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  1. i would like to sign up! thank you for taking this initiative and have a merry christmas!
  2. sign me up for this one to! and once again thank you for creating this fun event!
  3. i made 2 accounts so i could balance the teams when either of the teams have way to much/not enough people to deliver a fair and fun fight. but i apparantly got banned for that... can i get unbanned?
  4. wow thank you so much for this blue!!! again many thanks for hosting such a great event!!
  5. whoops, excuse me it was late and i read BOM for some stupid reason. i would like to sign up for the FW-190 then. sorry for not reading properly!
  6. these look abolutley amazing i must say
  7. a BOS key would be very much appreciated, same for a FW-109 key, thank you for hosting a fun event like this!
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